Rants & Raves : King of All Media

It’s the middle of September and I felt like I’ve wasted half of my month procrastinating. I’m thinking of taking another hiatus from blogging just to sort-out some things but I have to wait until Arashi’s “BLAST in HAWAII” is over. Anyway,  here are my alter egos for my occasional Rants & Raves…

  • Yamapi mentioned on his radio program “Cross Space” that after weighing the pros and cons, he’s willing to do the “ALS ice-bucket challenge” as well as give a donation.

Rant : This is what he learned after spending time in LA. Maybe he could ask some of his Korean friends to nominate him since most celebrities and idols in Korea have joined the fad, which is kinda dying lately. Other than that, just give a donation.

Rave : I agree, he could just give a donation instead of waiting for someone to nominate him. I’m sure the donation box is always open, nominated or not.

  • NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa mentioned in his radio program, “MASTER HITS”, that he consulted each member of the group before they made their “color” change.

Rant : I’m more interested to see Massu change his hair color to yellow…then Tegoshi can dye his hair pink.

Rave : I think that yellow suits Massu since he has a sunny personality, Tego is fine with pink since he has feminine looks and even mannerism. XD. For Koyama, I think he’s better in red or blue since he’s the leader and Shige will be fine with whatever.

  • Japan’s new industry minister Obuchi Yuko’s husband, Setoguchi Katsuaki of TBS, is the drinking buddy of most Johnny’s particularly MatsuJun. Setoguchi has served as a producer to many Johnny-starring projects like Kimura’s “Good Luck!” and “Karei naru Ichizoku”, Matsumoto’s “Hana Yori dango 1 and 2” and “Smile”, and Ninomiya’s “Yamada Taro Monotagiri”. Lately, Setoguchi is rumored to have pushed Ikuta for “Ouroboros” next year.

Rant : Whoever wrote this article is bragging that Johnny’s knew this and that and they get projects just for simply “knowing” someone. Well, they can get the projects but they can’t really control the ratings.

Rave : I don’t like that this article implies that Toma got pushed for “Ouroboros” when news has it that the show was offered to Toma few years back.

  • Percentage of people not buying even a single CD annually is getting higher. 600 people were polled and 69.7% said that they didn’t buy any CD since the beginning of this year. A “download faction” is born where people would rather download songs than buy CDs. Not only it is convenient, but because most people can download songs individually or just the songs that they like. Nonetheless, some people would still buy CDs especially in cases of having an awesome coupling song like SMAP’s “orange”.

Rant : …because the likes of Spotify and iTunes is the future of music. Johnny’s should study how they can make money with these sites than compiling everything in CDs, which they usually sell in different editions to make more money. I think that most fans still purchased CDs for three reasons: (a) jacket covers; (b)having physical copies gives you more bragging rights than merely saying, “I downloaded it…”; and (c)to make sure their idols stay on top of Oricon charts.

Rave : CDs sell more as long are there are fans who are willing to buy them irregardless that most of the CD contents can be downloaded, illegally.

  • A lot of Johnny’s songs were used in Professional Baseball games usually during player introductions from Giants, ORIX, Softbanks, Yakult, Hanshin Tigers and more. The counts, are: SMAP (2); TOKIO (3); Kis-My-Ft2 (4); Kanjani8 (5); and Arashi (11). In Arashi, “Happiness”, “GUTS!”, “Cosmos” and “Calling/Breathless” are widely used with “GUTS!” chosen by 5 players. In fact, baseball fans who are not familiar with Johnny’s usually learned about the group upon hearing any of their songs during player introductions. Some examples are here, here, and here. (all of this videos are taken by fans)

Rant : I can understand GUTS! but Happiness is just unexpected. Also, why are there no KAT-TUN songs here when the group has provided songs for “Going!” and even NYC’s “Yuuki 100%” was even used once.

Rave : I will definitely watch a baseball game and I’m gonna dance once I hear Arashi’s “Happiness”.



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