Suikyu Yankees Episode 2

I’m still enjoying “Suikyu Yankees” and there’s this need to do a recap and review. I probably won’t be able to sleep unless I finish this. Anyway, “Suikyu Yankees” continuous to be funny and exciting despite the typical scenes you can expect in a yankee drama. Moreover, the second episode puts the spotlight to the “baka trio”.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 2

Inaba Naoya is still dead-set on starting Kasu High’s very own water polo team, or water ball as Naoya likes to call it, and his first hurdle would be the vice principal. The VP, as with every other VP in other yankee dramas, won’t let Naoya have his way until Aoyama Chiharu says that she’s willing to be the club’s adviser. The Principal is also okay with it but the VP decides to lay-out some rules before the club will be declared official.

At the broadcasting room, Naoya has taken the microphone, and is doing his own recruitment announcement for the entire school to hear. Afterwards, he sees Ryo and Koki and invites them to the team, but both refuse. Ryo also has to add something as dignified as “a man takes responsibility for his own words” and he, as a man, will never back-out from his words of not joining the team. Hearing those words from Ryo, Naoya remembers a promise he made earlier and he goes to Suiran High School.

At  Suiran, Torao is still pissed after Naoya beat him in terms of height during their match. He’s not doing well during practice when Naoya comes strutting like a boss. Upon reaching Torao, he kneels and apologize for making fun of water ball, he also adds that he has started a water ball club and will surely beat Suiran. Shouji-sensei asks if Mifune Ryuuji will join as well. Naoya, without batting an eyelash, says he surely is. Naoya leaves the place and once outside, he decides to borrow something from Suiran- the water ball. LOL, that’s stealing.

At class, the baka trio are staring at their “Career Goals” sheet and it seems like they have no plans to go to college so they’d rather look for work. However, taking their reputation in consideration, it’s likely that they won’t even get a job until Shinsuke suggested that they will just have to create a “new image” for themselves.

Outside, Naoya sees Ryuuji on his way home and invites him to join the water ball club. Naoya says that its only natural for Ryuuji, the school’s leader, to join forces with him in bringing down Suiran. But Ryuuji remains passive and dead-set on not playing water polo.

Naoya goes to the pool area and was in a surprise to see the pool in a dump site situation. Chiharu arrives and tells Naoya that the pool hasn’t been used for 5 years so it’s natural for it to look that way. Chiharu also gives the good news to Naoya that she will be the club’s adviser and tells Naoya about the VP’s conditions: first is that he must gather 7 members in 2 weeks and second, the club must not make any trouble or it will cease to exist. Naoya is confident he can fulfill those conditions and not so far away from the pool, Ryo and Koki are gobsmacked knowing that Chiharu will the club’s advisor.

Since Ryo can’t be that faraway from his beloved Chiharu, the duo makes an appearance and announces that they will be joining the club. Naoya immediately says no and returns Ryo’s earlier statement that, “a man takes responsibility for his own words”. haha. Naoya thinks that Ryo is simply sympathizing with him and tells Ryo that he respects his beliefs. Chiharu then asks him what will he do about team members and Naoya says that he needs someone like Ryuuji who knows the game. Chiharu then gives him an idea on what to do.

The baka trio are in the town’s shopping district, busy in creating a new image for themselves by picking-up trash. hehe. Tomoki and Shinsuke asks Kohei to take their picture as a proof, and Kohei decides to take the picture at an angle enough to give the incoming Suiran girls a chance to bully them . Even though those two bitches girls are like 10 feet away from them, they immediately accuses the guys to be peeping toms and town’s women gangs-up to them. Thus, the baka trio did create a new image for themselves, an image for perverts.

Feeling dejected that their good deed have gone bad, they saw Naoya sprinting towards them and while they try to their hardest to ignore him, he invites them to join the water ball club as a bait for Ryuuji to join the club as well. After all, they were childhood friends. The three refuses to join the team since it’s impossible that Ryuuji would even want to play water polo.

Naoya goes home and Iwasaki-mama announces that he has a visitor, it’s Nagisa’s classmate Riko. Riko proclaims herself as his fan and Naoya is obviously please when Riko starts showering him praises about his skills in water polo, and Nagisa can only shake her head to disagree. When Riko left, Nagisa finds Naoya casually reading her book, in her bedroom, and on her bed. She’s obviously shock and grabs the water polo book that Naoya was reading. Nagisa scolds him about being reckless and such and tells him that it’s water polo, not water ball, but Naoya says that its easier to say if it is water ball. heeee…

Speaking of water ball or polo, Naoya is surprise to learn that Nagisa used to play the sport too. I’m just as surprise. He shows a picture when Ryuuji still knows how to genuinely smile. In the picture, Ryuuji is smiling while holding a certificate and wearing a medal. Rei, Kohei, and Nagisa are on his side, Tomoki and Shinsuke are below holding a banner with “superstar” written on it, and an unsmiling Torao near them.

Nagisa immediately grabs the picture and Naoya says that it looks like they were having fun. Nagisa has no time to reminisce about the past so she grabs Naoya and kicks him out of her room. Speaking of Ryuuji, he’s out walking around the town, and takes his time to look at the Suiran’s poster when a bit of his past memory comes rushing in, it was when Torao asks him for a match.

