Yamada Ryosuke to Star in “Assassination Classroom” Movie

(c)comic natalie

Yamada is on a roll!

As reported,

It was announced that Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke will star in the manga to movie adaptation of “Ansatsu Kyōshitsu” (Assassination Classroom) to hit the theaters March of 2015.

Based from popular manga of Matsui Yuusei, Assassination Classroom tells the story of a different kind of homeroom teacher who came to earth to teach the students of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School on different ways of assassination. The students of Class 3-E (End class) were entrusted by the Japanese government to kill their teacher for the prize of 10 Billion Yen before graduation and before he can destroy the earth. However, the task have been proven difficult as their “Korosensei” possessed several inhuman capabilities.

Yamada will play the role of Shiota Nagisa who is noted as the weakest in the class based from his small stature and mediocre physical abilities. However, he has the talent when it comes to gathering information where he likes to write Korosensei’s weaknesses and eventually uses it.

Joining Yamada, are: Shiina Kippei as the sub-teacher Karasuma Tadaomi, Suda Masaki as strongest in Class 3-E Akabane Karuma, Yamamoto Maika as Nagisa’s close friend Kayano Kaede, Taketomi Seika as Nakamura Rio, Mio Yuki as Yukiko Hanzaki, and Uehara Miku as Okuda Manami. Korosensei will be reproduced in CG.

via jnews1, Comic Natalie, and Sponichi Annex

I haven’t read this manga because I was never really interested with the plot until now. XD. Anyway, I’m sure that there’ll be further announcements about the cast since there are lot of students on Class 3-E so I’m keeping my fingers crossed of someone from Johnny’s or other popular young actors who could act.


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