Mori Katsuyuki’s Letter Brings Tears to SMAP


A touching moment during SMAPx FNS 27 that is just one of the highlight of the 27 hours show.

As reported,

Last July 26th to 27th, SMAP appeared at Fuji TV‘s “27 Hour TV” where they served as this year’s host. At the end of the program, Nakai Masahiro -SMAP’s leader- revealed that former member Mori Katsuyuki consulted him before he left the group. A signed letter from Mori was read aloud during the show, leaving the members in tears. Mori left SMAP back in 1996 to pursue motorbike racing.

In Mori’s letter ,he wrote:

To everyone in SMAP. Mori Katsuyuki

When I heard that the 5 of you will be hosting “27 Hr TV”, I thought you guys are great.

You’re live broadcast must be over by now and you guys must be dead tired.

It has been 18 years since I left SMAP, even though I’ve said absurd things back then, you accepted me and sent me off kindly. I’m really thankful to you guys.

After we filmed SumaSuma, we went to a yakiniku shop at Yotsuya, we had a toast, and we left at dawn. We took a picture showing our buttocks, I remember it clearly. That was the last SMAP with six people.

To Shingo,

When I first met you, Shingo is just a little boy, you’re really like a younger brother. There are times when I thought you’re impertinent, but you’re really cute.  You’re still cute and mischievous but you’re very reliable now when you’re on TV.

You’re great Shingo.

To Tsuyoshi,

We live in the same direction so we always went home together. I think we’ve talked a lot.

When we went home together by train, I was envious that you’re so good with backflip so I let you do it many times on platform.

Oh, the movie that I saw alone after leaving SMAP was Tsuyoshis “BALLAD”. It was good.

I also heard that you started riding the motorbike, even though it’s a good hobby, ride safely. Be careful.

To Goro,

The day before I entered training school after leaving SMAP, everyone gathered in my house to shave my head. All except Goro.

That was really something you’d do and that’s why I like you so much.

In the old days, we were always put in the middle between Nakai-kun and Kimura-kun or Shingo and Tsuyoshi. I think that its hard to be in the middle.

But because of you, SMAP can stay as SMAP,

Pls. continue to be yourself.

To Kimura-kun

I think we hang-out the most.

Since I first met you, you were cool. You were cool when we play together. You were cool when you’re working.

Then and now, you’re still cool.


You told me that when I left, I must become unbeatable.

I will never forget that.

To Nakai-kun

I was taught about various things by Nakai and I troubled you the most.

After I left, you still worry about me and still get troubled over me.

Thank you very much for your advice. Thank you for coming during my press conference.

As a leader, thank you for troubling yourself over me until the last moment.

I saw the SumaSuma 5-men journey and thank you for crying when you sang BEST FRIEND in karaoke.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.


I have no other friends except the five of you.

SMAP is the best.

Mori Katsuyuki.


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2 thoughts on “Mori Katsuyuki’s Letter Brings Tears to SMAP

  1. This is so sweet. You can see that Mori is the closest to Nakai which just goes to show how awesome Nakai is as a leader. The “I have no other friends except the five of you” is troubling, like what, he don’t have any other friends?


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