Suikyu Yankees Episode 6

Suikyu Yankees 6th episode starts depressing but toward the end, it becomes cheesy. This episode is full of “doubting Thomas” with Naoya as the only believer. haha. Anyway, just when the heavy feeling surrounding the first half of this episode has been lifted, another hurdle must be overcome.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 6

Ryuuji’s departure left everyone depress though each of them have different ways of showing it. Naoya and Chiharu find themselves alone again, just like when the club had started. Naoya asks Chiharu about doing a training camp in preparation for the Inter-High but Chiharu doesn’t think it’s a good idea. However, the Principal aka the Lifesaver arrives and says that it’s a good idea and he just has a friend who owned an inn near a beach.

Naoya excitedly went to the other members to invite them for their “blazing training camp” only to be immediately rejected. The three idiots are busy practicing their dance moves, which they are really good at, for Rev.’s upcoming “supporting tour” wherein they can see their beloved Kanna-chan. Subsequently, Chiaki and Koki are just as uninterested because they’d rather attend a “Zen training” to uplift their spirits after their devastating loss from Suiran. Shinsuke then asks Naoya if they can even win without Ryuuji in which Naoya wasn’t able to answer.

Speaking of Ryuuji, he is receiving some sort of special treatment from Shouji who is obviously pleased from her latest acquisition. The other members of Suiran were surprisingly open to the idea of Ryuuji joining the team. The other members, namely the bullies, are also gossiping whether Ryuuji will be the team’s floater or who will Rei choose between Ryuuji and Torao. Wait, aren’t Torao and Rei already a couple?

Nagisa only listens to the “Ryuuji talk” and sigh in exasperation when Naoya seem unaffected after Ryuuji left. She gets more irritated when Naoya excitedly talks about the upcoming training camp. Nagisa’s mother tells her that Naoya is really the saddest because he’s alone again and he can’t feel sad just because of Ryuuji. Nagisa’s mother also points at the corns as an example since Naoya didn’t eat one even though he likes corn. Quite a logic Nagisa-mama. True enough, Naoya sits alone in his room as he looks at Kasu’s water ball club picture.

The next day, Chiharu asks for a permission for the club’s training camp but the vice principal won’t have it, after all, what can the team do without Ryuuji? Ugh. Chiharu didn’t retaliate because even she felt that the team is at lost because of Ryuuji. Still feeling down with the loss of their club’s key member, she asks Naoya if it’s better for them to cancel the training camp since it’ll be only Naoya. However, Naoya hasn’t given up yet and remains confident that they will come back for sure.

At the only okonomiyaki place, Nagisa arrives to see the three idiots preparing their pink concert paraphernalia’s for Rev.’s support tour. Nagisa asks if they’re not going to the training camp since the concert overlaps with the training camp’s schedule. She shares that Naoya is really sad when no one comes to practice. However, they only have one answer, what can they do without Ryuuji? Shinsuke also adds that he felt relieved when Ryuuji left since they felt that they are holding them back and all they can do now is to support him.

Elsewhere, Chiharu is having her own emo party as she doesn’t share Naoya’s confidence. She confides to the Principal that she knows that Shouji is better for Ryuuji since she’s Japan’s no.1 coach [in water polo]. She also added that as an amateur, there’s nothing she could teach Ryuuji. Feeling that Chiharu is on the verge of giving-up, Principal made her remember about the only member of the club who still hasn’t given up, the one who’s still fighting, and it’s her job as the club’s adviser to believe and encourage him.

At town, Goda and his bully troops are on their way somewhere and they talk about how it’s the end of the Kasu High’s Water Polo Club. Geez, they are obviously threatened with the club. Naoya appears and confidently says that Ryuuji will surely return. Goda grabs Naoya’s collar but he shows-off his arm strength by shoving Goda’s and tells them that Kasu will surely beat Suiran. Feeling pissed that Naoya has the last say, Goda sees Naoya’s student booklet, and his eyes glinted with evil.

