Rants & Raves: Dramarama

Most dramas for summer have started so in between completing my reading list before school starts, I’m also checking-out most dramas that I find interesting or so…

Anyway, here is my occasional Rants & Raves

(c) えぃり @to00er
  • Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi will be this year’s star of “24 Hr TV” drama special, titled “Hana-chan no miso soup”. It also stars Machiko Ono and child star Ashida Mana. Okura plays the role of a husband and father; Machiko is his wife who is suffering from breast cancer and Ashida will be their daughter.

Rants : They included Ashida in the cast to boost the ratings. I don’t see Okura as an effective dramatic actor after seeing  “100-kai  Naku Koto“, and breast cancer? I’m not sure about statistics but breast CA is one of the most treatable cancer with high survival  rates especially in an advance country like Japan. They should have used a different disease.

Rave : Okura always get exposure nowadays.

Rant : Ooh, I also saw comments like, “Okura won’t be dying but his wife…” and I’m like, why does someone always have to die? I hope that writers of “24 Hr TV” will be able to craft stories about hope and optimism without having the lead or the supporting cast in some incurable disease. There are so many situations wherein a person struggles and it doesn’t neccesarily involve dying.

  • V6’s Miyake Ken gets a new drama this Fall after 10 years! The drama is titled, “Hottoke nai majo tachi” about 4 sisters who manages an Italian restaurant.

Rants : First drama in 10 years, I wonder why he got hold back when the likes of Okada is doing taiga.

Rave : They all have their own strong points and Okada is one different level. Anyway, it’s not like he is the lead in this drama because the 4 actress will surely take the center stage.

  • Johnny’s going blond…it’s all over from Nakajima Yuto, Yokoyama Yu, and Fujii Ryusei 

Rant : Nope, Yamada decided to be different.


Rave : I love Yuto but Yoko is the best. It must be his creamy white skin because the blond hair made him younger, whiter, and he just looks foreign- in a good way. He really owned the hair color and the hair color is very bishie.


  •  Johnny’s super hit medley during THE MUSIC DAY

Rant : The sparkle, glittery, and colorful costumes had me puking rainbows.

Rave : Overall, it was cute. My favorite is the “Love so Sweet” performance. All the hotties!

Rant : The guys who did “Ultra Music Power” are obviously trying hard not to laugh that Kokubun decided to ditch singing any lines and just made fun of himself.

Rave : Favorite senpaikouhai scene is between Joshima Shigeru and Yasuda Shota. XD

  •  Yamapi will do a cameo in Abe Aran’s “Kinkyori Renai~season Zero~” 


(c)山Pindo ❥ Sweetie ‏@yamapindo

Rant : Promotion for the drama, promotion for the movie. Though they shouldn’t have done the photography at this “angle” since there will surely be comparisons as how Abe doesn’t look like Yamapi at all.

Rave : I really wonder how will this drama turn-out. I mean, Sakurai Haruka doesn’t really seem an interesting person aside from being good-looking.

  • Single digit 1st episode ratings for Nobunaga no Chef season 2 (9.7%) and Suikyu Yankees (8.8%)

Rant : Will you still watch this?

Rave : Definitely. BTW, Suikyu’s 8.8% is high considering that its late time-slot where most dramas would average 5% and so… Nobunaga should have been better if they stayed at their season 1 time-slot or maybe because they did a two-hour pilot episode which is just too much.

  • Jin Akanishi together with Yamapi and Nishikido Ryo stole a girl’s phone? 

Rant : While I don’t believe it, it’s funny how Jin can still make trouble for Johnny’s when he is no longer in Johnny’s.

Rave : The tabloids must be tired of making rumors about Jin and Meisa so they decided to use his popular friends.



5 thoughts on “Rants & Raves: Dramarama

  1. Yamada’s looking good 🙂 I think it’ll take some time before I like Yuto as a blond though…

    Abe’s getting a lot of exposure lately (and I’m always happy for Jrs getting exposure :D) , from Shark 2 then this one, but if they wanted someone that looks more like Yamapi, they should’ve gotten Hokuto 🙂


  2. Wow! Yoko-cho doesn’t look like he’s 33 years old with his blond hair. it makes me like him more. hehehe.. He is just too cool.It really suit him best. Though Yama-chan and Yuto look handsome in their own hair style, but Yoko-cho is the best as you have already said Mikuchin.

    As for the MUSIC DAY, i already have the download video but havent watched it yet since i’ve been so busy last weekend. But I’ll make sure to watch it this week. I am looking forward to JE performances.

    And what of Jin, Yamapi and Ryo stealing a girl’s phone? I just find it so funny. hehehe…and it’s just pure nonsense. Oh well, maybe those three got bored and just wanted to have some fun. But if i were a girl, I wouldn’t mind for them to steal my phone. I might have squealed with happiness. hehehe…


    • the thing about Jin, Yamapi, and Ryo…I didn’t read the entire news but it involves them fighting with a girl who were recording them in a video so they stole her phone.
      BTW, you should watch the Johnny’s medley from MUSIC DAY, it’s cute.


    • oh! is that so? maybe Jin and the gang would like some private moments. it’s been a while since Jin has gotten out of JE…sometimes, we fans, should be sensible to give them a little time of their own. anyway, i am so happy to know that they still get together sometime. For a fangirl, knowing those things is enough already. Well, that’s just me. don’t know about other fans. as long as my idols are getting along well, that alone can make my heart doki doki, i dont care about other issues.

      Maybe, i’ll take some time to watch my copy of MUSIC DAY tonight. 🙂


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