Suikyu Yankees Episode 3

We missed Suikyu Yankees last week because of FNS 27 and while I wished that they showed 2 episodes this week, well, I can only wish. XD. This is the Ryuuji episode, okay let’s make it Ryuuji and Kouhei’s episode, along with some surprising revelations.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 3

The episode begins with a flashback when Ryuuji is in junior high and is the ace of his water polo team. It was Ryuuji’s glorious moment, making a last second goal with Torao assisting him. Nagisa and Rei are cheering for him (so they were friends?) and the three idiots up in the bleachers shouting Ryuuji’s name. Well, Kouhei is desperately shouting Ryuuji’s name to the point where one would think he has special feelings for Ryuuji. Until he woke-up.


Well, Kouhei hasn’t exactly woken-up even though Naoya have managed to pump some water from his lungs and Ryo is ready to stick the defibrillator pads, until Shinsuke arrives with a poster on hand. He excitedly tells everyone that the group rev., where their beloved Kanna-chan belongs, will be Inter high’s official water polo supporters. Oh, just like that with Sexy Zone.

This made Kouhei jump from his supposed-to-be loss of consciousness state and the news also brings some energy to the three idiots that if they managed to beat Suiran, they can go to Inter High and they can meet their beloved Kanna-chan. Ryo is obviously not thrilled and says that his Chiharu-chan is a hundred times cuter than their Kanna-chan. A stare-off match ensues between the idiots and the stalkers. XD.


Chiharu has other problems, even though they managed to get 6 members, the pool is too shallow for practice, one of the members can’t even swim (Kouhei) and they only one ball. Let’s add that the ball was stolen borrowed from Suiran. Chiharu says that they really need Ryuuji and Naoya says that he will get Ryuuji to join since he and Ryuuji and the other five will surely beat Suiran. The other five didn’t like to be called other five just like that.

Anyway, the three idiots tells Naoya that they’ll be the one who will deal with Ryuuji since they knew him since they were kids. Off to Ryuuji, they start by stammering on how they have joined the water polo club. As it turns out, Ryuuji knows that they joined the water polo club, willingly, but when Kouhei starts asking Ryuuji if maybe he would like to join them, Ryuuji gives them a firm “no”.

Before Ryuuji can do his “walkout” routine, he grabs some books under his desk and was surprise to see a water polo book. This is Naoya’s cue and enters the room. Naoya feigns ignorance that he placed the book there and tells Ryuuji that he must love water ball so much, he brings that book around. haha. The three idiots can only gasps on Naoya’s way of doing things and while they were convening of his stupidity, Ryuuji casually walks away.


Naoya calls him and tells him about that picture he saw, Ryuuji smiling happily, and Naoya says that he must like water polo a lot. This prompted Ryuuji to tell Naoya that he hates water polo the most, no, he hates water polo in 2nd spot but for the 1st spot, he hates Naoya the most.

Despite Ryuuji’s words on how he hates water polo, the vice principal isn’t too relaxed and starts telling Ryuuji if he really doesn’t have plans on playing water polo despite his experienced and besides, isn’t Torao in Suiran? This stops Ryuuji and says that he’s not that idiot, he’s probably referring to Naoya. BTW, isn’t the vice principal seems agitated in talking with Ryuuji?

The three idiots are in okonomiyaki place, taking their anger in Naoya’s actions by fussing over their okonomiyaki while saying how Naoya have probably destroyed their friendship with Ryuuji. Kouhei shows Nagisa the book that Naoya placed under Ryuuji’s desk and Nagisa is shock to see her book and is irks that Naoya entered her room again without  her permission. Kouhei then ask Nagisa if he can borrow the book and Nagisa agrees. Despite their mutual irritation on Naoya, Kouhei thinks that it was braved of Naoya to asked Ryuuji to play water polo with them because that’s what they have always wanted to tell Ryuuji.


At the shopping district, Ryuuji is again staring on that Suiran’s water polo poster when Rei arrives. She tells Ryuuji that it could have been him in that poster if he didn’t quit water polo. Ryuuji didn’t say anything but Rei still tells him that she wants to see Ryuuji playing water polo again.

The next day, Ryo and Koki are just happy that they now have a goal gate. The three idiots are dismayed since the goal gate isn’t exactly the one used in water polo. The vice principal arrives, saying that it is indeed the field’s (soccer?) goal gate. LOL, so they did steal the goal gate. However, vice principal got hit on the face when Naoya throws the ball toward the goal.


