Kanjani8 Announces 5-Dome Tour and Moves to J-Storm’s New Label

“Takoyaki records” seems cuter and more like their ilk.

As reported,

(c)trancefix.nl | The logo posted is for imagery purposes only and is not the logo for J-Storm’s Infinity Records

Last Aug 25th, it was announced that Kanjani8 will be having a nationwide 5-large Dome Tours starting at Sapporo Dome this Nov 16th. Aside from Sapporo, the rest of their tour will be in Nagoya, Fukuoka, and will end in Kyocera Dome on Jan. 2015.There will be 13 performances in total is expected to mobilized around 600,000 people.

Kanjani8’s Dome tour is also turning on a new leaf as their contract with Teichiku records have expired last Aug 24th. In lieu to that, Kanjani8 have moved to J-Storm records where Arashi and TOKIO are also under contract. J-Storm launched a new independent label called “Infinity Records” where Kanjani8 will be under. In addition, the group is also expected to release a new single under the new label this October and an original album, “Kanjanizumu” by the end of the year.

The name “Infinity” (∞ | mugen dai) in label name was decided by all members. Their other choices were “Takoyaki records” and “Kamigata records”. Maruyama Ryuhei says that being under a new label is like having a re-debut while Murakami Shingo said that Kanjani8 is a group that takes time to be established and promises growth as a group.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

BTW, this is the REAL logo for Infinity records

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