FIFI Deletes Tweets on her Criticisms on NEWS ZERO and Sakurai Sho

Some fans can’t take criticisms or that some people aren’t that impress with Sho and those who glorify him just have to accept that …

As reported,

[partial translation]

Twitter user @FIFI_Egypt, an Egyptian talent residing in Japan and who is also known for her radical tweets, was forced to delete her tweets related to a certain issue after receiving backlash from some Arashi fans. FIFI gave a frank comment to NEWS ZERO after their news on “Islamic State”. Sakurai is part of NEWS ZERO every Monday. 

Last Aug 18th and during Sakurai’s “Ichimen“, Sakurai reported about the radical Islamic group called “Islamic State (isis)” who have reportedly detained a Japanese man in Northern Syria. The report also included about the group’s beginnings, their connection with Al-Qaeda, and on how they planned to make a new country composed of Sunni Muslims. The report also included how Kurdish minorities and Shiites were being attacked by the radical group in Northern Syria and United States role in that civil war.

After the news report, FIFI tweeted, “although an idol explained about the formation of “Islamic nation =isis” by “news zero”, the content was random. It was the United States and Saudi Arabia who have provided weapons to overthrow Assad regime. Something flimsy as this, therefore, the terrestrial news program is not reliable”. 

FIFI’s tweet didn’t bode well to some Arashi fans who defended Sakurai. Undeterred by some backlash, FIFI also tweeted how an idol was made to report and explained the situation in Middle East, and his expert comment ended poorly and may even cause misunderstanding. As for those fans who criticized FIFI for her criticisms, she tweeted about “speech oppression” and if it is not allowed to voice one’s opinions on the contents of a report. 

Despite all these, FIFI later on apologized to some Sakurai Sho fans for her slanderous statement and added that the purpose of her tweets were misunderstood. She also deleted all her tweets pertaining to the news program. 

via irorio and j-cast

Since we are on the topic of “Freedom of Speech”, FIFI has all the right to criticized someone’s reporting and commentaries and in turn, Sho has all the right to give his views to his report while his audience has the right to agree or disagree with his reports. After all, we always have something to say about any matter. Nonetheless, the way FIFI keeps on mentioning the “idol” part may mean that she doesn’t give idols a high regard, which is not in anyway her fault, and must have caused the ire of some fans. All in all, to some of those fans, don’t be too sensitive.    


7 thoughts on “FIFI Deletes Tweets on her Criticisms on NEWS ZERO and Sakurai Sho

  1. That’s why I don’t like idols to talk about sensitive issues like this. I don’t really blame FIFI for criticizing about it she not blame Sho 100% she just said that not all Islamic countries are like what Sho said. And it is true. But fans…couldn’t accept any critism on their idol at all..Sho will learn something from it. Sho might not know anything about it before so he should getting knowledge more about it now.


  2. I guess it is mainly her constant mentioning of “Idol” that some fans get mad. I also feel uncomfortable reading “Idol” every time because it feels like she is blaming him being an “Idol” that’s why his report is not all correct.
    Of course she can voice her critic, nothing wrong in this but leave “Idol” out of this. All reporters can make their report about some issues, and not all reports will be perfect and will get criticized by someone.
    But this has nothing to do with being “Idol” or not.

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  3. yah! i agree…FIFI has the right to voice out her own views and opinions on matters. although FIFI has been somewhat cynical about SHO being the host since she kept on emphasizing the word “idol”, i don’t think that fans should make a big deal out of it. though we are entitled to our own opinion, but let’s face it, our idols are not at all perfect. we have to learn to accept criticisms and look at the other side of it. sometimes criticisms are not just made just to make our idol look bad rather it helps them improve. information, especially on news and current affairs are delicate issues and whoever reports it should deliver it accurately and precisely. there are cases that the one bringing us the news may somehow left behind some important bits of info, and that’s where critics come in, to correct or supply whatever is lacking. and i think that’s what FIFI did.


  4. When I read the title I was like “Whoa! What did she say?” But she made a valid point and as a JE fan I’m fine with it. I agree, the constant idol mention comes off as a bit of an attack on idols. Many are def trying to be more than just idols and I commend that. Overall, a topic such as this might have been better presented by an expert, since there’s so much information involved in the whole situation. And of course the overbearing fans need to learn the difference between supporting your idols vs. mindlessly siding with their every act(not faulting Sho here though).

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