Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 011)

I was planning on translating just the first rumor from this digest but I decided that I might as well translate about other things…All of these are tabloid news so you can believe it or not…

Involve parties, are: Ikuta Toma, Jin Akanishi, and KAT-TUN

  • Ikuta Toma is devoted to whom?

It has been gossiped in the TV show “Mentai Waido” that popular actor IT is in ardent love with group’s vocalist Y. Other hints posted on the show, are: (a) IT is a good actor and has a well-built body, “I” is his first name; (b) Y is a vocalist of a popular mixed group G that is usually in Kouhaku; (c) they are almost in the same age; (d) the group’s name is only in hiragana. From the hints given, netizens argue that IT could only be Ikuta Toma and Y could be Yoshioka Kiyoe of Ikimonogakari. While there are those who argue that IT can’t be Ikuta since he’s an idol and not actor, there are those who defended him that Ikuta is a splendid actor and that his “an an” cover proves that he got the body. There are also comments on how Ikuta likes plain-looking women while there are also some who blesses this big name couple.

Woot! I would loved this to be true! They look like a cute couple but I don’t like Yoshioka being called “plain looking” because she does have an appeal. 

  • Kuroki Meisa to start divorce proceedings…

 Jin Akanishi‘s better half Kuroki Meisa has worked like a horse right after her maternity leave just to repay her 600 million debt. The said amount was incurred after her contract cancellation from a major car company because of her sudden marriage. Kuroki is literally working for two people but the last straw was about the cellphone theft involving Jin and Kuroki really considered having divorce. However, as Kuroki is too busy, there has been no movements yet, but it can happen before the end of the year if things won’t calm down.

Old news…but this was obviously written to promote Meisa’s movie, LUPIN. 

  • Vacant seats during KAT-TUN’s tour 

 KAT-TUN started their National Tour as four members last July and although the venues are packed in the metropolitan area, that is not the case in rural areas. In fact, the vacant seats were clearly visible during their Sapporo performances that some of staff and crew were made to seat in those vacant seats just to hide it even though the empty seats are still visible from the members view. During those times when KAT-TUN is still a 6-member group, getting tickets is a battle when now, ticket applications [for Kyocera] are still open as fan club members struggle to fill the void.

I so hope that this is not true. Hang-on KAT-TUN! 

via Johnny’s-Watcher 1,2, and 3


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