Yamapi’s Drama Ranking

A Yamapi-centered ranking of his performance from his past dramas.

As reported,

Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi is starring in the upcoming movie, “Kinkyori Renai“, about a difficult teacher-and-student relationship. The said movie is regarded to be one of Yamapi’s best work. Yamapi has done lots of dramas before, even from his teenage years, and working women were asked, among Yamapi’s drama, where did his performance really shine?

Here is the result:

1) Nobuta wo Produce  – 25.5%

2) Kurosagi – 12.5%

3) Buzzer Beat – 11.5%

4) Dragon Zakura – 8.0%

5) Code Blue – 7.5%

6) Lunch Queen – 6.0%

7) Ikebukuro West Gate Park – 5.5%

8) Kabachitare! – 5.0%

8) Proposal Daisakusen – 5.0%

10) Stand Up! – 2.0%

10) SUMMER NUDE – 2.0%

Some readers chose Yamapi’s “Nobuta wo Produce” where he plays Akira as their favorite because he had a good role with a good character, they learned about Yamapi’s existence through the drama, and that his combination with Kamenashi (Kazuya) is good.

For the second one, some readers commented that they pick “Kurosagi” because of Yamapi’s poker face and that it’s interesting to see him play different roles and even though he was playing the bad character, you just can’t hate him.

For the third one, some readers commented that Yamapi’s role in “Buzzer Beat” because he looked good playing a basketball player and that he’s so cool.

via News Ameba

LOL that his recent drama is the least favorite. Anyway, aside from SUMMER NUDE and Kabachitare!, I’ve seen everything else. Though I first saw Yamapi in Nobuta, I don’t like his character or maybe I was just too focused on Kame. But I remember that I don’t like Akira because I can’t make it whether he’s gay or he’s retarded. However, I like Nobuta in general.

My favorite Yamapi drama will always be Kurosagi and Code Blue. Yamapi has lots of bashers in Kurosagi, but I really like how he portrayed his character and that poker face is just part of it. There’s also something about genius Yamapi in Code Blue that makes him so appealing. I also like his character in IWGP just because he’s so cute. haha.


10 thoughts on “Yamapi’s Drama Ranking

  1. Yamapi with Horikita Maki….. Their are really great on the screen… and I think that now, after many years, they are grown up. They are mature for a very passionate love story to see. I’m sorry that their promoters, don’t move in that direction, beause in that case, the box offices improve in a short time.


  2. It’s called Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni (such a long title!). His performance wasn’t astounding by any means (and I hate his hair here) but his role was different.

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  3. I definitely liked NwP, Buzzer Beat, and Stand Up! But if we’re talking about where he shines, I think he did well in NwP, IWGP, Code Blue (the crying scene with his grandma!), and that drama where he was ill and fell in love with an older woman.

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  4. “But I remember that I don’t like Akira because I can’t make it whether he’s gay or he’s retarded.” Haha, so true! 😀

    My fav Yamapi’s drama is Buzzer Beat because he’s so cute and little stupid (= suits him well :D) there. 😀 Kurosagi is really good drama too and I like him like bad guy but I don’t like Maki so… 😀

    And I can understand why is SUMMER NUDE last. It was somewhat not good… :/


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