Kanjani8’s Own Johnny’s Medley During Jyuusai Event


When it comes to making unique and surprising performances, Kanjani8 has it all.

As reported,

Kanjani8 commemorates their 10th anniversary with a Jyuusai (Ten Festival) that started last Aug 9th and 10th at Ajinomoto Outdoor Stadium. It was their first time in Ajinomoto after two years.

Back in 2012, it can be recalled that Kanjani8’s “8EST” tour at Osaka Nagai Stadium was cancelled due to typhoon. This year, the group decides to start their Tokyo performances during mid-typhoon season. Heavy rain starts to fall from the start of the opening but it didn’t deter the members to give a strong opening with “Naniwa Iroha Bushi“. In addition, Kanjani8 did their own “Johnny’s medley” by performing “Sushi kui ne!“, “Seishun Amigo“, “Weeeeek“, and “Original smile” from Johnny’s various groups.

However, it was Kanjani8’s performance of Arashi‘s “A-RA-SHI” has been talked about as they also wore Arashi’s see-through debut costumes. Also, as a homage to Arashi’s Arafes, Kanjani8’s had their own “∞ (wa chi ) fesu” in which they announced the results of fan voting and performed 39 songs in total.

The rain that has everyone worried cleared during the first half of the event and the sky was dyed with orange as the sun sets. Fireworks were also launched as the event reaches the climax of the climax.

Each members also conveyed their gratitude to the fans for their 10 years of support. 110,000 people were mobilized during the two-day event and another event will be carried-out in their hometown in Osaka at Nagai Stadium on Aug 23rd to 24th.

via MSN and Oita Press


3 thoughts on “Kanjani8’s Own Johnny’s Medley During Jyuusai Event

  1. i’ve read fanreports that during their perf of Weeeek by NewS, Ryotan was crying. I would love to see that vid of their perf. I miss his NewS days. I would also love to see how they perform the Seishun Amigo.. I may not head over heels admire them, but i like them. So I am happy that they’re getting the attention and success that they deserved 🙂


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