At Suiran, Rei and Torao are having some sort of “Lovers Quarrel”. I use some sort-of because it looks pretty tame to be called a quarrel. Rei tells Torao that he hasn’t been coming to practice and that he should at least tell her about it. Torao then tells Rei that she still likes Ryuuji. Rei didn’t confirm or deny it but when Torao laments on why Ryuuji has to come back now, Rei tells Torao that he was the reason Ryuuji have changed and quit water polo. Rei’s statement seem to caught Torao in a surprise and I can’t believe that he has no idea.

Still perplexed by Rei’s words, Torao did nothing but stare at Ryuuji during the club’s meeting. Shouji tells the club that Ryuuji might soon practice with them, and there might be a re-shuffle with the positions. This got the bully troops talking that Ryuuji might become the floater after all and Torao isn’t too happy that he’s precious position will be taken.

At Kasu, moved by the Prinicipal’s words, Chiharu jumps in the pool when she sees Naoya practicing alone.  She tells Naoya that she’ll be passing the ball to him and that she’s sorry for almost giving-up with the club. True to her words, Chiharu makes a fearless announcement via the school’s radio and orders all members of Kasu High water ball club to gather at the pool after the closing ceremony. She threatens them that she’ll fail them on second semester if they can’t answer her question in English. XD

At Nagisa’s place, Nagisa is suffering from flu that makes her miss Suiran’s closing ceremony. Her parents bid her farewell as they have to go to a shrine meeting and when Nagisa wakes-up, she sees an ice bag on her head and Naoya is asleep near her. Awww… Nagisa is obviously happy to see her childhood friend nursing her back to health. Nagisa asks him about Kasu’s closing ceremony, something that Naoya just shrug-off and says that Nagisa is more important. Awww…Is this a love confession? However, all of my hopes for a love confession or even a quick kiss have vanished when Naoya ties an onion leek on Nagisa’s neck. haha. Naoya claims that it would cure her colds and Nagisa can only shout baka at him.

At poolside, Chiharu shares her sentiments with the rest of team. She shares that even though she used to look down on them, she have changed her impression upon seeing them working hard. She also tells them that they are all great, not just Ryuuji, and she’s done with doubting them. She adds that the “seven” of them will surely be able to beat Suiran. Then, she hands Naoya’s training invitation to each of them and tells them that they’ll be waiting for their decision. I just realized that Naoya never uses a pen, a ballpoint pen to be exact, and he always do the calligraphy thing even with his student booklet.

At Shinsuke’s okonomiyaki place, Shinsuke wistfully looks on at Naoya’s invitation when his brother arrives. Pretending to be sorting his concert paraphernalia’s, Shinsuke tells his brother that he is excited to finally meet Kanna-chan and cheer her on. His brother asks him if it’s really okay for Shinsuke to be just on the cheering side. He confesses that he sneaked-in during the practice match between Suiran and Kasu and he was moved with the game even though Kasu’s side have lost. He also adds that he wished their parents have seen Shinsuke working hard like that and asks if it’s really okay for him to quit water polo. Then, since every conversation have to have Ryuuji in it, his brother tells him that instead of thinking about Ryuuji, wouldn’t it be better for Shinsuke to just do what is most important?

The day to leave for the training camp have arrived and everyone else seems to have something important to do. At Kasu’s side, Nagisa bids Naoya farewell and hopes that everyone will join him for the training camp; Shinsuke, Tomoki, and Kohei are on their way to Rev.’s supporting tour where they wore their cheering outfits; and Chiaki and Koki are on their way to some temple for their zen training. At Suiran’s side, before Shouji can make an announcement about their positions, Torao makes his announcement by asking Ryuuji for a match.

Elsewhere, a lone figure is walking with a map on her hand. It’s Kanna-chan! Lost, she sees Naoya and asks for directions to Suiran because she heard about the champion school. Of course, Naoya takes this opportunity to sell Kasu High and boasts that since she’s not from the area, she might not have heard of the stronger team than Suiran. haha. Naoya tells Kanna-chan about Kasu High’s water ball club; he talks about their ace, Ryuuji, who is really great but they ended depending on him too much when he has no one else to depend on, too. Naoya also adds how Ryuuji have always fought alone and that makes their team a failure because they should have depended on themselves and win from the efforts of the seven of them.

