Joshima Shigeru Successfully Finishes 101 Km Run, Earns 41.9% in Ratings


Omedatou Leader!!!

As reported,

TOKIO‘s Joshima Shigeru successfully finishes this year’s charity marathon for NTV‘s “24 Hr TV~37~Love Saves the Earth~“. Joshima finished his 101 km run, the longest for Johnny’s, around 8:54 PM as he arrived at Nippon Budokan last Aug 31st.

Joshima started the marathon last Aug 30th at 7pm in Kanagawa prefecture with Higashiyama Noriyuki starting the signal. TOKIO’s leader got the course wrong at the start, causing laughter, and he also didn’t bother to wear a hat despite the midsummer heat. He chose to put on a white rolled towel on his forehead as a tribute to Akio-san, the one who taught him agriculture for “The Tetsuwan DASH!” who passed-away last June.

Fellow members from TOKIO joined Joshima¬†as he reaches the entrance of Nippon Budokan where the said marathon garnered 41.9% audience share when Joshima reaches the goal. Joshima is 43 years old and aside from waist and leg pains, he was all-smile when he finished the marathon and thanked Akio-san for his guidance. Overall, this year’s 24 Hr TV garnered an average 17.3% audience share.

via jnews1, Livedoor News, Nikkan Sports, and Oricon




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