Rants & Raves : It’s all Good

I’m feeling extra cheery today after receiving an awesome news yesterday so there’s no room for negativity whatsoever. Thus, I’ll just be raving for this weeks Rants & Raves.

Here is my occasional Rants & RavesIt’s all good! 

  • Good start for most Johnny’s starring dramas this summer. HERO received 26.5%, Suikyuu Yankees at 8.8%, Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo at 12.4%, and Kinyori Renai ~season Zero~ at 4.3%.

Rave : HERO and Kindaichi are both in Golden Time so HERO is great while Kindaichi is average. Suikyu Yankees is at late night time-slot (23:00) and 8.8% is indeed high while Kinkyori Renai is at past midnight time-slot (24:50) and 4.3% is good enoughsince most TV shows around that time would average around 2%. Also, some fans attributed the high pilot rating of Kinkyori because Yamapi did a cameo for the first episode.

  • Yamapi to release a dance album, titled: “Asobi” 

Rave : Dance album looks promising compared to Yamapi’s past albums that seems to market his sexiness than his talent. Though I’m sure that there will also be moobs exposure on this one, I can only hope for another collaboration with Namie Amuro. BTW, does anyone finds it odd that the album’s title is in Japanese when all the tracklist is in English? Well, typical Johnny’s.

  • Sexy Zone will release their 2nd photobook called “Be Sexy!”. Expect lots of solo gravure photos mostly shot during their travels in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon. Oh, no mention whether the Sexy Zone that they were talking about is the 5 Sexy Zone or just the Big Three.

Rave : Gravure, they still look like little kids to me.

  • ABC-Z  will be the DJ’s for Family Mart’s “Famiraji”, the store’s exclusive music station

Rave : Knowing how popular Family Mart is, this is a good opportunity for them. XD



3 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : It’s all Good

  1. Omedetto to Yamapi…after that troublesome news a few weeks ago, i am happy that his career is having a good take-off…way to go Pi-chan..keep it up 🙂

    But I am sad because i haven’t watched episodes of Suikyuu Yankees and Kindaichi since no eng sub is available yet on streaming sites…Oh well, can do nothing but to wait. am sure one of these days i’ll be stumbling upon it. 🙂

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