While Naoya talks to Kanna-chan, whom he failed to recognize as that Kanna-chan, the match between Torao and Ryuuji have gone underway. Sadly and as expected, Ryuuji lost. Shouji tells Ryuuji that there’s really no reason for him to win because Torao will always be the team’s floater and ace. Ouch, sensei, that’s rubbing salt to the wound. As for Ryuuji’s position, she decided that he’ll be the floater back. Shouji have studied how Ryuuji plays and concludes that he’s best suited as the playmaker. He has the qualities of a good playmaker by having a wide field of vision where he can do situation analysis, give accurate passes and stuff. With Ryuuji as the playmaker, Torao will surely score more points and will make Suiran unbeatable.

Ryuuji is now at ease, he tells Shouji that the only reason that he went to Suiran is to know what are his capabilities that Shouji have talked about. Thank goodness that he doesn’t want to be Torao’s supporting character. Now that he knows about his strength and Suiran’s weakness is their lack of playmaker, he’ll return to Kasu and beat Suiran. Ryuuji then turns to Torao and tells him that even though he can’t beat Torao, there’ll be someone else who will beat him, and that is Naoya. Woot! Before Ryuuji leaves, Nagisa hands him Naoya’s training invitation.

At Rev.’s mini-concert, Kanna-chan pause before their final song and talks about the unusual guy she met on her way to the event. She describes his looks from hair to odd-looking uniform and the three idiots are positive that it can only be Naoya. haha. Kanna-chan was so moved with Naoya’s story about Kasu High and soon enough, Kanna-chan instructs the audience to cheer for Kasu High water ball club. XD.

Taking this as a sign, the three idiots leaves the mini-concert earlier. At the temple, before Chiaki receives the divine thwack, he says that it can’t remove his evil thoughts and Koki then presents him the only cure, which is to go to the training camp.

At Kasu’s gym, Naoya and Chiharu welcomes Shinsuke, Tomoki, Kouhei, Chiaki, and Koki as they share their resolve on beating Suiran. Ryuuji also arrives and apologizes for just leaving. Before Ryuuji can say anything more, Chiharu cuts him off and tells him that if he didn’t leave, everyone would still be relying on him. Ryuuji then tells Chiharu that if it wasn’t for her, none of them will be present, and they all gather around Chiharu to thank her. How sweet, Chiharu is lucky to have hot guys as students.

One hurdle solved and before they could leave for the training camp, vice principal Kuwabara arrives and tells Naoya that he is now expelled just as the club is now disbanded.


Ryuuji is back! Not that I really felt his absence because he is the topic of every conversation. Anyway,just when Ryuuji is back that Goda-bully-jerk has to do something terrible all in the expense of Naoya. Anyway, let’s just think that without villains, our heroes won’t shine and I can’t wait to see Naoya throw some punch to another jerk – vice principal Kuwabara- and if I’m not wrong, it seems like Nagisa will unleash her claws. XD

I’m glad that the rest of the characters finally developed some backbone instead of just depending on Ryuuji.I just hate sad things and during drama’s first half, there was this heavy feeling because everyone were sad yet they pretend that everything is fine. However, I also like that they were able to think about themselves and they were able to see the other side of the coin. they were able to accept that Ryuuji is no longer with them and they have to do what they can do.

Anyway, on to the Ryuuji-Torao-Rei drama, is there more to Ryuuji’s leaving than just being beaten by Torao? Torao seem oblivious that he was the reason Ryuuji left, I think he assumed that Ryuuji left because he got Rei. Speaking of the awkward couple, I thought that they were already a couple so why did the other members talked about on whom Rei would choose when she have obviously chosen Torao. This love angle is all murky and hopefully it won’t dragged on.

As for Nagisa and Naoya, this is such a cute episode between them. I like how Nagisa worries for Naoya even though she usually shows it by being mad. Their friendship is really cute and Naoya’s insensitivity is just as funny. This isn’t really my favorite episode, but it’s a good precursor to the next one as we reach this drama’s climax.

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