First Impressions on Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N (Neo)

Watching Kindaichi’s first episode can be a bit discouraging with it being an hour and 34 minutes long. I was thinking on how the writers will end-up dragging the story just to extend it with the alloted time. However, despite the longer plot for the it’s first episode, “Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N” is not boring with the “whodunnit?” story being executed well. Kindaichi receives 12.4% for their pilot episode, average by standards, but not at all underrated nor overrated.

Here is a quick recap of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N (neo): Episode 1 [The Silver Screen Devilish Murder]

In Fudou Private High School, their Film Club is famous for making the movie, “Scorpion, The Murderer“, a man obsessed with revenge and who grants divine punishment for  those who have sinned greatly…

Revenge aside, a certain 2nd year class are having their lessons on mollusk family. The ever diligent student Nanase Miyuki (Kawaguchi Haruna) raises her hand to answer a question but their professor would rather direct the question to Nanase’s childhood friend, Kindaichi Hajime (Yamada Ryosuke).

Kindaichi is busy reading his Biology book, much to the class surprise that he actually studies, until their professor takes his book, which revealing a dozen of stolen shots from the female population of Fudou. Not only is Kindaichi busy looking at girls’ pictures while in class, he also marked each picture with his guessed [bra] cup size of each girls, from A to E, with Nanase being labeled an “A” along with a description of rather disappointing. tsk.

Nanase sees it and before she erupts from anger, Kindaichi grabs the pictures. However, that didn’t stop Nanase from burning those pictures and feels down that Kindaichi sees her as “disappointing”. Kindaichi and Saki Ryuji (Arioka Daiki) can only stare at the fuming Nanase.

Despite Kindaichi’s appraisal of Nanase, a certain senpai sees her differently. Kurasawa Hikaru (Kamiki Ryunosuke) tells Nanase that her eyes have that “twinkle of sorrow” that he has been looking for and he wants Nanase to play the lead for his amateur movie. Kurasawa is the president of the school’s Film Studies Club and has taken the Grand Prix Award at Japanese Amateur Movie Festival. A feat for a high school student who also happens to be the grandchild of a famous filmmaker.

Kurasawa’s offer didn’t bode well for his screenwriter, Izumiya Shigeki, who tells Kurosawa that he wrote the script with Kurokawa Miho (Okamoto Azusa) in mind. Kurokawa is quite famous in school for her beauty and talent. Izumiya tells Kurosawa that he’s quitting, a threat that didn’t make Kurosawa even a bit disturbed, so Izumiya tells him that he might tell the police about that incident.

When Izumiya left, Kindaichi jumps on the conversation and tells Kurosawa that it’s impossible for Miyuki to be the lead actress since she’s not charming at all, and to Saki and Nanase’s shock, Kindaichi goes-on how Nanase is only an “A” cup. This statement totally blew Nanase’s fuse and gives Kindaichi a much-deserve slap and immediately tells Kurosawa that she will join the Film Club.

At Mystery Research Club where Kindaichi, Saki, and Nanase are members, club president Makabe Makoto (Asari Yosuke) isn’t too affected that Nanase left their club. In fact, he praises Kindaichi for sort-of pushing Nanase into the Film Club since Makabe have always wanted to infiltrate the said club. Rumor has it that there’s a curse in the club, the so-called “curse of the scorpion“, in which the Scorpion comes-out of nowhere and kills those who have sinned greatly, or that’s how the rumor goes. There has been “sightings” of that said masked Scorpion man, which prompted the Film Club to seal the movie away.

Infiltrate they did, Nanase is a bit happy to see Kindaichi and co. arriving at the movie set. Despite yesterday’s squabble over cup size, it didn’t stop Kindaichi on commenting on Kurokawa’s cup size upon seeing her, which horrified Saki and gives Kindaichi an earful. One of the actors, Sanada Koji (Nakagawa Taishi), isn’t too pleased for the Mystery Research Club to go barging-in but Makabe reasons-out that they don’t have the right to stop them after they just took Nanase without his permission as the club’s president.

