No more Disparity among Kis-My-Ft2

3×4 formation no more!!!

The “disparities” among Kis-My-Ft2 has been visible since the group’s debut back in 2011. The group’s activity have also changed after Miyata Toshiya, Senga Kento, Nikaido Takashi, and Yokoo Wataru or the so-called “four persons behind” formed a unit called “BUSAIKU“.

However, latest jacket covers for their upcoming single, “Another Future“, is a huge change from their past covers.

Limited Edition A
Limited Edition B


In the jacket covers, as posted above, each member were given equal exposure. Compared to the group’s earlier covers where Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, and Kitayama Hiromitsu monopolized the front, “Another Future” LE A also has three persons in front, but except for Tamamori, we get to see new faces. Tamamori being in the middle is understandable since this single is also the theme song for his drama, “Nobunaga no Chef“. In addition, LE B cover is in collage format where the group’s equality is more pronounced. It’s not just with jacket covers, during the first leg of their tour at Nagoya dome, the differences with the costume design were done equally.

I think one of the reasons for the change is that BUSAIKU have managed to show that they can do on their own. The so-called back-up dancers will be releasing a  2nd single, thanks to SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro, who will producing again everythingThe four even get to have their own CM.

If Iijima can do it with Kisumai, I can only hope that the two younger members of Sexy Zone will be given the same exposure that they deserve.

Jacket Covers taken from Avex


9 thoughts on “No more Disparity among Kis-My-Ft2

  1. i think this kind of issue is common in any group or any talent agency. we can’t blame the members who are being ahead for the extensive promotion since everything is up to the management. It maybe sad but it’s always the management who has a say for everything that have been going on in each of their career and most often artist will have to go along with it. All we have to do as a fan is to support them in any way we can. 🙂


    • yah..unfair as it may. but those kinds of things really happen in that business. And it’s sad. But sometimes, a fan can do something to make it right with their support. Anyway, as long as there are fans who keeps supporting them while they are doing all the best they can, everything will pay off in the end. And it’s now happening.

      As for KAT-TUN, let’s be thankful that even they have been in a lot of circumstances, nothing like that has ever happened to them. 🙂


  2. that’s my opinion :)) and sz can be like kisumai cause their senpai dont like them! dont speak about the rumor when they debuted, Smap clearly didnt want to push them like Kisumai, Nakai really like Kisumai, after many show I can tell that, but sz… hmmm no!


  3. hmm, although busaiku not front or less on cover, they NEVER miss on cover, in SZ, many cover only 3 , single with S type, K type, F type and now they kick 2 out concert dvd’s cover , release single and ptb with 3

    no, Busaiku never be treat like that, thank for 7 worked together in several years and love each other, not like sz, where the leader kento only love himself, the copy cat fuma and non sence center shori!


    • OMG, your comment about Kento is so spot-on. He really looks vain. But let’s not blame the other 3, they are also just following orders from the management.


  4. If 7 member group like Kanjani8 can have equality in jacket covers and even clothing, why can’t Kisumai who also have the same number of members? At the end, its all about proper management. I feel bad for Sexy zone, too.


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