Suikyu Yankees Episode 7

This is such a heartwarming episode that aside from the bromance, we get cuteness overload between Nagisa and Naoya, an unexpected almost confession (or at least I think he’s gonna confess something), and a new love in bloom between the bully and the former bullied.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 7

With Ryuuji back, Kasu High’s mizutama team is all geared-up for their training camp until vice principal Kuwabara arrives. Doing what he do best, he rained on their parade and declares that the club will disband along with Naoya’s expulsion.

Apparently, someone have trashed Suiran suikyu team’s cheering paraphernalia and even did vandalism referring to Kasu High. The vandal did a good job of writing like Naoya using mizutama instead of suikyu and even used some yanki slang. Kuwabara believes that Naoya have done it especially after his student booklet was left on scene, which we all know isn’t a foolproof evidence. Anyway, our good-hearted principal can’t disagree yet with Kuwabara as he suspends all club activities until everything is clear.

Ryuuji knows that Naoya has been framed-up and Koki agrees that it could be someone from Suiran. Aside from Naoya being framed-up, they are also worried that they have less than a month before the Inter-High preliminaries and they can’t even practice.

At town, Shinsuke’s brother helps with cleaning the trashes left by the vandal, who is supposedly to be Naoya, when the shopkeeper approaches him. You know, that woman who have always looked at Kasu as the lowest of the low. The shopkeeper asks Shinsuke’s brother on why they [Kasu] would such thing when Suiran is all pumped-up for a straight victory and Shinsuke’s sister-in-law defends Kasu and say that they also have the right to play water polo. The shopkeeper then responded that Suiran is enough for their town. Geez, she talks as if she even graduated from Suiran.

At school, Chiharu begs Principal to cancel his decision, she reasons that Naoya won’t be doing something like that at such an important time, and the Principal tells her that they need an evidence, a hard evidence.

At Nagisa’s place, Naoya is making a ruckus for being frustrated that he has to be suspended for something he did not do and the club gets suspended along with him. The three idiots are trying to stop him though we could see that they are enjoying pushing Naoya down. haha. Nagisa arrives and tells him to calm down by offering him a corn.

Despite their suspension, Ryuuji breaks the news that Naoya will be the team’s floater, and Naoya excitedly says, “Freeter?!”, something that made the three idiots irritated because of Naoya’s wrong grammar. Ryuuji tells the team that he understood that he’s more suited as the floater back after joining the practice at Suiran. He tells Naoya that he’ll be the ace and Naoya can’t help but get teary-eyed after everyone showered him with their support, or more like, their support with Ryuuji’s decision. heeee…

While Nagisa is busy washing the dishes, Ryuuji arrives and volunteers to help. Nagisa refuses and Ryuuji tells her that she’s great in handling Naoya. That’s when Nagisa let’s out her own frustration and tells Ryuuji that while she doesn’t understand why things are happening that way, she knows that she has to be calm and support Naoya. Then, she defensively says that she’s doing it because they are childhood friends.

Ryuuji helps Nagisa in wiping the dishes and she asks him if they will be going to Inter High. Ryuuji says that they will be going to Inter-High and asks Nagisa if she wants to see them. Nagisa says that she’s from Suiran (and she should be cheering for her alma mater) and Ryuuji says that he wants Nagisa to see them win and adds that if they win against Suiran…well, he changes his mind and Nagisa didn’t push him to say more. OMG…what are you gonna say Ryuuji?! Well, someone overheard their conversation, or at least Ryuuji’s final words before he changes his mind, and we can see Tomoki outside with a forlorn expression. What is this love triangle?

Elsewhere, Principal and Shouji met where the former apologizes for Ryuuji’s actions. Shouji tells him that because of what Ryuuji did, his future at water polo is now at stake and Principal asks her that isn’t it wonderful that Ryuuji chose to fight alongside his friends. However, Shouji didn’t agree and says that in the world of games, winning is everything.

Also elsewhere, Ryoko sees Goda being all too evil-happy as he hands-out a paper bag to some guy along with an envelope, which I guess is money. Ryoko asks him what is he up to and Goda tells her it’s nothing.

Since Naoya is now Kasu’s ace, he do some strength training and tells Nagisa’s parents that his friends have given him their trust and he must not disappoint. He also shares that since he always travel with his father, he never really had any friends except for Nagisa. So now that he has friends, he has no time to be depress and must start working hard for their sake.

At Kasu, the suikyu team are in shock upon finding their club room in chains. Chiaki and others attempted to rip everything off but Kuwabara arrives to stop them and reminds them that their activities are suspended. He also adds that if they want to curse someone, they should be cursing Naoya since he made them believe in something as crazy as having dreams. To add more insult, Kuwabara tells them that their lives ended the moment they entered Kasu High. Uhm, aren’t you the vice principal of Kasu High?

