A.B.C.-Z Wraps-Up their Summer Tour

A.B.C.-Z had their last day of tour and the management are more concerned about getting dengue fever…

As reported,

Last Sept 15th, A.B.C.-Z had the last leg of their “Summer Concert 2014 ABC-Z ‘Legend’ Tokyo Show” at Yoyogi First Gymnasium. The said tour started last August, had 10 performances in three venues in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo, and had mobilized 60,000 people.

The group specializes in awesome dance moves and acrobatic performances. Kawai Fumito was in charge of overall production for the performances where they opened the show by swinging in a giant trapeze. Tsukada Ryoichi also exceeded his own record as he did continuous backflips for 25 times in contrast to his 21 backflips record last year.

Squinting happily is Johnny’s Entertainment president, Johnny Kitagawa, who gave Kawai a perfect score for the production’s grand scale. Also, Johnny’s Jr. Jesse and Sexy Zone’s Marius Yo made a guest appearance and even sang with Hashimoto Ryosuke.

This particular tour was also met with a health scare as Johnny’s Entertainment posted a warning in their own site to inform the concert-goers to use insect repellant, avoid too much skin exposure, and avoid walking on the sidewalk adjacent to Yoyogi Park. The said warning was made after mosquitoes with dengue virus was found in Yoyogi Park, which is the main point of infection. 100 or more insect repellant sprays and mosquito coils was also prepared for the hall. Hashimoto makes light of the warning and rolls-up his sleeves and says that he has an insect repellant watch attached.

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Sanspo


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