Suikyu Yankees Episode 8

I love this episode, the ultimate “summer fling” as we get to see love blooms, misunderstandings getting cleared, few heartbreaks, and lots of good and perverse fun.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 8

It’s the start of the training camp and Kasu High’s mizutama club are all ecstatic to start their training. Not only they will be training in a first class facility, the image of beach and bikini-clad girls are just their ultimate perk-me-up to start their summer. Even the image of Kanna-chan won’t stop the baka trio in having their youth’s folly.

They see a grand hotel up ahead and was surprise to see Suiran’s Suikyu team on their way to the hotel. Nagisa can only smile upon seeing the Kasu’s coaster passed-by and while she’s happy, she didn’t miss the part when Torao winces with a slight movement on his elbow.

If Suiran is staying in such a fabulous hotel, Kasu will be staying in a rundown inn much to their disappointment. haha. Naoya excitedly shows the practice menu that Nagisa made for their team after seeing their last match. Naoya gives the notebook to Ryuuji who is just impress that Nagisa wrote such a detailed plan.

Chiharu enters the room and was surprise to see the boys in their boomerang pants. She tells them that they can’t use the facility yet until Suiran’s practice is over. Naoya tries to cheer the guys and says that even though they are staying in such a rundown inn, they’ll surely survive the training camp.

The owner, Samejima-san (Ukaji Takashi and Yuto’s papa in Nobuta wo Produce), of the rundown inn arrives and we can see that Ryuuji is familiar with him. Without further adieu, we see the boys doing some chores while still in their speedos. *nosebleed*. While Kasu High does some chores, Suiran just finished their practice and the ever-moody Torao calls on the guys that they should be in the training room right after their practice to do some work-out.

Kasu High’s mizutama club didn’t have to worry about working-out as they have flexed and extended their muscles enough from doing chores and they just want to rest. This is the start where they sexually harasses one another. haha. Tomoki moves on top of Kouhei to ask what happen to their earlier plan of beach and girls and Kouhei can only say that the camp is boring.

Overhearing this, Shinsuke gets up and tells everyone, in his most serious expression, that the exciting part of camp will only begin. Shinsuke shares that he learn that Chiharu just went to bath. Cue, the stalker duo also gets up and Chiaki’s green mind starts imagining Chiharu in an enticing scene enough for him to hold his thing down there. haha.

Naoya didn’t share their enthusiasm, Naoya really lacks any romance interest, and asks the guys on why do they want to see such thing? I can sense a slight disgust in his tone. haha. Shinsuke only has one question to everyone, “are you coming or not?”

Except for Naoya and the absent Ryuuji, everyone goes to commit voyeurism to their teacher. Bad kids. Well, they meet their first hurdle, which is the wall, but they are prepared enough to bring a ladder with them. Jack-en-poi later and Chiaki wins the chance for the first peek. Chiaki climbs the ladder with his eyes close while imagining Chiharu, but he didn’t see a naked Chiharu but Samejima-san who even casually greets him. Chiaki is so shock by what he saw that he starts shaking before he fell from the ladder. Talk about karma.

At the beach side, Ryuuji is doing some sprints when Rei arrives. She confides that Torao has changed since he entered Suiran and she have always thought that Torao will change back if Ryuuji resumes playing water polo. Rei’s logic on Torao is so off for a girlfriend. Anyway, Ryuuji says that Torao doesn’t need him to change since the only one who can change Torao is Rei.

Speaking of Torao, he is practicing his shoots alone, on the expense of his already hurt shoulder. Nagisa sees this and asks him if he’s okay, which is obviously not. Torao says it’s nothing so Nagisa change the topic and thanked him for what he did for Nagisa the other day (when he stopped Nagisa from charging on to Goda). Torao says that he was jealous of Nagisa because she’s so honest with her feelings.

At the rundown inn, Naoya is throwing a fit that he can’t play mizutama and accidentally knocks off a jar when he threw the ball. Also at the inn, Chiaki hasn’t moved on with what he saw that he was still having convulsions. haha. Kouhei and Tomoki couldn’t care less since they were more concern if nothing exciting will happen on their training camp until Shinsuke tells them a heart throbbing information.

The said information is also what Reiko and Nagisa are talking about in their hotel room. It’s about the “love knot” thingy in a nearby shrine. Legend has it that if you walk pass the shrine’s arch while holding the hand of the person you love, the two of you will be tied with each other forever.

Back at the rundown inn, Shinsuke shares the “love knot” tidbit to the guys. Unlike Reiko’s version, Shinsuke’s version was more like “something good will happen” if you go to the shrine. However, the guys have one huge problem, they don’t have a girl to go with. haha. Kouhei sees this chance for Tomoki to go with Nagisa and we can see Tomoki entertaining the idea before he fainted. Aww, too much love.

