Suikyu Yankees Episode 4

Indeed, friends are the ray of light during your dark moments as what this episode showed us. Speaking of light, the love square of Torao, Rei, Ryuuji, and Nagisa might still be cloudy but judging from this episode, I can already make a bet.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 4

Kasu High’s water ball club is now official and the members are all fired-up to practice especially with the addition of Ryuuji on the team. Everyone is happy to start their club activities until Chiharu happily drops the bomb, they will be having a practice match against Suiran in a month.

Speaking of Suiran, the practice match didn’t bode well for that bully named Goda (yeah, took me 4 episode to give him a name) but Shouji-sensei has the last say. Rei asks their coach if they are having a match because Ryuuji is supposedly back on playing water polo, but Shouji didn’t admit or deny anything.

However, Nagisa sees this as a chance to defend Ryuuji and says  how good he is back in middle school, which makes Goda angry at Nagisa and calls her a supporting actress. Yeah, and you’re the ugly villain. Reiko tells Nagisa to ignore Goda as whatever happens, Reiko will always be her ally. This makes Nagisa really happy and tells Reiko that she’ll do everything for Reiko; therefore, asking Nagisa a favor.

Back at Kasu’s water ball club room, Naoya is the only one excited for the upcoming match and the three idiots liken their upcoming match to a just debuted idol who will be having a Tokyo Dome performance. Something that is definitely far-fetched and reckless. Chiaki has nothing to say but support for his beloved Chiharu and Koki reminds him that Chiharu’s biggest problem is making the vice principal agree to give them a club budget. Well, the vp is tightfisted when water polo club is involved and therefore, won’t give them a shilling.

At the only okonomiyaki place, the club are having their after-practice snacks and Chiaki is busy looking for a part-time job. Tomoki asks if they can’t just wear their usual swimming trunks and Ryuuji says that they will even get disqualified if they will not wear swimming caps. Moreover, the game can be rough and they have to wear the swimming trunks,which are specifically made for water polo. Hearing this, the three idiots are shock to hear that they have to wear that super tight water polo trunks and laments how they don’t have the confidence to do so. haha.

This is when Goda arrives together with the girl bully and immediately locks-on to their target, Chiaki, who can only avoid Goda’s gaze. Before fight even ensues, Chiaki ran out of the restaurant, making Naoya ran after him. Ryuuji tells them off but Goda had the gall to tell Ryuuji that Chiaki will surely quit water polo club since Chiaki will not go against Goda. Sorry, but I’m sure that Chiaki’s love for Chiharu is greater than his fear.

Naoya ran after Chiaki but Chiaki is a fast runner so he borrowed a bicycle parked along the shopping district. LOL, Naoya loves to borrow things, huh. Naoya finds Chiaki, his head under the faucet, and before he can say anything, Chiaki tells him that he’s okay and Naoya must not tell anything to Koki [about what happened].

This makes Naoya feel bad so he does what he always do to feel better and that is to listen to his voice echo in front of an electric fan. I used to that as a child. Nagisa can only sigh at Naoya’s foolishness and sigh deeper on what Reiko have seen in Naoya. Nagisa tells Naoya that he has to go out with Riko on Sunday, not giving Naoya any chance to agree or even disagree.

At club room next day, they find Chiaki’s middle-school yearbook where he looks unrecognizable with flat hair and glasses and Goda still looking like his bully self. They learned that Goda used to bully Chiaki and it’s something that Koki might not know since they went to different middle schools. Before practice even starts, Chiaki asks Ryuuji on what he can do to throw a really strong shot. Ryuuji tells him to jump using his lower body and he needs a strong upper body muscle.

At Suiran, Nagisa has other things on her mind, which makes Shouji lecture her that she’s not doing her job properly. Shouji tells her to remember what she said when she quit as a player; Nagisa said then that she wanted to support the team even on the sideline. However, since she has been out-of -sorts lately, she’s a failure as manager.

Ryuuji have decided their positions, starting with Kouhei as the keeper, Tomoki as a  floater, Naoya as a left driver with Shinsuke behind him as support. Naoya then tells Ryuuji that he’s leaving the middle “freeter” position at him, making the three idiots sneer at Naoya’s own idiocy that it’s not freeter but floater. hehe. Chiaki will be the right driver with Koki supporting him and speaking of Chiaki, Chiaki has skipped school and practice that even Koki doesn’t know his whereabouts. Unknown to them, Chiaki is just outside the fence, covered with wounds. Oh no, don’t tell me that Goda…With the positions decided, all left is for them to learn “makiashi”, which is water treading, and will be easier for them to learn if they are in deeper pool.

Sunday arrives and Reiko scared Naoya out of his wits by seeing her in his room. Reiko tells him that they have a date and Naoya tries to beg-off by saying that he has a practice until Reiko uses woman’s greatest weapon, tears. Nagisa goes to Kasu and shows Naoya’s letter, which he left on Nagisa’s sleeping face. In the letter, Naoya apologizes that he has to protect his promise as a man. lol. This makes the three idiots blood boil since Naoya has a date. haha. They can’t fathom what so good about that “idiot yankee” and vow that they must protect the girl from Naoya’s clutches and so they marched off to the aquarium where the two are having a date.

When they left, Nagisa is left is an awkward situation, really awkward, and alone with Ryuuji, who asks her if something is bothering her. Nagisa says that she might quit water polo since she’s a failure as a manager. While she’s having some emo moment beside the pool, Ryuuji gives her a push. Okay, never have an emo moment beside a pool. Ryuuji tells her that being depressed doesn’t look good on Nagisa and when he offers his hand to help Nagisa up, she pulls him down at the pool with her resulting to the two of them exchanging splashes like idiot couples do on the beach. Seriously, who likes who?

