Top 10 Male Celebrities with Cool Body

Only 2 from Johnny’s made the cut but they occupied the top spots.

As reported,

Broadcasted last July 26th at TBS midnight show called “Rank Oukoku“, 300 women from Shibuya were asked who they think has a “cool body” among male celebrities.

Here are the results:

10) Fukushi Sota

9) Mukai Osamu

8) Yamamoto Yusuke

7) Abe Hiroshi

6) Miura Shohei

5) Hidetoshi Nishijima


3) Ito Hideaki

2) Ikuta Toma



1) Yamashita Tomohisa



For Ikuta, his “an an” [sex issue photoshoot] and scenes from the movie “Nou Otoko” were the biggest factors for the votes. Voters commented that he has well-equipped muscle despite his lithe body.

For Yamapi, it’s his scenes from SUMMER NUDE and one voter commented that his seeing Yamapi’s arms when he wears sleveeless shirts is unbearable.

via jnews1


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Male Celebrities with Cool Body

  1. Wow! Yamapi got the #1 spot…hehehe…but i am not suprised anymore. Although Yamapi is just my Niban but when it comes to physique, i always go for him rather than my ichibans, even in his younger days (sorry Shirota Yuu my beloved) hehehe…And girls’ going ga-ga over him more when he did Otona no Kiss. There’s Ikuta Toma also who has evolved so much. Osamu Mukai too got in the top ten spot, as expected since I always see his name on most of the polls. But Ito Hideaki surprised me much, I like him as an actor, but I don’t see him as a man with a body whom woman will swoon over. And I’ve seen posters of Zainin no Uso, he looks hunkier than usual.. much for hot, sexy, J-boys…I can’t concentrate with my work anymore. hehehe…

    ganbatte ne, shinshi 🙂


    • Have you seen Dokushin Kizoku? That’s where I began to like Ito Hideaki <3. I know most JE are into the lean and skinny side so this ranking is a surprise since they managed to get top 2 spots.


    • I haven’t gotten the time to watch his last year’s drama yet…I have like him since I’ve seen Umizaru and Buzzer Beat…he’s cool and I really like how he had portrayed the role. But I’ll find time to download Dokushin since his Zainin no Uso is about to be aired. 🙂


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