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Yamashita Tomohisa to Star in NTV’s “Sekai Gyoten News” Drama SP


An unusual project for Yamapi with a super long title…

As reported,

Yamashita Tomohisa will star in “Naze Shoujo wa Yuukai sarenakereba naranakatta no ka? (Why the girl had to be kidnapped?)” as part of NTV‘s “Sekai Gyoten News” drama SP.

Inspired from true stories all over the world, this will be “Sekai Gyoten News” first original drama, which is full of reality, as the said program reaches their 500th broadcast this November.

In the drama, Yamashita plays a genius psychologist named Narumi Saku, who takes on counselling a 7 y/o girl, who was kidnapped and eventually discovered. The girl, now suffering from memory loss, is an important witness to a series of arson committed by Yagami Keisuke to be played by actor Funakoshi Eiichirou. Joining Yamashita, are: Kimura Fumino and Hoshino Mari while SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro and Shoufukutei Tsurube serves as Gyoten’s navigators.

“Naze Shoujo wa Yuukai sarenakereba naranakatta no ka?” will air this October 1st at 21:00 (JST). If response will be favorable, “Gyoten drama SP” could be turn into a series.

via jnews1 and NTV


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