Kurosawa tells him to let it go and allows the Mystery club to watch their shooting. Nanase, wearing a cute sailor uniform, is being directed by Kurosawa on what her character must do. As he calls on a take and Nanase says her lines, the stage’s curtain starts to rise, and before they can even guess who is raising the curtain when it wasn’t on the script, they are in for a shock.

A lifeless body is at the stage’s center, hang by film strips, and wearing the infamous scorpion mask. As if on cue, the mask fell, and they can only gasped upon seeing it’s Izumiya. The Police arrive at the murder scene led by Inspector Kenmochi Isamu (Yamaguchi Tomomitsu) and his new partner, Hatakeyama Koutoku. Seeing Kindaichi present, Kenmochi briefs him about the particulars of the murder, which shocks Hatakeyama that his Inspector is sharing info with a high school student.

Kenmochi tells him that it’s okay if it’s Kindaichi since he is the grandson of Kindaichi Kouseke, the great detective. This is obviously news to Kurosawa that he’s not the only one in school with a famous grandfather. As what the police knew, Izumiya went to school around 9-10pm last night and tells his parents that he’ll be meeting someone from the Film Club. Because of this statement, everyone in the Film Club was asked for their alibis on what they were doing around that time.

Each of them gives their respective alibis but also all of them can’t prove those alibis since they all happen to be alone at the time. At Film Club’s room, third year’s Sanada and Kadowaki Yasuhiro are arguing with Kurosawa since he insist on continuing the filming, after all, the film industry is waiting for Kurosawa’s next big project. Kurokawa tells them about a scene from the club’s debut movie wherein the scorpion places the mask on his victims, which can only prove that Izumiya’s death is the scorpion’s doing.

Kurokawa’s statement excites Makebe that the rumor might be true, that those involved in the movie making will be murdered. Kurosawa shrugs it off as nonsense and Kindaichi asks him who were involved in making the movie. Kurosawa answered that it’s only the four of them, he, Izumiya, Sanada, and Kadowaki. Kindaichi thinks that their numbers are too small to make a movie but Kurosawa reasons-out that as long as there’s an actor and a camera, a movie can be made.

Kindaichi asks if they can see the movie, and while Kurosawa is a bit hesitant at first, he eventually gives in since Kindaichi makes it seem that he is hiding something about the movie. Thus, the Mystery Club and Film Club head to the Projection Room to watch the movie. The movie is in black and white and the action scenes impress the audience. However, there was one scene from the movie where the masked scorpion jumped from one building to another that makes Kindaichi curious but he can’t pinpoint what it is that he saw that felt wrong.

The next day, the Film Club are filming again and a nervous Kindaichi will be one of the extras. In Kindaichi’s scene, he will go to the faucet to wash his hands and asks Nanase something once she joins him in washing her hands. However, Kindaichi sees something planted on the specific faucet that Nanase will used, there’s a blade placed in the faucet’s handle that will surely injure Nanase once she turns it on.

This prompted Kindaichi to act and gives Nanase a splash in her direction, drenching her with water. Nanase is pissed and even ignores Kindaichi’s apology. When Nanase left to change, Kindaichi removes the blade from the faucet and eyes everyone with suspicion as to who could have placed that blade to injure Nanase. Filming eventually resumes and ended at the school’s rooftop.

Pack-up time and the third years are again arguing on Kurosawa’s high-handed attitude. Sanada even suspects that Kurosawa killed Izumiya to silence him from reporting that matter to the police. At the club room where the girls are changing, Nanase humbles herself by telling Kurokawa how good she is and that she feels embarrassed for being the newbie that she is. This irks Kurokawa who blames Kurosawa for ruining her impending showbiz career. While the girls are in awkward silence, Kindaichi and co. comes barging in when the Nanase and Kurokawa aren’t done dressing.

They were eventually pushed-out and one of the first years, and Hoshino Kanae (Kojima Ayame) goes-out to get the room’s key under one of the potted plant outside the club room. The doors at Film Club’s room and projection room are that of old model where it needs a key to be open and close.

Its weekend and the Film Club are still filming. Kindaichi arrives with Nanase who hasn’t forgiven him after yesterday’s splashing incident. Saki and Makabe are also present as well as Makabe’s dog, Poirot. The three first years, Hoshino, Yusa Chiemi, and Tsuji Hayato, finds something weird inside the club’s props room. The Film Club has lots of rooms, eh. The number of dummies has increased and one of those dummies is wearing the dreaded scorpion mask.

