Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 010)

Nothing special, I’m just in the mood to do this and it mostly has rumors that range from weird to cute to shocking.

Involved parties, are: Arashi, Morita Go, and Morita Myuuto

  • Cancellation is happening one after another for Arashi’s “Blast in Hawaii” 

It seems that some fans who applied for Arashi’s 15th anniversary concert this September would rather cancel after the group announced their 5-Dome Tour at the end of Arashi’s Waku-Waku Gakkou event. It’s all due to staggering Hawaii tour prices that some fans consider its more wise to prioritize Arashi’s local Dome tours. Prices (ticket+airfare) for Arashi’s Hawaii tour ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 Yen while it only cost 9000 Yen for local tours (even cheaper for FC members).

Ticket prices for Hawaii are indeed high but let’s just look at the bright side that you will get exclusive bragging rights and you get to tour to Hawaii. Or it will be better for Japanese fans to stay in Japan for Dome Tour and have the international fans enjoy the Hawaii tour since I’m sure that they’ve saved for a  lifetime to see Arashi.

  • Morita Go and Miyuki Arisu are so in love, went on a trip to Hokkaido together

It had been going-on since April that V6’s Morita Go is dating AV actress Miyuki Arisu but it was only recently when it was reported that Morita made a “greeting trip” Miyuki’s parents in Hokkaido. The couple were seen dining in a resort complex in Hokkaido, the place is said to be only 2-hours away from Miyuki’s home. Moreover, the complex is also a famous location for “resort weddings” and Tadao Ando’s “Church of Water” is also built in the area. However, rumor has it that Morita’s mom isn’t too pleased with this relationship mostly because of Miyuki’s occupation.

  Morita Go is at the age to get married and the couple aside, the Church of Water is so beautiful! 

  • Johnny’s Jr. Morita Myuto got a girl pregnant, girl got an abortion

Bunshun reported that Morita Myuto got a girl pregnant March of this year. The news didn’t sit well with Morita who urges the girl to think about his position than have the baby. Eventually, the girl got an abortion without receiving any help for Morita chose to cut any contact with her. When the girl (and her friend) met-up with Morita in May, Morita couldn’t care less about the abortion and even called his mother who also sided with his son. Furthermore, the entire conversation between the girl and Morita happened to be recorded and will be published by Bunshun soon.

I’m not familiar with Japan’s policy on abortion but I’ve always been against planned abortion. If this is true, shame on both of them and on the mother as well. The only thing I feel sorry for the girl is for having a jerk-asshole-irresponsible (ex)boyfriend but it takes two to tango, you don’t get pregnant on your own unless you’ve been raped. As for Morita, karma’s a bitch.

——all are tabloid articles——–

via Johnny’s-Watcher 1,2, and 3


3 thoughts on “Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 010)

  1. about arashi, the ticket prices are so expensive, I’ll just stay in japan since I’m sure that they will be singing the same songs anyway.
    on morita, almost everyone in johnny’s have a relationship with av actress at one point or another but this is the first time that someone actually got serious.
    on myuuto, I don’t really know him but tsk.


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