The next day, Kasu High finally gets to practice at the first class facility until they crossed path with Suiran team. We see lots of staring down matches starting with Ryuuji and Shouji, Ryuuji and Torao, and Naoya and Goda. Before the rest of team passed-by Kasu, Ryuuji got the chance to thank Nagisa for her practice menu and Nagisa is obviously elated.

So, the guys are finally free to practice until Samejima-san arrives and tells them that a weird thing was placed over his broken vase. LOL, Naoya replaced the vase with that fortune neko used to attract wealth. Naoya owned-up to his mistake and apologizes that he slipped his hand. Samejima-san goes to him and gives his body a pat, from his arms to legs, and even pats his behind much to the shock of the guys. XD. Samejima-san tells Naoya to come with him and the guys can’t complain after Samejima-san shouted at them.

At Suiran, Nagisa tells Rei that she thinks that Torao’s shoulder is hurt, she adds that she sees him wince after his making his shots and thinks that it’s better for him to get check at the hospital. Rei agrees and thanks Nagisa for telling her.

Samejima-san’s idea of punishing Naoya is by having him chop some firewood and while Naoya is chopping some firewood, Tomoki is at the love knot archway practicing his spiel once he brings Nagisa in the place. His practice gets interrupted as Nagisa and Reiko arrives, he hides in one of the temple’s stand and listens as Reiko tells Nagisa to go to the place with Ryuuji.

Tomoki listens on as Reiko tells Nagisa to attack head on since it’s a rare thing for one to fall in love and she must convey her feelings when she gets the chance. Though Nagisa didn’t admit or deny anything, she obviously considers Reiko’s suggestion and we can see Tomoki deflated.

The next day, Naoya is stop again by Samejima-kun on their way to practice to chop some woods while the guys do some serious practicing. Taking advantage of the situation, Reiko slips a note on Ryuuji’s bag, which fell when Ryuuji takes his bag. By some cruel act of fate, Tomoki sees the note and reads that Nagisa will be waiting for Ryuuji at the shrine by 6pm.

At Suiran, Rei tells Torao to have his shoulder checked at the hospital, Torao says that it’s not even an injury so there’s no need or he might catch-up to him if he stops practicing.

Elsewhere, Tomoki is still thinking whether to pass the note to Ryuuji by letting flower petals decide. The last petal suggests that he should give the note to Ryuuji and Tomoki can only slap his beautiful face from frustration. At the shrine, Nagisa waits for Ryuuji and Tomoki finally decides to give the note to Ryuuji. Tomoki passed it with a smile and tells Ryuuji to go to Nagisa since it’ll be his fault if Nagisa will wait long. Ryuuji is obviously torn since Tomoki looks so dejected, but he run to Nagisa anyway and Kouhei and Shinsuke arrives to give their best friend a pat in the back as he cries. Awww…

As for Ryuuji, he dramatically runs toward the shrine when Rei, out of nowhere, calls out to him and tells about Torao collapsing. Ryuuji chose to see Torao first, leaving Nagisa still waiting, and Torao wakes-up with Ryuuji at his bedside in the hospital. Ryuuji tells him not to over-exert himself and Torao says that he can’t afford to lose. As the old saying goes, when you’re up, there’s nothing left for you but to go down and Torao won’t have it, he must keep on winning or all his hard work will be for naught.

Ryuuji goes to the bottom of everything and asks Torao if he’s scared that Rei will abandon him if Ryuuji wins. Torao didn’t answer and Ryuuji goes on, he tells Torao that Rei was so worried about him and that Ryuuji’s sure that Rei didn’t choose Torao just because he won against him. He tells Torao to trust Rei a bit more and hopes for Torao’s shoulder to heal quickly.

Right after Ryuuji’s talk with Torao, he runs again toward the shrine, only to find it empty. You’re too late. A frantic Reiko arrives at the rundown inn and tells Naoya that she can’t get in touch with Nagisa, the two goes to the shrine and sees Ryuuji all alone. Reiko blames Ryuuji for leaving Nagisa all alone and says that Nagisa will surely be sad. Naoya suggests that they split-up and recalling Reiko’s words that Nagisa will surely be sad, Naoya recalls a childhood memory and goes to the beach side.

Naoya’s guess is spot-on and he feels relieved upon seeing Nagisa on beach side. Nagisa was just surprise and Naoya tells her not to underestimate him as her childhood friend. Nagisa was just silent and Naoya shares a story when they were kids. Nagisa’s father loves to bring them by the sea and Naoya started crying when the waves hit the rocks where they were playing. He got scared and cried until Nagisa held his hand. Naoya says that Nagisa’s hand was really warm that he calm down. He also added that when he’s sad, knowing that Nagisa is by his side, is enough to calm him down. He also thinks that it’s great to have a childhood friend so he tells Nagisa that if she’s sad and lonely, Naoya will always be by her side. *Fireworks*

Naoya also tells Nagisa that though he’s not sure what happened, he hopes that Nagisa will cheer-up. Nagisa thanks him and I’m still waiting for them to hold hands but nothing happen.

