Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 012)

After seeing Takaki’s FRIDAY pic, I know that I have to write about it. Since we’re on the topic of relationships, true or not, here are also some of rumored relationships where the tabloids are just desperate to see them to make a marriage registration.

Involved parties, are: Takaki Yuya, Miyake Ken, and Nagano Hiroshi

As reported,

  • Takaki Yuya in a semi-cohabitation with a gravure idol?

 Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Takaki Yuya got FRIDAY‘d as pictures of him in a supposed-to-be cohabitation with a gravure idol named Aimi Hara. Aimi is a member of “Slender Legs Squadron DX” and rumor has it that the two started dating a year ago after they met in Roponggi. Takaki was seen leaving his posh apartment in Shibuya and took-off with a taxi. Afterwards, Hara arrived with large tote bag and went in of Takaki’s apartment even though he’s not at home. Rumors are ripe that Hara has her own duplicate keys while Takaki is known to be paying the rent in full .

Is it so impossible that they are flatmates? Or maybe, there’s another unit within the apartment. As long as they weren’t photographed together, claims of cohabitation is null. 

  • Shibasaki Kou and Miyake Ken to get married later this year?
This is last year’s picture

Reported to be lovestruck with each other last year after paparazzi caught them together, rumors are swirling that the two are headed to marriage. Shibasaki’s recent career move is rumored to be influence by Miyake especially with Shibasaki’s music activities. The two are dating smoothly and even though Miyake has the least more among V6 members, he managed to return to drama land this year with “Hottokenai Majotachi”.

So, I got fooled with the title since obviously, there’s not much news with their impending marriage. I’m still hoping that Shibasaki and Satoshi Tsumabuki will get back together but if she wants a more laidback relationship with Miyake, then I wish  them happiness. However, there are too many marriage rumors lately and I don’t think any of them will come true soon.

  • Nagano Hiroshi is seeing Ayase Haruka?

A random sighting turns to “dating rumor”. Back then, Nagano is rumored to be dating Otsuka Chihiro and that the two are heading toward marriage. However, a marriage didn’t happen and now at 42 years old, Nagano was seen in a certain store in Kamakura with actress Ayase Haruka. The two weren’t alone, they were with other people like a family.

Maybe they were with each other’s families and just sort-of ran to one another, or they could be in a tour group. haha. Nagano is too old for Ayase tbh. Anyway, I just want to see everyone in V6 and TOKIO to get married, it’s high time that they do that. 

via Johnny’s-Watcher 1,2, and 3


6 thoughts on “Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 012)

  1. Yah…it’s high time for JE Oji-samas to settle down…Aside from Tokio and V6, there’s still some of SMAP’s…hehehe…

    As for Yuya, hmmmmmm…just because Hara was seen in that building, it doesn’t mean that she’s on her way to Yuya’s flat…that’s too presumptuous. S

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