Well, Naoya is still taking being the ace seriously that he has an inflatable pool at the temple’s shrine. Reiko dutifully fills it with water and Nagisa can only stare at their stupidity. Reiko says that she’s glad to see Naoya okay and Naoya tells her that he must be okay since he is Kasu High’s ace and that while he started playing water polo to protect Kasu, he eventually got hooked into it.

At town, the rest of the team are doing their best to search for the real culprit. Chiaki and Koki splits-up to look for witnesses while Ryuuji and the baka trio sees another vandalism. While they try to erase it using their hands, which is meh, the shopkeeper sees them and shouts how the guys from Kasu High are causing trouble again. Pls. someone shuts this woman’s mouth.

Elsewhere, Goda is enjoying all the jab that Naoya is getting from town. Torao voices-out his suspicions and asks if Goda has nothing to do with it, something that Goda denied after having a staring match with Torao.

Still at town, Ryoko sees someone resembling Naoya along the alleyway. She calls him as Inaba Naoya and when he looks at her, she immediately recognizes him as the guy that Goda was talking the other night. He runs to flee and pushes her, just in time for Chiaki to arrive, which causes Ryoko to fall on top of Chiaki. Koki has the gall to say “fantastic!” before he gets to work and ran after the fake Naoya.

Chiaki asks if Ryoko’s okay and she asks on why did he save her. Uhm, he didn’t exactly save you. XD. Chiaki goes all heroic and tells her that at any given time, a man must protect a girl. Before Chiaki can say something more, Koki arrives and tells them that they are in trouble. Trouble it is, folks from the shopping district literally gangs-up to Ryuuji and co. Kuwabara arrives and apologizes for the school’s stupid students, even ignoring Kouhei when he says that they were just trying to erase the vandal.

Chiaki then says that they have seen the culprit and describes the culprit as how one would describe Naoya, you know, Kasu High uniform and blond hair. haha. Even though the guys say that it’s not Naoya, Kuwabara tells the shopkeepers that they’ll have Naoya apologized or face the club’s disbandment. This irks Ryuuji and tells Kuwabara that isn’t he a teacher from Kasu High so why won’t he trust his students. Point well taken. Kuwabara is not deterred and even proudly says that there’s nothing for him to trust the students of Kasu High. He also added that Naoya must admit and apologized to the shopkeepers for the trouble that he caused.

At Nagisa’s place, Chiaki apologizes to Naoya because he has gotten more misunderstood after what he and Koki have said. The guys are all down from what happened and Naoya tells them to do that. “That” means trespassing to the school’s pool where the guys happily play around. Kouhei gets emotional and tells them that he really loves playing water polo and he gets frustrated that they can’t even play the game. He also adds that it’s so unfair to be treated like that just because they are from Kasu High and that he would really feel bad if they have to disband.

Sympathizing with Kouhei, Naoya storms into the faculty office and tells Kuwabara what he have always wanted to hear, that he [Naoya] is the culprit. Chiharu is sure that Naoya didn’t do it but Kuwabara was all too casual about Naoya’s confession and says that he was against a trash like him in the first place. This made Naoya punched Kuwabara, something that he deserved, and shouts that Naoya should be expelled. Naoya says that it’s fine, he quits, he’s so disappointed with the school, sick of being looked-down just because he’s from Kasu High, and he’ll even go the the shopping district association for that apology.

Nagisa is shock to learn about Naoya’s voluntary withdrawal. Naoya shruggs it off as if it’s a normal thing and Nagisa tells him to stop acting as if everything is okay. Nagisa tells Naoya to tell her the truth and he tells her that he did that because he can’t do anything anymore. He thought about it seriously, desperately, and he came with that solution to protect the club. He also says that he believe that the guys will be able to protect Kasu High.

Naoya is surely popular that the news of his school’s withdrawal have reached Suiran. To add fuel to the fire, Nagisa overhears Goda and the bully troops laughing that Naoya was the culprit after all and says that Naoya’s apologizing form must be funny. Nagisa goes over to the bully troops and tells them to take back what they said. Nagisa tells them that they don’t know a thing about Naoya and Goda stands-up and tells Nagisa that there was an evidence and she should stop being an ally to the scums. Pfft….this is coming from the leader of the scums. Nagisa tells Goda that she is Naoya’s ally so he should stop making fun of him. Then, Goda did the unexpected by whispering to Nagisa that he did it, he framed Naoya.

Nagisa chases after Goda, only to be stop by Torao, and only for Goda to tell Nagisa that it was all a joke and laugh about it.

