Suikyu Yankees Episode 5

Was it just last episode when I hope that the writers will do something unpredictable? Because they did just that and it was a twist so unexpected that I loathe it. Nonetheless, this episode is quite heartbreaking and it makes you look beyond the guys’ speedos.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 5

The surprising match between Kasu High water ball team and Suiran’s water polo girls team is about to start and Naoya is not so happy that they’ll be battling the girls when he was expecting to fight against Torao. Chiaki and Koki shares Naoya’s sentiments while the three idiots covers their breast as if to protect their decency. Chiharu wants to tell Shouji that this is not what they agreed on but Ryuuji tells them that the girls is also powerhouse and at their state, it’s better to battle them.

Thus, the game starts. Naoya denies being nervous even though he’s stammering and Ryuuji tells him to use his height as an advantage and shoots if he can. Anyway, the match starts and Naoya manage to score a goal! Nagisa can’t help but cheer him on, only to realize that she’s supposed to be in Suiran’s side while Kasu High’s Principal, vice principal, and two more faculty members arrive at the game by Shouji-sensei’s invitation.

While watching the game, Chiharu-chan explains the rules of the game and the guys managed to score another goal. Ryuuji directs each one of them of their play and they were doing really well that it’s making the guys of Suiran quite pissed. First quarter ended and Ryuuji tells the guys not to get too high since there will be 3 quarters more. The guys are all pumped-up while Shouji smiles knowingly as she probably sets her plan in motion.

Back at the game, the guys are starting to feel fatigue but Ryuuji, being the ace, is good enough to direct the game in Kasu’s favor. Third quarter ended and the score is at 8-10 in favor of Kasu. Even Suiran’s girls acknowledge that Kasu has speed and technique and it wasn’t until Rei mentioned that Kasu is good because Ryuuji is there that Torao asks Shouji to let them into the game.

As unfair as it is, the Suiran’s boys team were allowed to substitute the girls for the 4th quarter. Kasu’s team are exhausted from playing 3 quarters while the guys from Suiran are fresh from just sitting and they have enough energy for a counter-attack. While the game advances, Torao and Ryuuji had a face-off and the next thing we see are the dejected faces of Kasu High’s water ball team in the locker room.

It was obvious that they lost and Chiaki can’t help but confront Ryuuji on that one-man play that he did. Ryuuji reasons-out that Chiaki can’t do anything about it even if he passed the ball to him. Koki stops Chiaki before a fight erupted while Naoya quietly sits in one corner with a towel covering his face.Chiharu thanks Shouji for the game and Shouji asks Kasu’s Principal for a talk about Ryuuji.

Outside Suiran, Rei chases Ryuuji to tell him he was great even though he have stopped playing, she looks at Ryuuji’s palms, and sees that it’s full of callouses from practicing. Torao sees this moment and tells Ryuuji that no matter he do, he won’t win against Torao. As if to prove his point, Torao grabs Rei’s hand and leaves Ryuuji. The three idiots are also lamenting about Ryuuji’s situation and wonders if they can beat Suiran if Ryuuji himself wasn’t able to beat Torao.

At Nagisa’s place, her parents are worried for Naoya so they push Nagisa to talk to Naoya as his childhood friend. Nagisa enters Naoya’s room with three corns on a plate and awkwardly starts her speech. She tells Naoya that it was really impossible for Kasu to win against Suiran. After all, Suiran is the nation’s no.1 team while Kasu just started playing. Naoya tells Nagisa that they are so pathetic, he was too foolish to believe that they can win if he and Ryuuji teams-up and now, it’ll be impossible for him to protect Kasu High.

Next day, the three idiots and the stalker duo are at the poolside doing warm-up exercises. Naoya is running late, which never happened, and they guess that Naoya might not come to practice since he was so down the previous day. Ryuuji arrives and just as he started stretching, Chiharu calls him and they arrived at the office to see Shouji and the vp inside. Uh oh, I don’t feel good about this.

Shouji goes straight to the point and invites Ryuuji to join Suiran’s Water Polo team. Ryuuji asks why Shouji will invite him when he didn’t even against Torao and Shouji tells him that he didn’t win because he hasn’t realized his capabilities yet, and Shouji can make him maximize his potential. Wow Shouji, it took you two years to realized that he has the potential?

Anyway, the vp didn’t let this opportunity to pass and taunts the three idiots if they can still win even without Ryuuji because Ryuuji is being recruited by Suiran. The three idiots finds the news depressing as they eat their okonomiyaki and Chiharu directs her depression by drinking and says that she cares most about the 7-members water ball team and she wants them to win as 7 members.

At Nagisa’s place, Naoya is still depressed that he even skipped school. Nagisa stands outside of Naoya’s door and lectures him how he talk big about not giving-up when he’s the first one who gave up. She also tells him that if he gives-up now, Kasu High will really close down. As she shouts for Naoya to bring-out his fighting spirit, Naoya goes out of his room and pinch Nagisa’s cheeks. When Nagisa asks what is he doing, Naoya says that she has corn silk stuck between her teeth. haha. Nagisa calls him stupid and leaves him alone.