Thinking that being hit is intentional, the vice principal wants the water polo club to be abolished. Chiharu apologized on their behalf and the principal says that they club still has 6 days before the deadline to find the 7th member so they can just give that. Naoya, not easily to be cowed from vice principal’s threats, tells the vp that he’ll stop going to Kasu High if they won’t be able to make Ryuuji join the team.


Hearing about Naoya’s irresponsible threat to the vice principal, Ryuuji goes to the okonomiyaki place and finds the three idiots, Naoya, and Nagisa in there. He tells Naoya to stop his madness since he won’t be joining the club or he won’t play water polo for that matter. Naoya can’t accept Ryuuji’s reasoning and is still bent on he and Ryuuji being the powerhouse to defeat Suiran. Kouhei agrees with Naoya and tells Ryuuji that they definitely need his power, but Ryuuji is quick to point-out that Kouhei can’t even swim, so beating Suiran is just foolishness on their part.


Kouhei is not yet done as he showed Ryuuji that he’s doing his best in studying more about water polo so that they can beat Suiran together. Nagisa goes after Ryuuji and tells Ryuuji that the book which Kouhei showed him was hers and it was given to her by Ryuuji himself. Ryuuji can’t remember about it so Nagisa refreshes his memory and tells him that he gave the book to Nagisa when she was still a newbie in water polo. Ryuuji gives her the book and tells her to do her best and Nagisa thinks it’s high time to return the book back to Ryuuji.

Back at okomiyaki place, the three idiots tells Naoya how Ryuuji started playing water polo way back his elementary days. When he entered junior high, he became the team’s ace while Torao is just behind since he do have the skills when it comes to water polo. However, as luck would have it, Torao likes Rei, who probably likes Ryuuji, and asks Ryuuji for a match. The match happened and Ryuuji wasn’t able to stop Torao’s goal. It was clear that Torao have gotten better with his skills, enough to beat Ryuuji (by one goal, seriously?) and since then, Ryuuji thinks that Torao is a wall that he can’t overcome. It’s like Ryuuji have reached his peak while Torao has just started.


The wall that is Torao made Ryuuji helpless to the point that he quit water polo altogether. Back at the playground, Ryuuji tells Nagisa that she should understand his predicament, something which that Nagisa agrees since she quit water polo as well. But Nagisa is quick to point-out that Ryuuji is different and that she and the three idiots have never stop believing in him. She asks Ryuuji is he will play water polo but all she got was a snarl from Ryuuji, who added that he can’t do anything for himself, much less, go against someone [in water polo]. Nagisa goes home, feeling dejected. Ryuuji opens his water polo book and at the back cover, he sees the inscriptions: “number one in water polo, Mifune Ryuuji”.


At school, Tomoki and Shinsuke are practicing to block Naoya’s ball while Kouhei is trying his best to learn to swim. Chiharu empathize with them and can’t help but shows her despair during the faculty’s night out. Chiharu is drunk as she worries that they only have more that a day to make Ryuuji join the team, she stands-up and says that they will certainly beat Suiran, enough for Shouji to overhear them. Chiharu sees Shouji-sensei having a drink at the other table and she asks if Ryuuji have joined the team. Chiharu says that it’s the plan and when Naoya is finish with the preparation, they will beat Suiran and even asks Shouji for a match.


The next day, Naoya together with the three idiots, all battered from practicing, gives Ryuuji a letter of challenge. Naoya’s way of things have surely gotten into them. Naoya challenge Ryuuji to a game and if he wins, they would stop pestering him, but if they win, he must join the club. Ryuuji simply ignores them and before Ryuuji can walk-out, Naoya tells him that he’s being a cowardly bastard.


Naoya tells him that if there’s a wall blocking his way, then he can just keep on climbing until he can cross over it. Ryuuji is now utterly pissed and tells Naoya that there must a wall that he can’t surpass, which prompted Shinsuke to say that if they can surpass that wall then Ryuuji has to trust them.As it turns-out, Ryuuji will only be playing against Kouhei, Tomoki, and Shinsuke. The three idiots must block Ryuuji’s goal and if they can’t, they’ll quit school. Oi, oi, isn’t that threat too much of a pressure for Ryuuji?

