Ikuta Toma Plays a Dark Hero in “Yokokuhan”

It must be Ikuta’s lucky year next year as he has another project on his busy schedule…

As reported,


It was announced that Ikuta Toma will be starring in the movie, “Yokokuhan” (Advance notice criminal), to be released in summer of 2015.

Based from Tsuitsui Tetsuya‘s original manga of the same title, “Yokokuhan” is a suspense-thriller depicting terrorism using the internet. It tells the story of a mysterious man who posts his “prophecies” on net, which includes the worst type of crimes.

Ikuta plays the role of Gates, the leader of  Shimbushi organization. Gates hides his face with a hooded mask made of newspaper in order to punished those who were freed from police judgement. Before giving-out Shimbushi‘s judgement, an announcement will be posted at the group’s internet site. 30% of Ikuta’s scenes will have his face covered with hooded mask; thereby sealing Ikuta’s handsome face. In lieu to that, Ikuta will be relying on his eye power to convey his charisma with his strong sense of justice.

Ikuta is all fired-up to compete using his eyes alone, “I think this work is projected towards the modern society. I’m determined to play this role as it’s different from what I’ve done so far,” Ikuta commented as he reclaimed a new ground as an actor.

Joining Ikuta, are: Hamada Gaku, Suzuki Ryohei and Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as members of Gates while Toda Erika will play the role Yoshino Erika, the fiery head of Tokyo Police Department’s Cybercrime Division.

Yokokuhan” is slated for release in Summer of 2015.

via jnews1, Sanpo, and Nikkan Sports

So the movie will be like Death Note and JOKER. I’m so happy for Ikuta, aside from Grasshopper, he has another movie for the next half of 2015 and a drama at the start of the year!


5 thoughts on “Ikuta Toma Plays a Dark Hero in “Yokokuhan”

  1. He’s on a roll, isn’t he? Like, how many times will we see him on screen next year?? Not complaining, but all of his upcoming projects have this underworld thriller theme, hopefully it won’t be an overkill.

    This whole punishing-those-who-escape-law also sounds like Nou Otoko and he was great playing an impassive character there, so he should be able to nail this Gates character well too.

    I think I should start making a to-watch list, lol

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