Suikyu Yankees Episode 9

We’re near the final episode and after some romance and fun from the 8th episode, this episode is quite heartbreaking as Naoya meets again his former yankee hero. Aside from that, it seems like Nagisa is has gotten her feelings sorted-out.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 9

Continuing from last episode, Naoya goes down from the coaster to confirm that the guy across the street is Kurosawa, The Kurosawa, who have influenced almost everything about him from his physical appearance to his beliefs.

Kurosawa, now with black hair, looks peeved about his admirer and instead of saying anything, he drove his company’s van away. Despite being ignored, Naoya is happy that he finally found his idol.

At the okonomiyaki place, Naoya excitedly tells everyone the story how he met Kurosawa and how he became his idol. Shinsuke’s onee-chan asks Nagisa to make Naoya stop since he has talked for hours and Nagisa tells him that he has been like that since yesterday.

Reiko asks Naoya about the “aim to the top” notebook (that notebook from the 1st episode), and Naoya tells her that it has all the steps necessary for him [Naoya] to become the strongest man. Naoya reads some of Kurosawa’s “words of wisdom” when he saved chibi Naoya until Nagisa tells him to ask and start eating.

Naoya attempts to sit at the baka trio table but he gets shoved to the other table since the table is reserve for Ryuuji. XD. Ryuuji arrives and it was such an awkward moment between him and Nagisa. After all, Ryuuji stood her up, deliberately or not. Ryuuji apologizes for what happen the other day and Nagisa tells him that it’s alright since he has to go to Kitajima (Torao) who was in the hospital. Ouch. Ryuuji tells her that he wants to talk properly to Nagisa next time and she gives him a nod.

After the meal, Reiko decides to talk to Nagisa since she can’t still erase the memory of seeing Nagisa and Naoya running through the “love-knot” arch so she asks Nagisa, “who do you like, Ryuuji-san or Naoya-san?” Reiko adds that she seriously likes Naoya so she wants to know about Nagisa’s feelings. Nagisa tries to gives her an answer but, in the end, she can’t utter a name. Reiko then run-away.

At Kasu’s practice, everyone is praising Naoya that his shots are getting faster. Chiharu is equally happy and excited for the match. She gives them the flyer that announces the upcoming match between Kasu High and Suiran. Chiaki imagines himself giving Chiharu the poster, while telling Chiharu to watch his fearless figure via front seat. However, instead of imagining Chiharu accepting his invitation, a different girl emerges from imagination and it’s Ryoko. Heeee.

Naoya gets a flyer from Chiharu and says that he’ll be inviting Kurosawa. While Naoya runs away, Chiaki comes to Chiharu asking for her advice. At the school’s rooftop, Chiharu happily tells Chiaki that what he feels is what you call love. Chiaki tells him that it’s impossible since the one he likes is Chiharu so she tells him to close his eyes and imagine what is it that he wanted the most. Chiaki answers that he wants to ride a duck boat. LOL. And Chiharu asks him to imagine who is he riding with. Chiaki opens his eyes without answering and Chiharu tells him that she [Ryoko] has a good taste since the man she likes has become a better man.

On their way to school, Rei tells Torao that she heard before that the reason their coach retired is because of a shoulder injury. Shouji-sensei was aiming for her college’s third consecutive win when she injured her shoulder ligaments. Rei tells Torao that he almost became like their coach and he tells Rei that he became what he is now because of their coach so he trusts him.

Elsewhere, Naoya goes to see Kurosawa at his company. Naoya asks if Kurosawa remembers him, the kid he saved 10 years ago, and the recipient of the his uniform. Naoya opens his uniform and we can see that Kurosawa recognizes it as his due to the markings inside it. Naoya tells Kurosawa that he admires him and that he always wanted to be a strong yankee like he was so he went to Kasu High. Kurosawa let him drone-on and when he got bored, he starts pushing the cleaning materials cart (or whatever you call those). Naoya stops him and says that Kasu High was on the verge of closing down but once they win the mizutama tournament and be at top of the prefecture, he’ll be able to protect the school from closing.

Naoya gives him the suikyu flyer but Kurosawa only has one to say, “worthless”. Caught by surprise, Naoya is not sure if he should believe what he heard until Kurosawa repeated it and says that  Kasu High is worthless.

