Okada Junichi to MC Kohaku Uta Gassen 2014?

The 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen will be in a few months and there are already rumors on who will get the coveted Red and White moderators.

Some entertainment journalists say that it might be Arashi again. The group has hosted Kohaku since 2010 and they are also celebrating their 15th anniversary. Arashi had also headlined some of NHK’s special programs, like: “Arashi no ashita no kakeru tabi” and “NHK zenkoku gakkō ongaku konkurs“. However, the group didn’t do anything special for NHK this year unlike Okada who did the network’s signboard drama.

V6′s Okada Junichi is tapped as White team’s chairman after doing so much for NHK this year. After all, he is the lead in NHK’s 2014 taiga, “Gunshi Kanbee“. The said drama has been loved by wider population from different generations, Okada is also loved by younger generation more than an idol, and he’s also supported by young and old from both sexes.

However, it’s not just Okada who is considered, fellow V6’s Inohara Yoshihiko is also being tapped to reach an even wider audience. Inohara’s team-up with announcer Udo Yumiko has been greatly received and it would be nice if Udo will enter too. If this comes true, V6 will have their first participation in Kohaku with Okada and Inohara as White team’s moderators.

For Red team, actress Nakama Yukie is rumored to be the one. Nakama played Yoshitaka Yuriko‘s bestfriend in NHK’s asadora, “Hanako to Anne“. NHK’s asadora and taiga heroines from Inoue Mao, Horikita Maki, and Ayase Haruka have monopolized the chairmanship for the past several years. So, why not Yoshitaka, who is the lead in “Hanako to Anne”? Well, the recent rumor involving Yoshitaka is to blame making the prods scared to put her on live broadcast.

Personally, I’ve thought that it might be Okada for this year’s Kohaku just because he is the lead of Gunshi Kanbee. But I’m also thinking that it might be too bland for Okada to do the hosting on his own. Does he has any prior hosting experience? The rumor on Inohara is a surprise since he’s been doing “Asaichi” for so long, so why just now? Anyway, I’m sure that Inohara is well-loved by housewives being a married man and the host of a popular morning show. From some comments in forums, it seems like most mama’s are not even aware that Inohara is an idol but just an NHK announcer. XD. I’m sure that it would be cool to see Okada and Inohara together and Inohara will be a huge help for Okada because of the former’s experience in live broadcast.

I think that it would be too much for Arashi and Okada together because that would be too many of them in one corner. But I’m also rooting for Arashi since I always like their production numbers especially if they do that collab again with Disney. If they won’t be this year’s chair, surely, they will still get to perform, right?

As for the female host, Nakama Yukie have hosted Kohaku before (for like 4 times) so I’m sure she knows the gist already.

Well, NHK Kohaku have opened their official twitter account so let’s just wait and see if the rumors are true.

via Zasshi News and Johnny-s-Watcher


5 thoughts on “Okada Junichi to MC Kohaku Uta Gassen 2014?

  1. My vote is for Arashi. They should be and deserve to be the hosts for the White Team this year making it 5 years in a row. And another 5 years. I feel Junichi Okada would be boring, although he’s doing good in Kanbe. Arashi has charisma. I live in Hawaii and attended Arashi’s ‘Blast in Hawaii” concerts this past weekend. The 3-hour concerts were fabulous! There was an awesome sunset Friday evening, welcoming Arashi to Hawaii. They may have not done anything special for NHK this year as stated above, but more importantly Arashi stepped outside of Japan and were truly successful. Arashi are loved from their loyal fans from Japan and loved by the local fans here in Hawaii. They are humble and thankful to ALL their fans.

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  2. I want Arashi again but I’m also thinking that they are getting boring as hosts and I always feel bad for the solo red team host since they have to hold on their own. Okada looks bland? Well, Nakai did okay on his own a few years back and he’ll be fine.


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