Fans Unite to Bring Back The Five-Members Sexy Zone

Cutting my hiatus short because this needs to be blog. A bold move by Sexy Zone fans who wants to see the younger members back!

As reported earlier, Sexy Zone‘s latest single, “Otoko never give up!” will only feature the three older members, namely: Nakajima Kento, Sato Shori, and Kikuchi Fuma. Younger members, Marius Yo and Matsushima Sou were excluded from the said single. The said single was released last Oct 1st and got 1st place in Oricon’s Single Daily ranking.

Tsurutsu tea | @ Mkp_wk

Even though the single placed first, fans decided to voice-out their anxiety over the three-member Sexy Zone through twitter and made the plan of making Sexy Zone’s first single emerge on Oricon’s Single Daily Ranking. Sexy Zone’s self-titled first single was released last Nov 2011 and Sexy Zone fans who agreed to the plan was able to make the single appear from nowhere to the Top 30 single daily ranking. Sexy Zone’s “Sexy Zone” managed to break at 17th place last Oct 3rd, they ranked even higher than Hey!Say!JUMP’s “Ashita e no YELL/Weekender” single (released last Sept 3rd). As of writing, “Sexy Zone” have faltered to 21st place. Nonetheless, fans have shown that they are united to bring back the 5-members Sexy Zone.


Even record stores like Tower Records in Kichijoji have tweeted that they have to re-stock after all  editions of “Sexy Zone” have been sold-out.

via jnews1, twitter, and hateblo

This just goes to show that fans can make or break you. In Sexy Zone’s case, I’m full of respect to fans who made this happen. I’m glad that they’re not the type who just accept whatever the management decided and they showed their displeasure without putting “Otoko never give up” in jeopardy. To the fans, you’re amazing!


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