Yokoyama Yu’s Stage Greeting Upset

The “Eight Ranger 2” stage greeting gets eclipsed by this wrong reading of name.

As reported,

Last July 26th, Kanjani8 attended the stage greeting for their movie, “Eight Ranger 2” at TOHO cinema in Roppongi Hills.

During stage introductions, Yokoyama Yu‘s name is read wrong as “Aoyama Hiroshi”. It was the first time such mistake occured and although Yokoyama appeared calm, but he just smiled wryly to hide being upset.

In the movie, “Eight Ranger” is fully loaded with actions scenes where the seven members acts as heroes. Shibutani Subaru commented that due to lots of actions scenes, he mostly used a stunt man. Shibutani’s comment made Okura Tadayoshi laugh, who revealed that he used a stunt man 100% of the time since he only did a “chop” for his scenes.

via Sanspo and Daily Sports 


4 thoughts on “Yokoyama Yu’s Stage Greeting Upset

  1. ehhhhhh??? Why is that so? Poor Yokocho…but being able to hide his disappointment so welll, i admire him more.

    The name was written in kanji, i guess…are the kanji characters of their names similar? hmmmmm…but it was just so weird,making that error since both have different worlds. Aoyoma Hiroshi-kun is in Motor racing while Yoko-cho is an actor/singer. The MC should have been more aware of that fact, maybe, he/she should have avoided that shameful scene. But I find it so funny…I wonder what were Yoko-cho’s thoughts about it. Hmmmm…What will be Aoyama-san’s reaction to this when he knows about it, that all of a sudden he became an actor. hahaha…Aoyama-san is one of the Japanese sportsmen that I admire. I love to see him racing. He’s just too cool.


    • Just the “Yu/Hiroshi” (裕) part is similar but Yokoyama and Aoyama is different except for the “yama” part. Still, as an announcer, the host should have familiarized himself with the names. Also, Yoko has been in the industry for more than a decade (if you add his years as a junior) so his name should be familiar enough. XD


    • yah…he might not be super famous but he is known not just his name but his face. he often graces japan’s tv screen. if we, who are from another country, know him well…then it’s very disappointing to know that they can’t recognize their very own.


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