Still shock over his conversation with Kurosawa, Naoya feels so down that he lost his will to practice to the point of saying that he quita. At Nagisa’s place, Nagisa knocks on Naoya’s room to invite him for breakfast but she gets no answer so she goes in and sees Naoya’s uniform hanging by the window (we know that he always wear that uniform), and more to her surprise, she sees Naoya’s “aim to the top” notebook shredded in the trash bin.

Kasu High mizutama club together with Nagisa and her parents had an emergency meeting at Nagisa’s place. Shinsuke says that Naoya might not come back, after all, he only went to Kasu High to be recognized by his idol and Naoya’s probably thinking what he has done with his life all those years.

Nagisa shares that chibi Naoya was a real crybaby, he would hide behind Nagisa and cry when things gone awry. Until one day, after he received the uniform from Kurosawa, the crybaby chibi Naoya tells chibi Nagisa that he will never cry and that he will get stronger so she can protect Nagisa. Awww….

Recalling that moment, Nagisa says that Naoya suddenly looked cool and since then, Naoya have done great strides so he can be recognized by Kurosawa including starting the suikyu team. Nagisa cries as she leans on Naoya’s jacket. Nagisa-papa tells her that she’s the only one who can find Naoya.

At Kurosawa’s workplace, Chiharu tells Kurosawa to take back the words he said to Naoya. Kurosawa says that it’s none of her business and Chiharu says that it’s her business since Kurosawa is the one who change her life. I actually feel sorry for Kurosawa for getting all those pressure when he was just being cool. As it happened, Chiharu was present when Kurosawa saved chibi Naoya from those yakuzas. Listening to Kurosawa telling chibi Naoya about not giving-up, she decided that she wants to be a teacher to the place where the likes of Kurosawa goes to. So, she became a  teacher at Kasu High and that Naoya and she changed after meeting Kurosawa.

Elsewhere, Naoya sits alone on a bench when Nagisa arrives and puts his uniform on. Naoya gives her a questioning look and Nagisa copies what he says when he found her by the beach side, “don’t underestimate your childhood friend”. Shinsuke was right with his earlier statement because Naoya tells Nagisa that what he did for the past 10 years have all been a waste.

Nagisa tells him that it was not a waste since even though Naoya was such a crybaby, he made efforts just to get stronger. She’s happy that she met a stronger Naoya because she likes the Naoya now. After reuniting with Naoya, it made her think that maybe she can also change as long as she won’t give up.

Then Naoya heard Ryuuji’s voice, Ryuuji says that it wasn’t just Nagisa and when he turned around, he sees his friends in their yankee outfits. Gah, I love this! Tomoki tells Naoya that his yankee spirit has pierced through their hearts, Chiaki says that they have also changed after meeting him, and Ryuuji says that Naoya has taught them some very important things.

Ryuuji tells him that it’s his turn to tell those things to Kurosawa-san and gives him back his “aim to the top” notebook.

Following Ryuuji’s advice, Naoya goes to Kurosawa’s workplace and gives him a challenge letter. The two ends-up at the riverbank where Naoya tells him to take back what he said the last time they met, about Kasu High being worthless. Naoya adds that Kasu High is his pride and he won’t allow anyone to call it worthless.

Kurosawa says that Naoya will understand once he gets older, he should also stop calling Kasu High his pride, and that he should live more decently. Naoya gives him a punch, Kurosawa didn’t fight back and it looks like he has no will to fight either. This irks Naoya and lands another punch on his face. Naoya asks him again why won’t he fight back and Kurosawa says that it’s because its worthless. Naoya then tells him all the things he did just to be recognized by Kurosawa, so he shouldn’t be telling him that it’s worthless, that Kasu High is worthless.

Naoya asks what had happened to him, and when he didn’t stop, Kurosawa finally gave him a punch. Kurosawa starts saying what he has endured a lot when everyone looked at him differently just because he came from Kasu High. He had forgotten everything until Naoya arrived to make him remember those things and that Kurosawa has nothing to be proud of.

Naoya stands-up and tells Kurosawa that he will be Kurosawa’s pride. Naoya will get to the top with his team so that Kurosawa will be proud of Kasu High again. Naoya repeats Kurosawa’s words of wisdom back them, “if you won’t give up, nothing will end, the possibilities are endless”. Naoya removes his uniform and gives it back to Kurosawa, recalling Kurosawa’s earlier words to return the uniform once he has gotten stronger. Naoya also thanked him for everything.

