Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny’s WEST Teams-Up for “Little Tokyo Live!”

While their senpais host “Tokyo Live 22 Hr“, the kouhais gets to host their own mini-show. October will surely make every Johnny’s fan sleepless.

As reported,

It was announced that Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny’s WEST will serve as MCs for TV Tokyo’s “Little Tokyo Live (tentative title)” this October.  “Tokyo Live 22 Hr” that will be hosted by NEWS’ Koyama Keiichiro, TOKIO’s Matsuoka Masahiro, KinKi Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi, Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki, and Kanjani8‘s Yasuda Shota. For in “Little Tokyo Live”, three members from Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny’s WEST will take turns in hosting the show each week.

The program will be in similar format as “Tokyo Live” where audience can interact, real-time, using LINE and data broadcasting. The viewers can also post what they want to see on the program to bring-out the best among the members from Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny’s WEST.

Hey!Say!JUMP feels honored to appear in the “brother” show of their senpais. They also added that since it will live broadcasting, they don’t know what will happen and hopes that “accidents” won’t occur. For Johnny’s WEST, they are all fired-up that since Kansai-born group will be doing a Tokyo show  and hopes that they will be able to show the real qualities of Johnny’s WEST.

Little Tokyo Live” will air every Wednesday of October at 23:45 (JST)

via jnews1 and Yahoo!Japan


4 thoughts on “Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny’s WEST Teams-Up for “Little Tokyo Live!”

  1. Yeah, you did mention that part of them following the format of their senpais’ show. This basically begs the question: what’s the selling point if they’re just copying or following? It’s bad enough that it’s saturated with 16 Johnny’s members – although not all of them at the same time. Plus, Kansai region could sure use a fresher Johnny’s group besides KinKi Kids and Kanjani8.

    Let’s hope that it does bring something new or better yet, revolutionary, besides being a “junior edition” of their senpais’ TV show and all.


  2. I honestly don’t think that an alternating hosting duties dynamic will work for HSJ. There are 9 of them and there’s like 7 on the J-WEST side. That’s uber-ikemen saturation there. They could have balanced this by having regular female hosts with them. They did it with Bakaleya and subsequently with Bad Boys J – and they were both dramas with a huge cast – so it’s kinda ironic that Johnny’s management can’t do this for debuted groups and do so with their undebuted talents.
    Heck, Johnny’s WEST should get their own show or in the least start off by making appearances in a Kanjani8 show and maybe later graduate to sharing a TV show with their senpai or, better yet, have a TV show of their own.

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    • I think they didn’t put a female co-host because they are trying to follow the format of Tokyo Live 22Hr. In that case, they just need to interact more with their equally interactive audience, which I think would be mostly female population.


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