The next day, Ryuuji asks Naoya if Nagisa is okay, Naoya says that she cheered-up a bit when Naoya bought her some ice cream. When Naoya sees Samejima-san, he pleads that he let him joined the team’s practice. Ryuuji tells Samejima-san that isn’t it time for them to see if the intensive training he made Naoya do was enough and everyone is just surprise with Ryuuji’s revelation.

Practice begins and Naoya can see the fruits of his hard labor as he can shoot more strongly. Samejima-san orders everyone of them to do different set of workouts and when Chiharu asks who he is, Ryuuji answers for him and says that he’s a floater and Japan’s former representative (on water polo). Samejima-san gave the guys a “hell of a training” that they all passed-out in the locker room afterward.

Outside, Shouji sees Samejima-san and greets him respectfully. She asks why he is helping Kasu High and Samejima says that there’s an interesting guy among the team. Shouji asks if it is Mifune Ryuuji but based from Samejima’s knowing smile, we know it’s Naoya.

By night, the guys have renewed their energy that they start lighting fireworks to celebrate their last day of training camp. Shinsuke tells Kouhei and Tomoki that they will surely have fireworks next year with girls and the two can only cry with the mere mention of girls. Speaking of girls, Chiaki gets an unexpected visitor as Ryoko asks him if he wants to go to the shrine after the fireworks are done. Chiaki guesses if it’s the “love knot” and Ryoko says that even a walk together is fine. Chiaki can only say “Oh my God!” as Koki thinks that it’s a crime. haha.

Well, it’s the couple night out and Torao and Rei are walking somewhere and Rei tells Torao that she thought that Ryuuji was the reason Torao was acting that way when she was the reason all along. Rei also made it clear to Torao that the one she likes is Torao, Torao also apologizes to Rei and tells her that he will win to see Rei smile. In the end, he really just want to win. XD. He also promises her that he will go to the hospital once their back and the two couple hold hands as they walk.

If Torao gets to hold Rei’s hand then Naoya shall do, too! Naoya brings Nagisa in a power spot that will surely cheer her up and surprise, the so-called power spot is just the “love knot” shrine. haha. Nagisa is just surprise and Naoya tells her that he heard it’s a good omen if they passed-by the arch. Nagisa makes it clear the shrine are for “love ties” and Naoya is just like, “yeah, something good will happen if we passed-by the arch”. He is obviously not getting the “love” part that Nagisa can only sigh at his idiocy since he can’t even differentiate a “love knot” from a “power spot”. haha. IKR.

Naoya tells her to stop blabbering and he grabs her hand and off they ran passed-by the arch. Naoya was just laughing and Nagisa thinks that what happened was just the worst. Nagisa repeatedly hits Naoya for his stupidity and unknown to them, Reiko is just there, watching them.

The guys are all set to leave and they say their thanks to Samejima-san. Samejima-san then tells Naoya that the vase he broke costs only 500 yen. haha. Well, the guys are mostly tired, making them fall into slumber while in the coaster. Naoya wakes up and as he looks at the passing scenery, he sees an all too-familiar face, he shouts for the coaster to stop and runs outside.

Once outside, Naoya calls on “Kurosawa-san” across the street and our former blond-hair and former leader of Kasu High looks back at Naoya.


There is so much FEELS in this episode that I don’t know where to start. Well, I can say that this is my favorite episode so far, it’s just funny, sweet, and of course, there’s the BIG REVEAL.

Some of my earlier predictions are right, Nagisa does like Ryuuji and vice versa, Tomoki likes Nagisa but he’s such a nice friend to give her up for Ryuuji, which Ryuuji totally wasted the chance.

It also seems like Rei never really like Ryuuji (romantically) but she was leaning to Ryuuji because she thought that it was Ryuuji who caused Torao’s pain when she’s the reason all along. Of course, Torao thought all along that Rei likes Ryuuji and vice versa.

I wonder why Nagisa and Ryuuji never made their feelings clear when they have known each other way back or since Rei have gone out with Torao.

Now that some things have been cleared, it’ll be nice for Naoya to be a bit more sensitive and cross the “friend zone” but based from his innocent reactions, I think he just sees Nagisa as his important childhood friend since his head is just full of mizutama and yankee things.

Whatever Naoya or Nagisa might feel for each other, I hope that it won’t put a bend in Nagisa’s friendship with Reiko. Other than that, I’m screaming for more screen time between Chiaki and Ryoko. Kudos to Ryoko for making the first move since all Chiaki can do is to stare. XD

This episode should be the “training camp” episode but it was totally eclipsed by their love stories. haha. Aside from love stories, well, “boys will be boys” and it was such a surprise when the baka trio are also interested to see Chiharu naked when I thought that it will just be Chiaki and Koki. They did some serious training for a short while and I’m hoping that we can see a good game in the last two episode of this drama.

Less of all, I’m excited to see Kurosawa back for next episode as we also take a trip down the memory lane of Chiharu.

Usual credits apply.


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