Sakanaction to Sing “Kinkyori Renai” Movie and Spin-Off Theme Song

Awww….Yamapi don’t get to sing….

As reported,

It has been announced that popular rock band Sakanaction will be responsible for the theme song of Yamashita Tomohisa‘s upcoming movie “Kinkyori Renai“.

A new song, “Hachisu no Hana” (Lotus Flower), has been written specifically for the movie with love as its theme. Sakanaction’s Yamaguchi Ichiro said that he was surprised to receive the offer [to sing the song] since the band’s image is the most distant for a romance movie.

The song talks about the many failures of a forbidden love, which is the best match for Yamashita’s movie since it signifies lotus flower blooming cleanly*. “Its like light passing through a crack in the clouds and a new season begins,” Yamashita commented on how he imagined the song.

In addition, the same song will be also used as the theme song for the spin-off “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~” starring Johnny’s Jr. Abe Aran airing this July.

Kinkyori Renai” live action movie will hit the theaters this Oct 11th starring Yamashita Tomohisa, Komatsu Nana, Mizukawa Asami, and Johnny’s WEST Kotaki Nozomu.

via jnews1 and Sanspo

*because the flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond.




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