At Nagisa’s place, Nagisa greets Naoya as he arrived. Nagisa asks him if he has thanked Kurosawa and he says that he did. Nagisa also tells him that his face looks awful, and before she leaves to get the medicine kit, Naoya asks her if she did say that she likes him. Naoya looks like he felt his heart flutter after Nagisa admitted that she likes Naoya so she makes a clarification. Nagisa says that her like for Naoya is just like how he likes corn. LOL.

Before Nagisa can again leave, Naoya asks him if she’s the one who fixed his notebook because he can’t find the last page. What is at the last page?! Naoya asks Nagisa and hopes that she didn’t see the last page and Nagisa pretends to think it over and says that she didn’t see anything.

Next day, Naoya is now as cheerful and energetic as ever as they practiced for their upcoming match. VP Kuwabara arrives to tell them to head to the faculty room. At the faculty room ,we get butt shots, as the mizutama team gets new boomerang pants. I like the old one better. Anyway, the new one looks like it’s polka dots but the round thing is actually the water ball they used.

At Suiran, Shouji-sensei looks over the Suiran’s banner when Torao arrives to tell her that he won’t make her regret for choosing him to be at Suiran and that they will win tomorrow’s game.

Elsewhere, Ryoko tells Chiaki that she will cheer her on. Oh, torn between your school and the one you like, huh? Chiaki was like, “eh?”, so Ryoko tells him that he’s so dense and goes straight to the point by telling him that she loves him. Recalling Chiharu’s advice, Chiaki tells Ryoko that if he wins tomorrow’s match, will she be his girlfriend? Ohhhh! Ryoko gives him a nod and Koki is nearby listening to their conversation and we can see him giving his bff his approval. So sweet.

Since it’s confession time, Ryuuji talks to Naoya at poolside to tell him that he loves Nagisa and if they win the match tomorrow, he’ll confess his feelings for her. Ryuuji asks Naoya what he feels for Nagisa and Naoya says that he doesn’t know. What?! He doesn’t know but he always think of protecting Nagisa and if that means love, then, he loves Nagisa. Woot!

At Nagisa’s room, she opens her keepsake box to put in the last page of Naoya’s notebook. Open it, open it! Well, she did open it, and inside are the words, “I want to be a strong man so I can protect Nagisa”.

The match between Kasu High and Suiran will be tomorrow and as Ryuuji and Naoya part ways, a masked/hooded man hits Naoya, which landed on his shoulder. Uh oh.


What’s with the “if we win tomorrow, will you got out with me?”, are they trying to pressure themselves so they’ll do better? Geez, isn’t their original goal is to save Kasu High from closing? haha. I can finally see that Nagisa has realized her feelings for Naoya and Naoya have always like Nagisa but he’s too dense to even realize it. On Ryuuji, he really wasted the chance that Tomoki gave him. Despite the love triangles and stuff, I’m happy that Ryuuji and Naoya aren’t seriously fighting over Nagisa just how Tomoki gave up on Nagisa for Ryuuji.

Anyway, the blow on Naoya’s shoulder is expected since the villains have to do something before the game. But I’m not that worried since Torao also has some injury on his shoulder. XD. I’m sure that before-game injury will give Kasu a handicap but this will also make the match more exciting.

On Kurosawa, he looks cool as ever but he has the attitude of a wimp after all his big talk. XD. I’m sure he got pressured but his reasons for calling his old school worthless is just a shame since it was Kasu High’s glory days during the time he was enrolled at school so I don’t know what is really his problem.

This episode is short but most conflicts have been straightened so we can all relax and enjoy the match for the next episode.


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3 thoughts on “Suikyu Yankees Episode 9

  1. Thanks for the summary!

    I love the Naoya-Kurosawa scene at the riverbank, especially that ‘return the uniform’ thing. I was sympathizing (is that a word?) with Kurosawa at that scene (I think that he met some hardships due to Kasu High after graduation and became bitter because of it) and wondered how Naoya would react but his sincerity blew me away. Naoya really looked cool in that.

    I also like their old uniform better. I really thought those circles were polka dots until you pointed out that those were balls. Now half of me thinks that those were water polo balls but the other half still thinks those were polka dots. Haha.


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