Arashi “Storms” Hawaii

Sorry for the redundancy in the title, I can’t help it.

As reported,

Last Sept 19th (Hawaii, US time;Sept 20 in Japan), popular group Arashi celebrated their 15 years anniversary of debut live from Ko Olina resort in Hawaii, USA. The group have fond memories of Hawaii as they debuted in Waikiki aboard a luxury liner last Sept 1999.

A “storm” of excitement arises with the upscale resort at the background that can be reach 50 minutes by car inside of Honolulu. 150 bus units with Arashi’s logo brought fans to and from the venue that includes Japanese fans. The streets of Oahu, particularly along Kalakaua Ave., was lined with 113 Arashi flags and some fans shared that those in immigration bureau would ask them if they are in Hawaii for Arashi concert upon their arrival. A local paper reported that their arrival brought Hawaii US$20.7 million in economic revenue.

Arashi arrived via helicopter that left 15,000 audiences stunned. Ninomiya Kazunari shouted, “the storm has arrived!”, and charmed the audience in quick succession with their hit songs, which includes their debut song, “A · RA · SHI“. The group also performed with a local Hawaiian band with the setting sun as the backdrop.

Fans stirred with admiration for Arashi as they have gone a long a way, overcoming hurdles as 5-members, and now they are a group who represents Japan. Arashi’s leader, Ohno Satoshi said that even though there was sad feeling 15 yrs ago, he can no longer feel that [sad feeling] from that time. Sakurai Sho added, “With pride and affection, I was able to return with  Arashi on the Hawaiian ground”. “Thank you members, these five people are impressive,” Matsumoto Jun said with deep emotion as the rest starts crying.

(c) ありんこ @ARincoS04

A special stage was set-up for the venue that is twice the size of Tokyo Dome. Transported from Japan via sea are 16 container vans for stage equipment as well as 20 tons worth of equipment transferred by air. The stage measures 50 meters together with a 57 meters runway. 400 fireworks were used and Arashi moves in between the audience with the moving stage, a large-scale production that is no different in Japan.

Also present to cheer them on are their kouhais, Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi and KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya who watched them live.

Arashi “BLAST in HAWAII” will continue until the 20th (Hawaii, US time) and will mobilized 30,000 people.  Leaving tears and a beautiful strong impact, Arashi has created a new legend in Hawaii performances that prompted the Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, to enact Sept 19th as “ARASHI DAY“.

via Sanspo 1 2 , 3 and Sponichi Annex  1 and 2

I’m still sobbing like a proud mama for Arashi’s achievement, sobbing that I wasn’t there, and sobbing that JE might not released a DVD if those fancams/fanvids/papa pics won’t be deleted, if that’s true.


12 thoughts on “Arashi “Storms” Hawaii

  1. I’ve lived in Hawaii all my life. I was ecstatic when it was announced that Arashi were to perform here in Hawaii. Got to know about Arashi – through Hana Yori Dango. I attended the concerts last weekend and it was awesome. They brought the moving stages, moving carts, fireworks…and performed for 3 solid hours. The weather was hot, so at one point MatsuJun took off his jacket. Ohno-Kun wanted his jacket off, too, but it was stuck to him. The guys had to peel it off of him. They had a centerstage in the audience, where they sang, danced and talked. There were also very large water sprays on the stage. They sprayed themselves and the audience. Everyone loved it.

    As I wrote in another area – there was a spectacular sunset for Arashi. At one point MatsuJun got me so nervous. As those moving stages went around(at leaset 30 ft. high) he sat on the ledge, waved and sang.

    Towards the end, each member of Arashi gave a speech. It was so emotional. Each member cried so did all of us in the audience. Satoshi Ohno’s was so deep, that when it was Masaki Aiba’s turn, he said something like “I forgot what I was going to say”. That’s one of the characteristics I love about Aiba-kun. But Aiba-Kun got it together and gave his emotional speech. When Arashi’s “Blast in Hawaii’s” DVD is released I’m purchasing several: for myself and several friends. I hope Arashi comes to Hawaii every year. Arashi has such charisma and are humble.


    • I’m not exactly sure but I read somewhere he mentioned that he was thinking of quitting JE prior to their debut but he might as well go to Hawaii before he quits. Of course, he didn’t quit since they went to Hawaii to debut.


  2. I’m so jealous after seeing those fanvids and fancams but now I’m just happy. That rumor of Johnny not releasing dvd, sure its not true or he won’t get more money, hehe. I hope more johnny’s went to their concert but I guess everyone else has something to do but lots of love for Okura and Kame.

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  3. I’ve been waiting for this, thank you! I’m so amazed with Arashi, so proud of them and I really wish I was there. The moving stage and all those neon lights I saw from twitter are so grand, even if this event brought millions of money, you can say that Johnny didn’t pinch a penny but they really spent a lot. I’ll definitely buy the dvd once its out. Arashi, SUGOI!

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