Sato Shori’s First Solo Concert

…and the most favorite from Sexy Zone gets to have his first .

As reported,


Last July 29th, Sexy Zone‘s Sato Shori had his first solo live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI in Tokyo’s Nishi-Azabu.

It was Sato’s first solo performance held in an all-standing audience. Fans at ringside are so close that they could touch Sato beamed with joy. “It’s my first Sorokon. It ‘s Baku baku. Super Dangerous!” Sato commented.

The solo live mobilized 3,400 audiences in two days with tickets being sold-out in 10 minutes. Sato sang 42 songs including their upcoming single, “Otoko never give up”, in which only the senior members of the group recorded.

Matsushima Sou and Marius Yo were those included in the group’s “restructuring” so the two could focus more in their units, “Sexy (Matsu) Show” and Sexy Boyz, respectively. “For each individuals to show their very best, I want to change more,” Sato commented and vowed the growth of “Sexy Family“.

via Sanspo and Daily Sports


3 thoughts on “Sato Shori’s First Solo Concert

  1. Congratulation for shori. the tickets sold out in 10 minutes is a good starting.
    Although Shori is my ichiban in Sexy Zone but is shori ready to have solo concert? I don’t think he is ready for “now”, although shori’s voice is not that bad, his dance is really good but one thing that I am so worried is shori’s speaking ability. shori is not really good in speaking, so how can he handle the MC Part alone? But, do the best shori! Your fans will support you.


  2. oh solo con huh? it made me remind about Kanju Xmast concert last year which Kotaki and Shige also have solo concert. Shige had 5 pers and Kotaki had 3, with bigger venue. But they not debuted yet that time, so not many info about it
    and about Shori’s sing skill… better lets Kento do it, he sing bad!


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