Okura Tadayoshi as a Sadistic Boss in “Clover”


I’ve shipped them since “Otenki onee-san” and this movie looks cute even with an old plot.

As reported,

Last Sept 22nd, Kanjani8‘s Okura Tadayoshi and actress Takei Emi attended the completion announcement for their movie, “Clover“, at Tokyo International Forum. Also in attendance, are: Nagayama Kento, Kana, Kamiji Yusuke and Director Furusawa Takeshi.

Based from the popular manga by Chiya Toriko, “Clover” is an office romance manga of ill-matched love between an office lady named Suzuki Saya (Takei) and her sadistic boss, Tsuge Akira (Okura).

There is a certain scene from the movie where Takei was called “baka” by Okura and during the event, Takei challenge him to show his “S” self and say “baka” at least 3 to 4 times. When he said it, 1000 fans gave a shrill of joy. Okura joke that the “S” is really Takei.

Okura hurled more abusive language during filming that it gave him a sad feeling and a pain in his heart because he said too many violent language to such a pretty person.

Clover” will hit the theaters on Nov 1st.

via Sanspo and Rakuten Woman

*S means sadistic/sadist


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