“Vancouver no Asahi” to have its World Premier in Vancouver Film Festival

Happy to see Kame in the world stage again!

As reported,

It was announced that Director Ishii Yuya‘s “Vancouver no Asahi” will have its world premier at the 33rd Vancouver International Film Festival, which will kicked-off this Sept 25th. Actor Tsumabuki Satoshi is thrilled that the movie will be shown with the best [movies] of the world and in the place where the movie is set. He also added that he wanted the locals to feel the pride that the Asahi army has.

Special screenings for the movie is to be formally exhibited in Gala presentation. Director Ishii, Tsumabuki and co-star Kamenashi Kazuya have visited the site and it was also announced that they will attend the red carpet and world premier. “The spectacle from the Japanese section of the town where the figure of Asahi army have existed should surely be fresh in the eyes of the people of Vancouver,” Ishii commented. He also added that the during those days, the Canadians were just absorbed with how Asahi plays and hopes that they will also enjoy the movie.

Director Ishii is familiar with Vancouver International Film Festival as some of his works have been shown in the said festival, like: “Bare-assed Japan”, “Sawako Decides”, “Hara Ga Kore Nande”, and “The Great Passage”.

“Vancouver no Asahi” is a true story of Japanese immigrants before the World War II, who fought poverty and discrimination, by playing baseball and giving pride and courage to their fellow immigrants. Tsumabuki plays the shortstop and leader of the team, Kamenashi as the pitcher, Katsuji Ryo as 2nd baseman, Kamiki Yusuke as the catcher, and Ikematsu Sosuke as one of the players.

Vancouver no Asahi” will be released in Japan on Dec 20th.

via Eiga and News Ameba



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