Kindaichi comes-in and removes the mask, revealing Sanada’s. The police once again arrive and Kindaichi tells Kenmochi about the scorpion curse, and tells him that they should see the movie again. Kenmochi is afraid when it comes to horror movies but agreed to see movie as Kindaichi’s suggestion. While the movie is being shown, Kindaichi asks Saki to film it as well using the camcorder that he always carries around.

Seeing the movie for the second time, Kindaichi was able to pinpoint what has been bugging him after seeing the “jumping scenes” in the movie. Hearing Kindaichi’s statement, Kurosawa turns-on the light, and announces that he’ll be leaving as he needs to make some changes with the script. This shocks the entire club that Kurosawa still wanted to continue filming after the two murders. But Kurosawa wants to continue filming, saying that he is gambling everything with the movie and he won’t have anyone blocking his way.

Kindaichi follows him, asking the reason for his insistence on continuing the movie, and also tells him that he won’t have Nanase continue the movie. Yihee! This makes Kurosawa concludes that Nanase is not just a mere childhood friend, something that Kindaichi didn’t agree or deny. Nonetheless, Kurosawa tells him that Kindaichi should also know how he feels because his grandfather is Kindaichi Kousoke. But Kindaichi is Kindaichi and he really can’t sympathize with Kurosawa’s own suffering for having a famous grandfather. While Kindaichi is happy to be related with such great man, Kurosawa only sees his own relation as a source of his suffering and envies Kindaichi for being so carefree.

Saki agrees with Kurosawa’s assessment that Kindaichi is too carefree for his own good. Kindaichi reasons-out that he has his own troubles and the only trouble he could come-up is losing all those stolen shots of boobies he took pains in gathering. LOL. As Saki didn’t share Kindaichi’s love for boobies and before Nanase gives him another slap, Saki orders him to go to his “house” so Kindaichi hides under the table. XD.

Speaking of Kurosawa, Makabe shares that he finds Kurosawa’s actions too suspicious. After all, Kurosawa is the only one who wanted to continue filming and Makebe deduces that he must have killed anyone who is hindering his movie. Kindaichi isn’t too sure on pointing his finger at Kurosawa but he’s sure of one thing, Kurosawa is hiding something.

Nanase didn’t agree with their sentiments and goes to Kurosawa to asks him if there is anything that she can do to help. Kurosawa then asks her to gather all remaining members and be at the club room by 2pm. Before the Film Club meeting starts, Kindaichi and Saki are already at the club room preparing for the experiment. Kindaichi spills the lavender-scented hand wash all-over the floor, which forces every attendee of the meeting to leap from the entrance to avoid the lavender puddle.

The meeting starts without Makabe who will be late since he has to feed Poirot something special. Two surprise attendees also arrived, Kenmochi and Hatakeyama, and when the two noticed the lack of cool air inside the room, Yusa and Hoshino were forced to get the refreshments. After they drink their own serving of oolong tea, Kindaichi makes another experiment from having each one of them to leap in two yellow lines he has prepared. Everyone jumped while Saki records each one of them.

After everyone has done leaping, Kindaichi replayed Saki’s recording and said that all of them leap first using their dominant foot. It’s also the same with the first experiment where they were caught in surprise with the lavender-scented puddle and has to leap, in which all of them still used their dominant foot. Using the evidence at hand, Kindaichi deduces that there are five, instead of four, who made the scorpion movie.

In the movie, and also something that has bugged Kindaichi, the masked scorpion have been jumping using his left foot but in one particular scene, he jumped using his right foot. Kurosawa is still not disconcerted with Kindaichi’s deduction and admits that they did use a stunt man, which is normal in movies. This makes Kindaichi more suspicious and says that while it is normal to use a stunt man, why does Kurosawa has to hide that fact and why Kurosawa didn’t include the stuntman in the movie’s credits.

