“I absolutely don’t want to see Johnny’s do this” Ranking

It’s been a long time since I check Goo so I missed some of their infamous rankings involving Johnny’s. Anyway, this is a 2-month old ranking but it’s really funny that I decided to share it.

As Johnny’s are “national idols”, there are things that most of their women fans don’t want to see them do and here is the Top 10 things that you absolutely don’t want to see them do or see from them.

[Warning: Almost all are extremely foolish]


1) Pick their nose in public in eat it  – 34.8%


2) Not taking a bath – 30.8%


3) Nose hair being visible – 29.8%


4) Make an illogical excuse during a scandal – 21.0%

5) Fluffy chest hair protuding from their clothes – 20.6%


6) Frequenting a dingy cabaret from the outskirts of town – 19.4%


7) Going to goukon with a female idol night after night – 19.4%


8) Appearing on TV with a hangover – 17.6%

9) Write a tell-out book – 17.4%


10) Make a twitter account, pretend to be a fan just to know your own popularity – 15.8%

via Goo

This is super LOL, in the top spot, picking their nose is one thing but eating it is just gross. I’m sure that none of them would be caught doing that. About nose/chest hairs, most Johnny’s rarely have body hairs so I’m sure that it won’t happen. Appearing on TV with a hangover is also impossible since I’m sure that their road managers won’t allow it. The gokon every night is highly likely unless they are super busy, “boys will be boys” so I’m sure that they also like to party especially the younger ones. I like the tell-all book and having a twitter account is possible but I don’t think the fans will ever find out if they have fake twitter accounts.


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