Yara Tomoyuki Reprises his Role for “Douke no Hitomi”

Yara gets to reprise his 2 yr old role as Johnny’s getting younger roles (ie, Morita Go playing a 15 yr old boy). Oh well, let’s just be enthralled with Yara’s dance moves.

As reported,

Yara Tomoyuki attended the production announcement for the musical, “Douke no Hitomi” (A Clown’s Eyes), in Tokyo.

The said musical is a revival of the original work that premiered in 2012 that includes tap dancing, juggling, and solo dance.

31 yrs. old Yara will reprise his role as the 12 yr old boy named Kenichi who has leukemia. While Kenichi’s in the hospital, he draws a picture book inspired by the people around him for his blind mother. In the second part of the musical, Yara will play one of the characters from Kenichi’s picture book, a shoe-shine boy in 1930’s England and a group of clowns.

Yara commented that playing a 12 yr old is more natural now after having it  done before and smiles for being suited to play a child’s role. He also added that he practice (particularly juggling, I think) since he’ll be acting before the public and he wants them to watch his performance with ease.

Douke no Hitomi” will run from Oct 5th to 17th at Theater Crea.

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Toho Stage


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