Kindaichi guesses that some sort of scandal had been involved that forced Kurosawa to hide that fact in order not mar his rising name. Kurosawa says that Kindaichi is merely making false accusations, something that Nanase also agrees. Then, Kindaichi says that they have eyewitnesses accounts, something that Kenmochi agreed with surprise, and tells Kurosawa and Kadowaki that they were seen carrying a lifeless body in a car.

Kadowaki laughed at the so-called eyewitness account and said that they didn’t use a car that day. Ooops… Kenmochi tells Kindaichi that there is no such statement and Kindaichi merely feigns ignorance. Kurosawa stared down at Kindaichi for deceiving them but Kindaichi reasons-out that it was them who have done the deceiving. Kadowaki is rattled enough and wants Kurosawa and him to spill everything. Kurosawa still refuses to say anything about that matter and while the two had a glaring and shouting match, Kadowaki fells down. Alive but asleep.

Eventually, each one of them fell asleep including Kindaichi who still has time to accuse Kurosawa of drugging them before falling to slumber. Minutes later, or is it hours? Makabe arrives with his pet Poirot and he goes straight to the club room, which is locked from the inside. He thinks that everyone must be in the projection room and before he even arrives in the projection room, he sees a dead body at the corner bend, revealing Kadowaki’s lifeless body with candles surrounding him.

Kindaichi woke-up from Makabe’s panic voice who is shouting at the little gap under the club room’s door. Kindaichi gets-up, followed by everyone else, and Kenmochi forces their way out of the door. Makabe directs them to Kadowaki’s dead body and Kindaichi looks for Kurosawa in the projection room. With the projection room locked from the inside, Kindaichi peaks under the door and sees Kurosawa’s sitting with the projector running. The room’s key is not under the potted plot so they have to go to the staff room and requests a spare key.

Once they arrived at the projection room, Poirot keeps on barking beside Kurosawa’s hand. Kurosawa is confirmed dead, his mug beside him laced with poison, and the room keys on his hand. Kindaichi also noticed something else; Kurosawa’s wristwatch is loose as it’s locked on the outermost hole and also the presence of a certain tape on the film, which is still running on the projector. Kenmochi tells him that the tape is called splicing tape, which is used to edit films and it’s very adhesive.

Kurosawa’s death is declared as suicide and his final movie is his own suicide note along with his remorse about the death of Honda Kageyuki, the stunt man. Kurosawa’s suicide note revealed that Honda fell after his jumped and the four buried his body. As he [Kurosawa] still suffers from guilt, he decided to kill all of them involved in Honda’s death, including himself. Kenmochi deduces that the movie itself declared that Kurosawa is responsible for all the murders and even put everyone to sleep to prepare for his and Kadowaki’s demise.

While outside of Fudou, Kenmochi informs Kindaichi those two years ago, someone filed a “missing person” case but nothing was found. In addition, a request form to re-shoot scenes in Mt. Fuduo was found in Kurosawa’s place; however, the permission granting them to filmed scenes at the rooftop weren’t given. Kenmochi says that Kurosawa and co. were probably forced to use Honda’s footage since they can’t re-shoot that scene anymore. Kindaichi agreed with Kenmochi but upon turning a page on the said request form, he saw that Kurosawa have written to “retake all scenes with Sanada”. Kindaichi sees it odd on why they have to retake everything just because one stuntman died.

While Kindaichi ponders for an answer, a delivery arrived for Film Club. The delivery happens to be a box of new film stock that Kurosawa plans on using. Kindaichi checked the date on when did Kurosawa ordered the tape and found it was on the day the Izumiya died. With new evidence at hand, Kindaichi said that it’s impossible that Kurosawa killed the three and even committed suicide. Kindaichi reasons-out on why Kurosawa would order a new film stock on the night of Izumida’s death when he was planning on killing the three and even himself at the end.

Also, if Kurosawa is still feeling guilty over Honda’s death then he should have included Honda’s corpse whereabouts in his suicide note. Saki then shows them a footage from the many videos he has recorded. One of the footage is showing Kurokawa tampering the faucet handle. The same faucet which could have injured Nanase. They all concluded that Kurokawa bears a grudge on Nanase for getting the lead role and Makabe added that she must have killed her senpais as well. While they can’t see the motive for Kurokawa to kill her seniors, Nanase tells them the both it’s also impossible for Kurokawa because not only she was supposed to be asleep but also because Kurosawa was holding two keys when he was found making all doors locked. In short, locked-room murder.

