NEWS to have a New Variety Show

A variety show for NEWS and a chance for the four of them to host it together.

As reported,

It has been announced that NEWS will be hosting Nippon TV’s variety special, titled: “4 x 9” starting this October. This is the group’s first variety show as a 4-nin group.

The program contents will be have the members interact with 9 unique members of  public via the internet from the studio to their homes. There will be a certain theme to talked about each week and NEWS will be divided into 2 sets where one will go on location to do a “force house investigation”.

Masuda Takahisa says that the show is an “epoch-making” system in an uncanny time while Koyama Keiichiro is glad for the opportunity for the show to become a regular and to increase the group’s activity.

“4 x 9” will start airing on Oct 6th at 23:59 (JST).

via jnews1 and Hochi

Image credit :  uedanoyosei


4 thoughts on “NEWS to have a New Variety Show

  1. Regarding what Koyama said, does this mean that this show isn’t regular? Just a one time thing or seasonal? I hope it gets good ratings so they can do the show regularly.


  2. I’m SO happy to hear this!!! Yes! I totally agree with Koyama, I want to see more group activity. When you haven’t seen NEWS for a while you really start to miss them. The only thing that could make this better would be if they connected with interactional fans!

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