Suikyu Yankees Episode 10 (Final)

It’s the final episode and while the ending is such a cliche, it’s such a heartwarming episode that I’m sure, I will miss these characters.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 10

It’s the day of the fated match between Kasumino Technical High School and Suiran Private High School and the sports arena is filled to the max. Kasu High’s faculty members are all present with matching blue towels on their shoulders, the shopping association are also present and they are seated behind Kasu High’s faculty. Really, they switched sides too easily. On the other side are students from Suiran, which includes their Suikyu girls team.

Nagisa looks with anticipation for Naoya, which didn’t miss Reiko’s watchful eye. Meanwhile, Ryoko is silently cheering for Chiaki and Rei is all for Torao.

At Kasu High’s locker room, Naoya subtlety massages his right shoulder; Ryuuji is positive that his last night’s attacker is Goda, but Naoya isn’t too concern on the identity of his attacker and tells Ryuuji that he’ll be okay. Chiharu comes in to wish the guys the best of luck and confidently says that they will win.

The game starts with our players treading with ease and concentration. At the blow of the whistle, each players swim to their target, the ball, which is at the middle of the pool. Naoya manages to grab the ball first and throws it over to Ryuuji. Ryuuji catches it and Torao challenges him for a match. Ryuuji ignores him and throws the ball toward Tomoki, who throws it over to Chiaki, and Chiaki makes a feint before throwing it over to Naoya. Naoya throws the ball toward the goal and scores– much to Goda’s ire.

However, Torao manages to score back and when Kasu managed to get the ball, the baka trio can’t help but recall all those months that they were bullied as they show those bullies how much stronger they have become. Naoya gets the ball again but his shoulder is starting to hurt that he cant’ give a stronger throw so he passes the ball to Chiaki who manages to score another goal for Kasu High.

You can see Goda’s evil smile as Naoya is obviously in pain and Nagisa and Shouji seem to have noticed it as well.

First quarter ended with the score of 2-1 in favor of Kasu High. The baka trio are rejoicing their lead while Ryuuji is worried for Naoya who is still insisting that he’s alright. At Suiran’s side, Shouji instructs Kosaka to focus guarding on Ryuuji instead of Naoya, something that Torao seems to disagree but he didn’t voice out anything.

Second quarter starts and Ryuuji is being sandwich by two players; however, he manages to throw the ball to Naoya. Even though the goal is open, Naoya wasn’t able to throw it inside due to his shoulder injury. The team still managed to finished the second quarter with 10-3 in favor of Suiran.

At the bench side, Torao confronts Goda if he’s the one who injured Naoya. Shouji tells Torao that it’s not the time for them to argue but Torao thinks that it’s wrong for them to use Kasu’s weakness as a strategy to win. So, Shouji frankly tells them that if they fight fairly, they will not win, and she’s ready to use any means to win the game. So, she’s finally looking highly at Kasu.

Shouji heads over to Kasu and we can see that Naoya’s right shoulder is now inflamed, which is weird since he got hit last night and the hematoma have only started to show. Shouji tells Naoya that he should withdraw, he has a talent for water polo and he should not throw away his future for this match. Naoya stands-up and says that Kasu High will have no future if he withdraws.

Ryuuji tells Naoya that he should rest for the next quarter (third quarter) and have his shoulder treated. The other members finds it worrisome to play without Naoya but Ryuuji says that the six of them will fight. Shouji tells Ryuuji to give-up, but being influenced by Naoya, Ryuuji says that they will not win if they give up. They asked Chiharu is if it’s alright with her and she agrees. Shouji tells Chiharu that as the club’s adviser, she should stop his students, but Chiharu says that as part of the team, she respects their decision since she believes in them.

Technically, this should not be allowed since water polo should have 6 field members and 1 goalkeeper, which is 7 members in total.

Naoya goes to the clinic and Reiko gives Nagisa a nudge to follow Naoya. Reiko says that even though she likes Naoya, the one Naoya needs now is Nagisa. Awww. The remaining six members starts to prepare even though they are obviously a bit scared. So, Kasu High’s faculty gives the team a loud cheer together with the rest of the shopping district to show their support to the six-man team.

Nagisa heads over to the clinic where the doctor have just finished injecting painkillers to Naoya. Naoya says that he believes in his teammates that they will win. He also adds that even if his shoulder gets broken, he will still fight. Nagisa grabs a marker to write “the top” on Naoya’s right palm. She clasps her hands to his and prays for his arm to last until the end of the game. Nagisa tells Naoya that she’ll be watching him, him who has gotten stronger.

Naoya returns to the game and finds that Kasu managed to score three goals on the third quarter, which still gives Suiran a 5-point lead but considering that they are short of one member, they managed to score 3 goals while Suiran only got 1.

Torao goes to Shouji and begs her that for the last quarter, he wants the team to fight fairly. Though I didn’t think that they were playing dirty at all. Shouji says if she allows that, everything that Torao had done will be for naught; but Torao wants Shouji to believe in them as they play the water polo that she has taught them. The other members, except for Goda, also stood up and begs Shouji so she tells them that they can do as they wish.

At Kasu’s side, Chiharu gives them words of encouragement as they ready themselves for the final quarter of the match. We can see Chiaki and Koki applying their zen lessons as they stood-up in line with their eyes close and their hands in Venus lock. Suiran has a 5-point lead and tying the score will surely be challenge. As the guys mentally prepare, an unexpected visitor arrives for Naoya. It’s Kurosawa! Naoya is thrilled to see him and Kurosawa tells them to catch-up. Then, he repeats the words of wisdom that he imparted to chibi Naoya about not giving-up and so.