Kindaichi also agrees with Nanase and he knows that there is definitely a trick to those two locked-room murders that ended in making Kurosawa the scapegoat. On their way home, Nanase apologize to Kindaichi for getting the wrong idea earlier when he was merely saving her. Kindaichi tells her that she’s welcome and Nanase asks him if he really believes that Kurosawa didn’t do those murders. Kindaichi recalls his earlier talk with Kurosawa, about the pressure of having equally famous grandfathers, and tells Nanase that he won’t let the serial murders to end just like that. He’ll definitely find the culprit and says his famous line, “in the name of my grandfather, the great detective…”

The next day, the school is abuzz as Kurokawa is being led to the station for questioning since some suspicious items and relating to murder was found in her locker. Geez, at the end of every school murders is always a locker. After Kenmochi left, Kindaichi and the rest of Mystery Research Club heads to the projection room to investigate further. They made a stop at the Film Club where the remaining first years were cleaning the room as the club will disband. Duh, the club should have been disbanded right after the first murder.

Kindaichi and co. heads to the projection room to “reproduce” the crime scene. A dummy is placed to where Kurosawa was sitting and Kindaichi is very particular in arranging the wristwatch’s position. Kindaichi reasons-out that the watch’s is locked in the outermost hole when judging from its worn-out appearance, Kurosawa has been using the innermost hole of the watch.

The reenactment began and when they arrived at the scene with the projector still running, they hear Poirot angry barking. Makabe rushes to his beloved pet and asks why Poirot was barking that way. Tsuji said that he only scratches Poirot’s head and he barked like mad and Makabe asks if he has something lavender with him. As it turns-out, Tsuji is holding the dust cloth he used earlier to clean the lavender-scented puddle that Kindaichi made yesterday. Makabe said that Poirot hates lavender scents and barks like mad if he smells them.

Flashback to yesterday events, Kindaichi recalled seeing Poirot barking at Kurosawa’s side where the keys lay on his hand. It could only mean that Poirot smelled the lavender scent on the keys so to confirm his suspicion, Kindaichi goes to Kadowaki’s death place where the candles are still placed. Kindaichi smelled one candle and confirmed the scent of lavender. Kindaichi looks on at the open door of the projection room and stitch all the pieces together. From the loosely clasp wristwatch, Poirot’s barking, the lavender scent, the splicing tape, and the spinning projector; it all makes sense.

But there is still one big question, how did the culprit avoid drinking the sleeping medication found not in the oolong tea but on the paper cups they used. Kindaichi is still lamenting on the answer at the Mystery Research Club, 10 cups were used all with traces of sleeping medication while 3 cups were unused and also had traces of sleeping medication. Nanase pointed-out on how there could be three remaining cups when the cups packaging originally has 12 pieces in it.

Makabe, still bent on pinning the murder to Kurokawa, said that she must have not drunk the tea. Saki disagrees and watched the footage he have taken where everyone drank the tea right after it was served to them. When Makabe praised Saki for being so prepared for everything, Saki said that it’s one of his “odd jobs” being the Mystery Research Club. Hearing about “odd jobs”, Kindaichi pinned his suspicions to the three first years that does odds jobs for the Film Club.

Who is it who managed to avoid using one of the tampered cups, pretended to be asleep, and committed the murder? Kindaichi did some mathematical deduction, nothing hard but it’s still math so I sort-of ignored it, and upon reaching a conclusion, Kindaichi deduced that there is a way to avoid using the tampered cups without arousing suspicion.

Back at Film Research Club room, Kindaichi and co. started another reenactment with Kenmochi, Hakateyama, Kurokawa, and the three first years present. They did the reenactment when Yusa and Hoshino gets the cups and oolong tea for refreshments. After they took one cup each from the packaging, Kindaichi tells them that the culprit is among them, the only one who didn’t drink the spiked oolong tea.