At the shopping district, Kuwabara is present for Naoya’s apology while Goda is outside to witness Naoya’s shame. Kuwabara started with his apology then Naoya says that he did everything alone. That woman shopkeeper tells him that this is why Kasu High is inferior to Suiran and that’s what irks Naoya and starts defending Kasu High. He tells everyone that while students of Kasu High are helpless like him, they persists and they are the ones who crawl to reach to the top. Naoya hopes that the shopping district won’t crush his teammates hopes as all the while, he did the vandalism alone.

Naoya made a bow of forgiveness and while everyone is still not pleased, the rest of Kasu High’s suikyu team arrives. Ryuuji says that they won’t have Naoya carry the burden alone, Tomoki adds that Naoya chose to shoulder the blame so that the club won’t disband, Kouhei says that since everyone has looked down on them, they have also looked down at themselves until Naoya arrives to change them. Furthermore, Shinsuke says that they never thought of fighting against Suiran but because on Naoya, they started to think that they can do it after all, and Chiaki and Koki adds that they fight fair and square with Suiran and that they will never do something unfair. Chiharu and the guys all pleaded for the townfolks to believe them but Kuwabara says that why would they believe the words of those from Kasu. Pls. Naoya, punch him again.

Ryuuji tells Kuwabara he’s really pathetic for a teacher and says that they might be at the losing end the moment they entered Kasu High but they can always start-over without giving-up and that will be their will from now on…and Kuwabara will still be a jerk, okay, I only added the last part.

The Principal arrives to save the day with Ryoko, whom he introduces as a student from Suiran. The Principal tells everyone that Ryoko have seen the culprit and can testify that it’s not Naoya and even showed a dirty blonde wig, which they found at the riverbank, and says that the evidence might be few but the culprit is definitely not Naoya. Goda and Kuwabara looks on with dismay.

At Kasu, the club is all pumped-up to resume their club activities when the folks from the shopping district arrives to apologize for doubting the guys. The woman shopkeeper tells Naoya that she remembers the old Kasu High from Naoya and each folks gave the team something to eat after their practice. Awww…

At Nagisa’s place, Naoya thanks Nagisa…for nothing. XD. Then, Naoya decides to tease Nagisa by saying that she looks like Mizutama-chan (Suikyu’s mascot) when she’s mad. haha. Nagisa made the said expression as she’s irritated with Naoya’s joke and Naoya can only laugh when he proves himself correct. The two has some cute moments until Nagisa-mama arrives with their snack and childhood friends ate it with gusto.


Finally! Our boys are being seen in a new light by the town’s folks and they totally deserved it. Though I totally hate it that the real culprit and the perpetrator came out unscathed. I mean, a punch or two or some ganging-up would soothe my raging nerves. Oh, let’s add Kuwabara into that pile that needs to be punched more than what Naoya gave him. It’s more annoying that Principal never gave the guy some needed lecturing about his unethical actions as an educator.

I really love this episode, it has angst and unexpected beginnings particularly the part where Ryoko suddenly sees Chiaki in a much favorable light. Knowing Chiaki’s ginormous crush with Chiharu, it’s cute that the writers entertained this idea that there might be a part 2 from Chiaki’s failed love confession to Ryoko back in middle school (in episode 4, it was revealed that Chiaki confessed to Ryoko during those times when Chiaki was getting bullied from Goda and even from Ryoko). Judging from next episode’s preview, this new development might totally shock Koki. XD. Completely understandable since we all know how close Koki and Chiaki are.

Aside from that, Naoya and Nagisa’s friendship is innocently cute that I’m thinking of scratching any hopes that their childhood friendship will branch-out romantically. Well, because of what Ryuuji insinuated during his talk with Nagisa and judging from Nagisa’s previous actions, it looks like she also has feelings for Ryuuji. Or whatever, I don’t really know what’s gonna happen with all these love angles, it’s killing me, and I also feel bad for Tomoki. Tomoki look like he was already hurt when nothing has happened yet.

Next’s episode looks light and fun, like a much-needed vacation from all their pent-up stress, and Kasu and Suiran meets again at the only training center in town. Most of all, I want Naoya to finally meet his idol again.

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8 thoughts on “Suikyu Yankees Episode 7

  1. I guess I’m the only one who’ve been rooting for Mifune and Nagisa all this time. Okay, Naoya and Nagisa are cute but that’s just it, there’s no tension involve unlike with Ryuuji and Nagisa.


  2. The romance in this drama is all fucked-up. It’s like the prods wants us to keep guessing who will end up with whom. I can’t believe that ryuuji has feelings for nagisa so I’m guessing that maybe ryuuji might be confessing for tomoki? Haha. I also don’t know anymore so I guess I’m stuck to watching this up to the end for closure.

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