Arashi’s “Pika☆nchi” Expands Screening to Four Cities

It would be wise if this will be screened like a regular movie.

As reported,

Last July 18th, Arashi‘s upcoming movie “Pika☆★☆nchi LIFE IS HARD Tabun HAPPY (version 2.5)”, which will have a limited screening at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, have sold-out all 250,000 tickets the day after tickets have been available.

In lieu to this, it has been announced that there will be extra screenings of the said movie outside  Tokyo to make the movie accessible to all fans. Extra screenings will be in Hokkaido, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. The movie is set to mobilized up to 363,000.

Ohno Satoshi expressed his joy for the movie’s screening expansion, “I hope to have Pikanchi, which is also the history of Arashi, be enjoyed even for those outside Tokyo. Pikanchi is a serious and foolish work for me, so take a look and enjoy the movie.”

The movie will feature the story of 5 friends who will meet again due to a certain incident. The five of them will talked about their life during those 10 years that they were separated.

Joining the rest of the cast, are: Mizukawa Asami, Akiyama Natsuko, Uechi Haruna, and Matsubara Chieko who have also worked with Arashi in “Yellow Tears“.

Pika☆★☆nchi LIFE IS HARD Tabun HAPPY (version 2.5)” will be screened on Aug 1st in Tokyo. Oct 28th-Nov 2nd at Sapporo, Nov 3rd-8th at Fukuoka, Nove 5th-19th at Osaka, Dec 20th-21st at Nagoya.

via Oricon Style, Daily Sports, and Nikkan Sports





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