Kenmochi tells him that all remaining cups were examined to have traces of sleeping medication so it’s impossible for the culprit not to have drunk from the cup when it was distributed randomly. Kindaichi says that it’s possible to do so since an “accident” happen. As to what accident it is, the culprit didn’t consider that Makabe will be absent from the said meeting since he has to feed his dog and the culprit also didn’t expect for Kenmochi and his partner to arrive. In haste, the culprit disregarded the 12 [cups]- 10= 2 cups ratio since the culprit is only expecting 9 cups to be used since Kurosawa has his own mug.

In order for the culprit not to take one of the tampered mugs, the culprit took the paper cup used to store chopsticks, adds sleeping medication, and places it on top of the 12 paper cups. In that way, as the culprit have counted, they will still get the cup without the sleeping medication. With that trick alone and with the culprit’s position in the club to consider, Kindaichi then announces that he has written “you are the scorpion” at the base of the cup that the culprit is now holding. Each one of them looks at the base of their cups and Yusa finds Kindaichi’s words on the cup that she’s holding. Kindaichi says that basically, it will be Yusa since she’s the one who handed paper cups to everyone and eventually takes the 10th cup. As expected, Yusa denies killing Kurosawa et al. and also for framing Kurosawa. After all, it’s a locked-room murder.

Kindaichi is challenged than cowed with Yusa’s statement and proceeds in showing her and everyone that the locked-room murder isn’t locked room at all. The running projector discovered at Kurosawa’s death scene is crucial for the Yusa to performed locked-room trick.

The murder starts the moment they all fell asleep from drinking the spiked oolong tea. Or rather, it has started the moment Kurosawa drank his tea, as his own mug is laced with poison, which took his life mere seconds when everyone fell asleep. Yusa woke-up from her pretend sleep and wheeled Kurosawa to the projection room and have him seated.

After doing that, she goes to work on Kadowaki by wheeling him at the corner bend and stabs him with knife on his heart. She puts on the masked and lighted the candles around him. Then, the final move to finish the murder, Yusa loosens Kurosawa’s watch strap, cut the film strip and insert it to the gap between Kurosawa’s watch. Then, she starts the projector running while she goes out, locks the door, while dragging the rest of the film strip with her. Once she’s back at the club room, she spliced the film strip and sticks the keys on it. The film strip with the splicing tape continues to run toward the projection room as Yusa sprays some sleeping aid on her cup and drank it with oolong tea. As for the film strip with keys, it enters the gap under the door of projection room, passes-by Kurosawa’s palm and wristwatch where the  resistance made the keys separate from the splicing tape and eventually landed on Kurosawa’s palm.

Kindaichi reasons-out that he found-out about the trick when Poirot entered the projection room barking at Kurosawa’s hand. It was because the keys had the lavender scent when it passed-by the lavender puddle he made in the club room. As it was, the candles on the corner bend where Kadowaki’s body was also has that lavender-scent, which could only mean that the keys and film strip did pass the candles with the candles being strategically-placed to ensure that the keys go to where it should be going.

In the end, Yusa did admit to her crime saying it was a revenge for her brother, Honda Kageyuki. As it was, they were adopted by different relatives after their parents death; hence, the difference in the surnames. Nevertheless, Yusa knows about her brother’s dream to be in an action movie and brags that he got the lead role for a “horror and action” movie where the director is the same age as he is.

However, her brother didn’t return from filming and even though she filed for “missing persons” case, it turned cold because of lack of information. While she still continues to search for her brother, she landed at Fuduo High during the school’s festival and saw the for the Film Club’s movie, a “horror and action” movie just like how her brother described it.

Upon watching the movie, Yusa is sure that the masked scorpion is her brother even though his name wasn’t on the credits. So, she goes to the Film Club and just in time to hear Kurosawa et al. glorifying themselves for the movie they’ve done and even as far laughing over Honda’s death. This made Yusa seethe with rage so she entered Fuduo for revenge.

Not even a bit remorseful with what she have done because those four are “worthless”, Kindaichi tells her that there is no such thing as being worthless , even her. Eventually, she’s been brought to the detention center.

