Masuda Takahisa Kicks-Off “Friends” Stage Play

If only stage plays gets televised.

As reported,

On Sept 26th, NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa celebrated the first day run of the stage play, “Friend: Konya koko de no Hitosakari” at Tokyo Globe Theater.

The said stage play tells the story of Nakahara Chuya (Endo Kaname), an active poet during the early years of tumultous Showa period and his friends including Yoshihiro Yasuhara (Masuda Takahisa) who continued to support Nakahara.

Although this is Masuda’s 4th stage play, it was the first time that he received flowers the other 3 members of NEWS. “I was glad”, Masuda said with a smile, “it’s unlikely for members to see me onstage but they might do so this time,” he added.  Also, he got inspired from Arashi’s BLAST in HAWAII, that he wanted to feel the heat from their live concert so he will work harder so he won’t to lose and to catch up with his seniors.

Friend: Konya koko de no Hitosakari” will run until Oct 19th at Tokyo and on Nov 4th to 9th at Osaka.

via jnews1 and Yahoo!Japan


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