Yamashita Tomohisa Feels Good To Play a Tsundere

I’m still not “sold” with this movie as the latest trailer proves that they could have chosen a different female lead. Though, the kiss under the table is really cute.

As reported,

Yamashita Tomohisa attended the completion announcement of his upcoming movie, “Kinkyori Renai“, at Tokyo. Yamashita, who plays a tsundere teacher, looks back at filming with satisfaction, “it felt good and pleasant,” he commented.

“Kinkyori Renai” tells the love story between a genius high school girl and a handsome tsundere teacher. Yamapi admitted that he was embarrassed with his role during the script’s first reading. Nevertheless, this is the first time for him to do love story and he would be glad if people would like it.

Co-star Komatsu Nana shares that if Yamashita becomes a teacher, student’s won’t be listening to lessons and will just gaze at Yamapi’s smile.

Also in attendance, are: Mizukawa Asumi, Johnny’s WEST Kotaki Nozomu, Yamamoto Mizuki, and Arai Hirofumi. Directed by Kumazawa Naoto (Kimi ni Todoke movie), “Kinkyori Renai” will be in theaters this October 11th.

via Yahoo!Japan, Sanspo, and Oricon



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