Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki in a Secret Relationship?

Well, the secret relationship isn’t secret anymore if you’ll agree with the so-called evidence that was presented.

As reported,

[partial translation]

Rumor has it Arashi’s Sakurai Sho popular actress Horikita Maki have been in a relationship for four years.

It has been going around among netizens that the two are in a secret relationship though there’s no conclusive evidence to prove it. However, it was reported that Sakurai brought Horikita to a Johnny’s friend party where he introduced Horikita as his girlfriend.

The said party happened last March in a members-only bar in Tokyo. The private party was mostly attended by younger generation Johnny’s and those whom Sakurai favors. Sakurai reportedly told that he’ll be bringing an “important guest” and when he arrived with Horikita, he introduced her as his dearest girlfriend. The rest of party attendees were just as surprised.

Sakurai also asked his juniors to do a song and dance number in celebrating their 4th year anniversary as couple.

Sakurai and Horikita have worked together in 2010 for TBS “Tokujo Kabachi!”, it was said that their relationship probably started during or after the drama.

Furthermore, this secret relationship seemed to be threading toward marriage as it was rumored that  Horikita’s mother was seen dining at a sushi store in Ebisu, Tokyo together with the couple. The said restaurant is rumored to be frequented by Sakurai and Horikita for their secret dates.

“The media will surely be out snooping for any date photo of the two involved though Johnny’s will surely claimed that the two are just friends, something that they always do for those in a relationship, but there’s just enough circumstantial evidence that this secret relationship is true,” according to an entertainment correspondent.

via Tokyo Sports

Those are not evidence but bunch of hearsays…I want pictures!!! Anyway, I don’t believe this sh*t because if they were really in a relationship, I don’t know why Sho will randomly bring Maki to a party and introduced her as his girlfriend after all the pains they took to keep their relationship in secret. Also, brining Maki to an (I’m assuming) all guys party will be too obvious even without introductions.

Anyway, I’m glad that after all those gay rumors about Sho, it’s nice that he is rumored to someone as nice and lovely like Maki.


4 thoughts on “Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki in a Secret Relationship?

  1. eff…I always thought that those gay rumors about Sho is true. haha. Anyway, I don’t believe this since Sho is always busy, I doubt he has time to date


    • Same here. I don’t believe this rumor too. Him being workaholic aside, I just can’t see him introducing his so-called girlfriend to his juniors. That is so unlike him.


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