As the rest of the team jumps into the pool, Ryuuji and Naoya remains standing. Ryuuji looks-up at the bleachers and sees Nagisa with her eyes focused on Naoya. Ryuuji asks Naoya if he remembers their earlier conversation about surpassing Torao, Naoya says that he does remember it, and Ryuuji tells him that they will win since someone is waiting for their victory. Speaking of that someone, Naoya looks up and gives Nagisa a thumbs-up.

The final quarter starts with each team scoring goals until they tied at 13 and with only 30 seconds remaining on the clock. Torao gets the ball but Naoya manages to stop his jump and throw with 20 seconds remaining on the clock. Naoya looks at Ryuuji and to the rest of the team as they talk with their eyes for their next move. Kouhei throws the ball to Tomoki, who throws it to Shinsuke, then to Koki, then to Chiaki, off to Ryuuji, and with 3 seconds remaining, Naoya catches the ball to seal the deal.

Kasu High wins the game at 14-13.

After the game, both teams congratulated each other in good riddance. Shouji tells her team to remember the day that they lost so that this experience will make them stronger. She also adds that she’s proud to have fought together with the team. Lead by Torao, the rest of Suiran Suikyu men’s team bowed at Shouji.

At Kasu’s side, the guys are still rejoicing their win when the Principal arrives together with the school’s faculty. Naoya happily tells the Principal that Kasu High won’t closed down and Kurosawa went back to give his jacket back at Naoya. Kurosawa says that Naoya was able to bring back his pride for Kasu High and drapes the jacket on Naoya while adding that he has become stronger.

Outside, Naoya chases Nagisa to confess but he is having some hyperventilation and palpitations before he can say anything. Borrowing some courage from the words on Kurosawa’s jacket, he goes on saying how he won’t lose in chivalry and spirit and how his feelings for Nagisa won’t lose either. Then, the big moment came as he tells Nagisa that he loves her. Nagisa walks over and tells Naoya that she loves him as well. Before Naoya can hug Nagisa or whatever, he gets interrupted by the rest of his teammates who have seen and heard his confession including Ryuuji who gave Nagisa a nod. XD

Three months after, Nagisa writes a letter to Shouji, who now teaches water polo to kids, as she recounts the current happenings of everyone’s life. Torao has started coaching the new team with the goal, “Beat Kasu High”. In Kasu, the school have also started recruiting new members for the team with Chiharu getting more engrossed in learning about water polo.


The other guys have moved on after the game, Shinsuke is busy as he has started designing costumes for Kanna-chan. LOL. He rarely hangs-out with Tomoki and Kouhei who seems  to always carry their group photograph with Kanna-chan after they won the game. They look so awkward and shy in the picture. XD

Ryuuji got a college recommendation after being considered to be part of all-Japan team and is in training. The conflict between Kasu High and Suiran is gone as new couples have been born. The stalker duo must have forgotten their love for Chiharu as Chiaki gets Ryoko and Koki gets Reiko. XD.

Kurosawa have started studying so he can fulfill his dream of being a teacher in his alma mater while still juggling work. As for Nagisa, she wants to play water polo again once she enters college and for Naoya, well, Naoya’s time has come to hand down the famous Kurosawa jacket as he drapes it to a bullied kid (who resembles chibi Naoya a lot. XD) Ryuuji now calls Naoya, “leader” and after their summer ended, everyone will continue to walk toward their dreams, all thanks to Naoya.


Wow, they really won the game! I was half-expecting that they’ll win but that will be too cliche so they might lost; but they did win! Thank you writers for making them win. I think I’ll never be contented if they lost after everything that they have to endure. One of the downside of the last episode is that there’s too much flashback for every scene.

Suikyu Yankees had been unexpected right from the start. I’ve expected yankee stuff with all the blood and metal pipes but it turned out to be a comedy and teen love. In some ways, it was also disappointment since I was really expecting serious playing and not just some one-time or two-time game.

The love developments is the most unexpected. I have seen a lot of Jdramas and they are known to stick to their genre and storyline so seeing OTPs by the end of the series was like, “woah!” The scene when Nagisa clasped Naoya’s hand as she says a little prayer was just so sweet and touching. I think it was their sweetest moment more than Naoya’s confession.

Some are saying that the love plot is totally irrelevant but I guess it’s also inevitable in a setting with childhood friends, not just between Naoya and Nagisa, but also with Ryuuji and the baka trio who have known each other since junior high. I did wish that Naoya will go the sensei route and end up with Chiharu, haha, until Kurosawa entered the scene and I think that they suit each other more. From all the surprising OTPs, Koki and Reiko topped all of them. XD

Inaba Naoya is such a charming character. His yankee-ish attitude may seem all wrong at the start, but it grows on you. I will miss his stupidity and his wrong way of reading kanji. haha. I didn’t like Nagisa at first but she turns-out to be a strong character. I also feel envious that she gets to choose between two ikemens. I will also miss Ryuuji’s calm-under-pressure type, which makes him so cool. The baka trio will always be my favorite characters; their comedic timing is perfect and they have the right chemistry to go with it. I will miss how they flail over Kanna-chan, how they bully Naoya, and their endless support for one another.

Suikyu Yankees may not be the best, it’s not flawless, and tends to be cliche and formulaic. But in a deka-dominated summer, Suikyu Yankees gives a refreshing change that is youthful without the presence of overpush actors.This is my first completed recaps and Suikyu Yankees will always be memorable.


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