The next day, Nagisa is still fuming when she sees her parents wearing matching Hawaiian polo shirts. Apparently, it’s her parents anniversary and they will going at some hot spring and asks Nagisa to take care of Naoya. This adds to Nagisa’s ire on why she must take care of someone as insensitive as Naoya when it hit her, Naoya and her will be alone at night! Reiko overhears the “alone” part but Nagisa didn’t say anything.

Reiko feels bad about Naoya and asks Nagisa if he is the type of guy who locks himself in the room when he’s depress and Nagisa’s reaction gave away with Reiko’s assumption. Reiko says that those type of guys are scary since they have the tendency to just disappear out of the blue and thinks that cooking for Naoya will cheer him up.

Taking Reiko’s suggestion, Nagisa does her best to cook something for Naoya but she’s failing miserably. Not only she can’t differentiate sugar from salt but she also managed to burn something as simple as frying hamburgers. Naoya arrives, and to Nagisa’s surprise, he brought his teammates because he has an important announcement to make.Reiko also arrives and the guys are cheering that she can cook heart-shaped burgers.

Meal time and Nagisa can only sigh at her burnt burgers in contrast to Reiko’s nicely plated heart-shaped burgers. Ryuuji arrives and Naoya starts his announcement by apologizing. He blames himself for their lost against Suiran and as the team’s ace, their lost is his responsibility. The three idiots tells him that he’s too conceited, probably after Naoya referred to himself as the ace, and say that they won’t feel down even if Naoya keeps on losing. haha. Reiko tells Naoya that he’s so cool, which raises the three idiots ire by asking on which part that Naoya is cool.

Before tempers flare, Nagisa asks to raise their glass for a toast. After dinner, Tomoki tries to rack-up good points as he thank Nagisa for the food, Nagisa is obviously elated that someone likes the food she made. When the girls went to the kitchen, Tomoki almost passed-out from eating all the burgers that Nagisa made, Shinsuke teases him about the absurd power of love. haha.

Naoya tells them that they should be ready for a harsher training but Chiaki would rather question Ryuuji on what happened when Chiharu pulled him out from practice the other day. Chiaki adds that Chiharu has been down since then and the three idiots goes on Ryuuji’s defense, which is so sweet because they are always on his side, then Chiaki asks if Ryuuji is really that great when he didn’t even win against Suiran.

Still on Ryuuji’s defense, Kohei and Shinsuke had enough of Chiaki bad-mouthing Ryuuji, a fight ensues, and Nagisa comes in scolding them for fighting in someone else’s house. She tells them that the inter-high are coming soon and if their team is too messed-up then it’ll be impossible for them to win. Ryuuji walks-out and Naoya rushes after him.

Naoya asks him what’s wrong since he is acting weird lately, though I think that that is the normal Ryuuji, and Ryuuji says that it’s because he didn’t win against Torao and that could only mean that it’ll be impossible for them to win against Suiran. Pish, Ryuuji’s obsession on Torao is becoming a nuisance. Naoya tells him that Kasu High’s leader must not say something as weak as that and adds that if Ryuuji can’t surpass Torao then Naoya will be the one to beat him. Ryuuji asks him if Naoya still believes that they can beat Suiran together, and Naoya confidently says yes, they can beat Suiran with the two of them together.

Ryuuji agrees with Naoya and hearing about this, Chiharu is quite happy since it seems that Ryuuji won’t be accepting Suiran’s offer. With renewed sense, the guys went on to practice. However, Suiran gets an unexpected visitor and Shouji introduces the visitor as the newest member, Mifune Ryuuji.

At Kasu, Prinicipal delivers them the bad news that Ryuuji have gone to Suiran.


Ryuuji, oh no you didn’t! What’s all that talk about beating Suiran together when you hie off to the enemy’s camp and left with just a phone call?! This is making me grit my teeth as I’m still hoping that Ryuuji went there to personally reject Suiran’s offer but that’s impossible since Shouji introduced him as the new member and that Ryuuji have told Kasu’s principal about his decision. What will happen to Kasu now? They only have six members and it’s likely that they have to disband. Ugh.

Also, Shouji is such a shady person! She knows about Ryuuji way back his junior high days and he could have recruited Ryuuji then along with her I’ll-make-you-realize-your-potential speech. Why she chose this time now? I think that the only reason she agreed on a practice game is to gauge Ryuuji’s potential. Anyway, I hope that Ryuuji has some grand plan and he’ll still go back to Kasu.

Due to this unexpected turn of events, I guess we’ll finally learn more of what happened in the past like how Rei ended with Torao and why Rei and Nagisa’s friendship cooled-off. Aside from that, I also like the way they executed the game, it looks so real and just as exciting especially when everyone starts swimming toward the ball or the goal and they look so in sync.

Anyway, I’ll comfort myself of the fact that Kanna-chan will be next episode’s guest and I’m just excited for the three idiots to finally see their beloved angel.




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