Tamamori Yuta Flies Anew for Dream Boys 2014


Not to be contented with simply flying in the air, they decided to add a touch of circus this year.

As reported,

Last Sept 3rd, DREAM BOYS 2014 had their first public dress rehearsal at Tokyo Imperial Theater with Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta showing-off his new flying routine.

The new flying spectacle was shown during the climax of the play’s first act where Tamamori floats in the air while being sandwich by rings measuring 3 diameter. Named as “Tama Hula“, Tamamori did his somersault while on air and in rings. “I think it’d be nice if we could show to everyone something original that we can call ours,” he commented. He also added that he wished for the past chairs, Takizawa and Kamenashi, to watch their play.

Aside from “Tama Hula”, co-stars Miyata Toshiya and Senga Kento also flew on air with Tamamori while they hold each other’s hands. Miyata commented that he was quite embarrassed to tie his hands during the first flight but he did feel nice being up in the air.

Also in DREAM BOYS, are Johnny’s Jrs. Hirano Sho, Nagase Ren, and Takahashi Kaito.

DREAM BOYS 2014 will run from Sept 4th to 30th.

via jnews1 and Daily Sports




  1. just want to point out something that have made me smile:

    “…..he wished for the past chairs, Takizawa and Hideaki, to watch their play.”

    somehow it cheers me up a bit :D, btw Thanks for keep sharing Johnnys’ related news.

    Liked by 1 person

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