[Wink-Up] Johnny’s Best Combi Grand Prix

As an alternate title, I’ll go with Johnny’s “Best OTP!” *nosebleed*

As reported,

[partial translation]

Wink-Up magazine August issue revealed the results for their “Johnny’s Best Combi Grand Prix” that was introduced last May.



At first place are Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto who are the “favorites” of the magazine’s editorial department. Many fans have seen these two overcoming the odds and became friends who can trust one another. “There is nothing dramatic with this pair”, one fan commented, “there is no pair who are also such good friends”, another fan commented. Furthermore, it will be hot seeing these two interact during the group’s upcoming tour.

(c) @mikokya_n on twitter

A surprising pair at 2nd place is Sexy Zone‘s Sato Shori and Sexy (Matsu) Show‘s Matsushima Sou. Although the two weren’t really close, the distance between seem to have shortened lately as they have stopped calling each other with honorifics (-san). The distance between the two is seen “fresh” by fans, “although there is still that distance, seeing them get closer and build trust slowly will make their friendship heartwarming in the future”. However, with the changes in Sexy Zone, there will be little opportunity for the two to interact but hopefully their relationship won’t be affected by the situation.


Looking solid at 3rd place are KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya and Nakamaru Yuichi. As for Nakamaru, his good relationship with Ueda Tatsuya, the “roba-maru”, is also recognized by fans since it’s only Nakamru who can appease the selfish Ueda. According to a fan, the difference of Nakamaru and Kamenashi to the top 2, is that they have this  “grandchild-and-grandfather” relationship. “The feeling of Kamenashi, as a grandchild, depending on Nakamaru as the grandpa, is great!” Also, the 13 years history between the two since formation is enough to make fans’ hearts throb. Is this the charm of this group?

via jmania

Okay, so I was expecting fan-made OTPs but it seems like most of these “combis” have legit reasons for being chosen so I’ll set aside my own OTPs. Yamada and Nakajima aka “YamaJima” or “YutoYama” always had solid fan following and you can see that the two knows how to work on it during their tours. They just love to tease. Sato and Matsushima is indeed a revelation to the point that maybe the fans of this combi are just reading too much of their actions. XD. As for Kame and Nakamaru (and Ueda), it’s obvious that they are close but I feel like Ueda is just being bullied, in a nice way. It’s just awkward that maybe they should have just included Junno into the mix since there are only four of them now.


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