Fujigaya Taisuke Wins “Best Jeanist 2014”

One of the most ridiculous awards in Japanese entertainment that has been monopolized by Johnny’s.

As reported,

Kis-My-Ft2‘s Fujigaya Taisuke was voted “Best Jeanist 2014” (Male category) for the 31st Best Jeanist Award. The said award is usually given to the celebrity who looks best in jeans. Fujigaya attended the awarded ceremony on Oct 9th that was held in Tokyo.

This is Fujigaya’s first win wherein the award have been won by Johnny’s since 1994. Previous winners, are: Kimura Takuya (1994-1998), Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (1999-2003), Domoto Tsuyoshi (2004), Kamenashi Kazuya (2006-2010), and Aiba Masaki (2011-2013). Kimura, Kusanagi, Kamenashi, and Aiba are now part of Best Jeanist’s “Hall of Fame” after three consecutive wins*.

via jnews1

*It was only last year when the rules have been changed. In new rule, one has to win for only 3 consecutive times before they can get inducted to “Hall of Fame” in contrast to previous rule where one must win for 4 consecutive times.



7 thoughts on “Fujigaya Taisuke Wins “Best Jeanist 2014”

  1. I thought it will be another member of Arashi but Kisumai so popular today and I’m Happy for Taipi
    I’m sure he will win 2 more years and join hall of fame like his sempai. After Taipi I think will be Tama or member of Johnny’s WEST
    or maybe Okura of K8 :))


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