SMAP Kicks-Off “Mr.S” Concert Tour

SMAP proves that they still have IT!

As reported,

Last Sept 4th, SMAP kicked-off their “Mr.S-SAIKOU DE SAIKOU NO CONCERT TOUR-” at Tokyo Dome. This is the group’s first national tour after two years where they wowed 55,000 fans for the tour’s first day.

SMAP performed for over three and a half hours and sang a total of 41 songs including new songs from their recently released album, “Mr. S“. In one corner, SMAP challenged themselves to make an “improvisation” as surprise guests appear via TV phone to make a song requests. Actress Kitagawa Keiko, Kimura Takuya‘s co-star in HERO, made an appearance; and in her Asagi character, she made two requests: “Yuki ga Futte Kita” and “Egao no Genki“. These songs were SMAP’s 5th and 6th single and Kitagawa said that she was still in grade school when those singles were released. SMAP is planning to do this challenge for their next performances by performing two unannounced songs, “just work hard in pretending to know the lyrics,” they commented. Other personalities who liven-up the stage were Softbank‘s “Pepper-kun” robot and Hello Kitty.

The said SMAP’s live tour will be their longest ever, spanning a total of 131 days that will finish next year and is set to mobilized 1 million audience. “We have kept you waiting, let’s play hard until the end!” a shirtless Kimura greeted the crowd as the curtain opens with Nakai Masahiro in an American car and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi on a bike.

During press conference, reporters asked Nakai about his physical condition, and Nakai said it was perfect and even added that even his libido has risen.

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Sponichi Annex


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