Kazama Shunsuke Goes Blonde, Gets Piercing, and Plays 20 yrs old Student

Johnny’s doing roles  younger than their age is nothing new. Oh, we have another “blond” Johnny for summer and another cheering squad member.

As reported,

Kazama Shunsuke attended the production announcement for Fuji TV’s “Asunaro san san Nana Byōshi” at Tokyo. The said drama also stars Sorimachi Takashi, Yanagiba Toshiro, and Gouriki Ayame.

“Asunaro san san Nana hyoshi” is based from Shigematsu Kiyoshi‘s novel, the drama talks about a 50-year-old man (Yanagiba) who joins Asunaro University’s cheering squad to save it from closing down.

Kazama plays a 20 year-old student, who sports blond-air and piercings, that signed-up for the cheering squad. Kazama is now 31 years old and doing the “charai” image made him feel uneasy since the look had been a thing a decade ago, “it was unexpectedly okay,” he commented.

In addition, the production announcement happened at Komazawa University and students were allowed to ask questions. When asked where he devoted himself back in school, “I dance for school days. Though I said student, I actually danced behind my senpais in our office”.

Asunaro san san Nana Byōshi ” will air starting this July 15th on Fuji TV.

jnews1 and tvfan



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