The next day, Naoya is surprise to see that Ryo and Koki have started to clean the pool. The two have devised a strategy to make Naoya thinks that he needs them on the team. Ryo and Koki even calls Naoya, “Master”, and Ryo tells Naoya that as a man, he can’t leave a troubled man behind. When asks if he manage to recruit the baka trio, Naoya says no, and Ryo gives him a trump card.

The baka trio are walking on the hallway when Naoya arrives with an offer that they can’t refuse. Naoya brandishes Kanna-chan’s autographed picture together with the scrunchie that she wore when she was discovered. Their expression is more priceless though. The trio, being a huge fan of Kanna-chan, fell to their wordly desires and were soon in possession of the scrunchie and the autographed picture.

However, another worldly temptation arrives in  the form of job offer from the vice principal. VP tells them that he’ll endorse the three to a factory owner in town as long as they’ll have nothing to do with Naoya, or they might end-up in garbage dump. The garbage dump is a nightmare to the three since Kohei earlier told them he dreamed that they ended-up in a garbage dump.

Since being in the garbage dump is a no-no, the three decides to take on the vice principal’s offer and prays at the temple that they will get the job. Shinsuke is a bit disturbed with what they did, not because they earlier agreed to Naoya, but deep inside they also want to see Ryuuji play water polo. While praying, Nagisa and her father arrives to greet them when Naoya arrives. Iwasaki-papa greets him with a “Okaeri!” and the trio were shocked to learn that Naoya lives with Nagisa. They were more shocked when Naoya apologizes to Nagisa for doing what he pleases in her room last night giving the trio a wrong impression and even causes Tomoki to faint. haha. I think he likes Nagisa. XD

The next day, the trio have filled-up their job application form in all earnest when those jerks from Suiran arrives. They kidnapped Tomoki in exchange of Naoya. Naoya arrives and a fight ensues; it’s a one-sided fight because Naoya chose not to raise a hand or as Chiharu have said ealier, the water polo club will cease to exist. The jerks did as they please with the baka trio looking while Naoya gets beaten-up.

The jerks were telling Naoya to quit making the water polo club, something that Naoya strongly defies. It’s just goes to show that these jerks are threatened just with the false news that Ryuuji is joining the team. Naoya also asks them to return the scrunchie since the scrunchie is his barter for the three to join the team. The jerks tell Naoya that he was just tricked, there is no way that those three will join the team, but Naoya tells them about Ryo’s words of wisdom, “a man takes responsibility for his own words”. Being more frustrated that ever, the jerks throws the scrunchie to the river.

The baka trio leaves Naoya and goes to the okonomiyaki place feeling worse. Nagisa arrives and was ignored when she greeted them until Chihara arrives and asks about Naoya.

Naoya is still in the river, looking for the scrunchie. Upon seeing it, he staggers back to dry land to give back the scrunchie, and tells Chihara that they will be joining the club. This makes Tomoki so frustrated and angrier  that he tells Naoya that they will never win against Suiran. Naoya asks if they were really okay with that and if it doesn’t make them frustrated, Tomoki says that they are frustrated but they can’t do anything about it. Tomoki starts to walk-away just as Naoya passes-out.

At that playground, the baka trio are in their depress mode when Nagisa arrives to give the scrunchie since Naoya asks her to, and before she leaves, she said, “you said frustrating, right?”

The next day, the VP is still making it harder for the water polo club as he refuses to provide water for the pool. Naoya is still optimistic and says that if they can’t fill the pool with water then he’ll get water from the river. Uhm, yuck. XD. Ryo decides to try again in convincing Naoya that they really want to join the team by lending him a hand in filling the pool with water. For good measure, Ryo and Koki even kneeled down and asks for forgiveness for their earlier mistake and begs him to let them join the team. Eventually, Naoya gets that they really want to join and they were not merely sympathizing with him. So slow.

Now that there are three members of the water ball club, another three appeared in slow motion with pails of water each. The baka trio tells Naoya that they will also join the team. However, the three also confronts Naoya about giving them a fake autographed picture of Kanna-chan. Ryo owns up to his lie and tells the trio that he did the autograph and the scrunchie is his mother’s. haha. While the three gangs-up to Ryo, slow Naoya is hit with a realization that Kanna-chan must be Ryo’s mother. LOL, what made him think that?

In a somewhat miraculous feat, water for the pool starts pouring-in, all thanks to Principal who turns-on the main faucet. The six member water polo team jumps into the pool once it’s filled.

Elsewhere, Kasu High’s vice principal receives a call from Shouji, coach of Suiran, and she wants to say something about Ryuuji.



That was a really good episode! It was well panned-out while still leaving some air of mystery especially for the “Ryuuji issue”. I just hope that when the past gets revealed, I won’t be disappointed. Moreover, I hope that the writers won’t prolong the agony in revealing what really happened between all of them before Naoya arrives at Kasu High

Naoya continues to be an interesting character, a bit stupid and slow, but overall charming. I understand why Nagisa always gets flustered. XD The other characters, namely baka trio and stalker duo, has the right mix and timing in making me laugh. I’m glad that they weren’t just side characters but they were all given a time to shine.

The pacing for this episode is just right, leaving more room for Ryuuji to join, practices, and eventually- Inter High games. I know that they want to beat Suiran but for that to happen, they must beat other schools too.

All in all, I’m looking forward to the next episode, Ryuuji was like a passer-by in this episode so I’m hoping for some action from him (not the fighting) next time.


Raw and subs : d-addicts 1 and 2

Screencaps : mine


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