However, Kindaichi is not yet done with his deductions and visited Yusa with Nanase. Kindaichi tells her that her brother’s body – or what is left of it- has been found and it matches his DNA. Kindaichi also showed her the request form found at Kurosawa’s place where the words “retake all the scenes with Sanada” was written. Kindaichi tells Yusa that her brother wasn’t a mere stuntman hired to do the dangerous scenes; her brother is the lead actor. After all, why would the Film Club have to retake everything after Honda’s death using Sanada?

Yusa recalled her conversation before her brother left, on how he’s willing to bet everything just to reach his dreams. Also, a flashback at the rooftop where Kurosawa asked Honda if he really wants to jump from one roof to another, Honda agrees and Kurosawa tells him that it will be their masterpieces.

Yusa and Kindaichi know, Honda wasn’t forced to jump, it was his own will, and he wanted to do that scene as it will be an action scene in a huge scale. In the end, despite ending up as a murderer, Yusa is a bit happy that even before her brother’s death, he did fulfill his wish to be the lead actor.

The next day, the Mystery Research Club found themselves with added three members, namely, the remaining members of the now defunct Film Club. Kindaichi is of crouse happy for the member’s addition especially with an “E” among them, namely Kurokawa, which just added to Nanase’s ire.


Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo can a bit exhausting after watching it. It feels like being given some sort of Sherlock-level mission where you have to remember everything in one swoop. There are lots of names in one single episode enough to give me a headache and you have to remember each name because everyone can be a suspect.

Anyway, Yamada as Kindaichi continuous to be humorous, I love the facial expression he makes without it being over the top. His relationship with Nanase is cute, in a teenager sort of cute, where I find his protectiveness to Nanase sweet even though, more often than not, he’s the source of Nanase’s ire and frustration. With some scenes from this episode, it looks like there is a chance that “childhood friend” territory will branch-out, hopefully.

The case for the first episode is nicely put, enough for me to pinned on Kurosawa being the murderer with the writer making it seem that Kurosawa had all the reasons to do so. Then again, I also think that it would be too obvious for Kurosawa being the culprit, I also thought that Honda might have risen from death and went on extracting his revenge. Oh, I also suspected Kurokawa since she has some grudge in Kurosawa for taking the lead role from her. I also thought that it might one of the first years, the most surreptitious lot, since at the end of every mystery novel, the one you suspect the least is always the culprit. And so that how it goes.

The writing is solid enough with the writer utilizing every character and making used of their traits to weaved a murder where everyone can be a suspect. Though as with every murder mystery, Yusa’s act of killing is too professional for a high school student as if there’s a murder manual available somewhere.

Though there are definitely loopholes, like how Kurosawa et al. were able to hide and bury Honda’s body without anyone seeing them considering that the place doesn’t look abandon to me. Also, there was blood to where Honda fell so that would be suspicious enough since they have to cleaned it and all. Yet no one saw them. There’s also the case when Yusa, after committing the murder, sprayed some sleeping medication on her cup and drank it with oolong tea. Why she has to do that when she can just pretend to be asleep? Or just spray the cup with it and leave it at that.

Despite the loopholes and this episode being too long, I really enjoyed this “whodunnit?” mystery. For first impressions, it’s worth your time.


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  1. The reason why Yusa sprayed some sleeping medication on her cup was she don’t know how long others were sleeping. it just an accident Makabe find them a bit fast. so it a bit irritating if they were not awake after many hours leave.

    I’m a fan of all Kindaichi franchise such as manga, anime and live-action. I would say this EP adaption is better than original story, I guess it because this EP got long airtime enough to add and adapt it as much as staff want.

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    • One more thing, I like current casts, not just yamada is better than some previous “Kindaichi” other casts is better as well, especially Kenmochi whom I think he is best Kenmochi I’ve seen.

      And I like OST very much. mixed well between old school OST and new OST(really like the one play at Yusa’s past story) I will order OST as soon as it available and have no other problem.


    • Oh and Kurokawa cast, Okamoto Azusa. Love her, wonder why she is not as famous as other actress and not have very much job. she is too pretty and her acting is good too.


  2. being a fan of Kindaichi since the first series (domoto tsuyushi), i am so happy for this nice review from you mikuchin. I have watched the pilot episode but since it’s on raw format, i wasn’t able to decipher it. hehehe..but now that i’ve gotten a copy of the subbed one, i am so excited. 🙂

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