After school, Ryuuji’s arrives at the pool area, just in time for Nagisa and Reiko to see him since Reiko is hell-bent on confessing her feelings to Naoya. Ryuuji, to my utter disappointment, decides to battle the three idiots in his trousers. Ryo and Koki are surprise to see the three idiots in a battle since they will surely lose with Kouhei don’t even how to swim.

The game starts with Shinsuke as the goalie (is that how you also call those in water polo?) and Shinsuke advises Ryuuji not to go easy on him and off it goes, Ryuuji sends the ball  flying inside the goal before Shinsuke can even blink. Next is Tomoki, who tells Ryuuji that they still believed in him, before Ryuuji sends the ball flying to the goal; but on Tomoki’s part, he did try to block the ball. Finally, Kouhei jumps into the pool, and prove that he can swim a little. It’s quite unbelievable that he swam to the goal post since he can stand on his two feet on the goal area. Kouhei shared how he drowned right after stepping into the pool, but he overcame it and brags to Ryuuji that they can overcame [that wall] if Ryuuji will be with them and asks Ryuuji to play water polo again.

In Ryuuji’s ire and frustration, he throws the ball on Kouhei’s side, not into the goal as intended, and before he walks-away, Naoya asks if him if water ball is fun. Out in the courtyard, principal sees a drenched Ryuuji and tells him how he has such nice friends.


Deadline comes the next day and vice principal rejoices that Ryuuji didn’t arrive in the faculty room to joined the club until Chiharu arrives to call the boys. As it turns-out, Ryuuji is already at the pool, gives Naoya his club application form, which Naoya accepted immediately. Ryuuji tells them that no matter what wall he will have to face, he will overcome it together with the guys. Awww….Finally, Kasu High’s water polo team is now complete.


At her room, Nagisa smiles upon seeing Ryuuji’s water polo book that she found while she was cleaning the shrine. At the back, Ryuuji wrote: “Aim for the top, Mifune Ryuuji”. Nagisa twirls on her seat as she is obviously pleased that Ryuuji will be playing water polo again. At Suiran, Chiharu apologizes to Shouji for her drunken behavior last night but is quick to retaliate that she still wants a practice match against Suiran, something that Shouji agrees immediately.

Elsewhere, Ryuuji and Naoya are having their sweet time. XD. Ryuuji tells Naoya that Torao is a skillful player, something that Naoya knows but he’s confident enough that Ryuuji and he will be able to beat Torao and Suiran for that matter. Naoya asks if Ryuuji likes water ball, Ryuuji agress that he does like water polo but he still hates Naoya the most. Aww, the more you hate, the more you love, right?


Finally! Ryuuji have joined the team. Though, really, his reasons for quitting water polo was really shallow, or I just can’t understand it because I don’t have an ounce of athletic bone in my body so I don’t share their sentiments. I guess artists and athletes are alike in some ways, like having some sort of temperaments that only they could understand.


Nagisa’s feelings is a revelation or maybe I’m just reading too much between the lines. Rei obviously has feelings for Ryuuji but with Nagisa, I don’t know if she only admire him because of his skills in water polo or maybe because she really likes him in a romantic way. Maybe it’s the latter because Nagisa and Rei are obviously chummy back then so what happened that they were suddenly at odds? With all this love square, where would that leave my beloved Naoya?


As with Torao, he still looks like some bitter rival to me, someone who have succeeded in showing Ryuji that he is better, but is not contented with what happened after. I also wonder what did the vice principal and Suiran’s Shouji talked about Ryuuji. Shame that it wasn’t revealed in this episode but I guess that’s something to look forward to, more revelations. About Shouji-sensei, her eyes has this hint of mischief, I don’t know if she’s nice or if she’s really wicked that behind her smiles, she has planned something evil.


Anyway, the practice match next episode is a must-see, lots of guys in “boomerang” pants that will surely have you stuffing cotton balls on your noses. XD. All in all, Suikyu Yankees continues to be a cute youthful drama and hopefully, it stays that way or gets better.


Raw : d-addicts

Screencaps : mine


4 thoughts on “Suikyu Yankees Episode 3

  1. Thank you for this recap! Will you also recap the youtube spin-off of the sanbaka?
    Thank you again,hope that you can recap until the end.


  2. ahhh, I thought you were just busy or something so you haven’t recapped episode 3 yet. Anyway, thank you for recapping this! I never though that Nagisa may have feelings for Ryuuji but I’m not too sure with Naoya because he seems like he only likes Nagisa as a friend. the baka trio is still hilarious!

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