At the aquarium, Reiko gives Naoya a tour of the aquarium. Naoya, still in his school uniform, looks like a kid who sees fishes for the first time. The three idiots, wearing cute animal caps, still finds it unbelievable that Naoya was able to get such a cute girl. Then Naoya and Reiko sees a fish who have stopped moving underwater and Naoya liken it to water treading and says that the fish treads better than Kouhei. LOL. Of course, it is a fish after all. While Naoya had his face plastered on the aquarium, an idea strikes him.

Elsewhere, Ryuuji tells Nagisa never to talk about quitting water polo, Nagisa agrees and says that she can’t wait for the practice match since it’ll be exciting with Ryuuji on the team. Ryuuji says that it will all depends on that idiot and before Nagisa can get who is that idiot, they saw Torao at the end of the road.

Torao asks him what is he planning to do and Ryuuji says that they will defeat all of them [Suiran] and adds that he will never runaway again. Torao then says that he won’t let go of Rei, Ryuuji gives Torao a backward glance and walks-away. Nagisa looks-on with sadness on her eyes with Ryuuji’s lack of answer with the mention of Rei’s name.

Back at Kasu High, the vice principal is on rage as a woman called the office to report that Chiaki stole something. The three idiots believe that Chiaki was ordered by Goda to do so but Koki doesn’t believe it. As it turns out, Koki knows that Chiaki was bullied by Goda during middle-school. Koki saw it once and decides not to meddle until Goda, with his twisted personality, bullies Koki one time. However, Chiaki saved Koki even though Chiaki is quaking from fear. Since then, Chiaki promises Koki that they must get stronger.

At Nagisa’s place, Nagisa is doing what Naoya was doing in front of the electric fan. She tells Naoya that it’s not making her feel any better and when Naoya asks her why she feels bad, she decides not to tell Naoya about it. Naoya tells her that he also feels bad for not trusting his friend and tells Nagisa how listening to echos while in front of the fan makes him feel good. He says that hearing those echoes felt like there are lot of voices, which makes him feel that there are those people supporting him. Afterwards, the two starts saying “ahh!” together in front of the fan prompting Nagisa’s parents to smile at the childhood friends. Yeah, forever childhood friends.

The next day, the water polo club had a renewed sense of trust on Chiaki and marches to the faculty room. Just in time for the woman, who reported that Chiaki stole something from her, to arrive. So, it was a shock to everyone when she pointed at Naoya and calls him Chiaki, the one who stole her bike. Remember earlier when Naoya borrowed a bike to chase Chiaki?

Naoya not only apologized to the woman but alsp to the club as well since it was a foolishness on his part. haha. You’re cute so you’re forgiven. Prinicipal arrives at the club room and asks the team to go with him later. As it happens, Chiaki isn’t getting trashed by that bully but he was working at a construction site to help fund the team’s uniforms and other equipment. The Principal tells them that Chiaki personally gives him his salary to buy the needed things but the Principal decided that he’ll shoulder the club’s expenses.

During Chiaki’s break time, Koki arrives to give him a drink and tells Chiaki that he knows everything. Chiaki then tells Koki that even though he joined the club for Chiharu, he also knew that Goda is part of Suira’s water polo club and said that he won’t runaway again or it’ll be like returning to his old self. As the two bff’s get all chummy, the rest of water polo club arrives to help Chiaki with his work.

However, their work at the construction site isn’t over as Naoya arranged some work for the club at the aquarium in exchange that they can use the place to practice treading. So, as whales and fishes swim under them, Kasu High’s water polo club gives their all to get stronger for their practice match against Suiran.

Kasu High’s fateful game against Suiran arrives and the guys had a stare-off match. However, Kasu High is in for a surprise for when Shouji blows the whistle, Suiran’s girls team arrive. Flabbergasted as they are, the guys can only gape as their fateful practice match will be against the girls’ team lead by Rei.


Oooh, I totally see it coming that the guys will be battling the girls. The match is a must-see for the next episode though I’m also sure that Kasu is likely to lose. Isn’t that always the case?

Anyway, this episode puts the spotlight on Chiaki and Koki. I always thought that Koki is Chiaki’s lackey so their history is a surprise and their bromance is enough to make me jealous on guys’ friendships. Speaking on guys’ friendship, I love it how the baka trio are so in sync with everything they do. They have the perfect timing for everything.

The love square among Ryuji, Nagisa, Rei, and Torao is still a mystery and Torao and Rei are going-out? I mean, it should be obvious but they didn’t look like a couple at all! It’s like Torao is the King and Rei is just one of his cronies. Isn’t it ironic that even though Torao already has Rei, Ryuuji’s spirit still lingers between them even though Ryuuji have hie-off to Kasu. Also, though Nagisa and Naoya have their sweet time in this episode, they really look like just good old childhood friends, which gives me the impression that Nagisa still has feelings for Ryuuji but judging from Torao’s “I won’t let Rei go” made it seem that Ryuuji did like Rei but Rei, even though she looked like she likes Ryuuji, ended up with Torao. This love square is all muddled.

Putting the love angle aside, Suikyu Yankees continuous to be well-blend with the right amount of comedy, drama, and [love] mystery. I can’t wait for the game next episode and I hope that the writers will do something unpredictable.

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One thought on “Suikyu Yankees Episode 4

  1. thanks for the recap! Looks like Ryuji did like Rei after all and not a one-sided love from Rei as I used to believe. I hope Torao and Ryuji didn’t wager over the girl.

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