Mangas that you want to see in Live Action and Actors that you want to play the role

I totally agree with the results, if only they are better actors.

As reported,

Due to increasing live action adaptations of different manga and light novels, JOL online conducted a survey on what manga/novel they wished to see as live action drama or movie and who they wished will play the lead role.

[Partial results only]

The Top 6 mangas voters want to see as live action film or drama, are:

1) Chihayafuru

2) 360 degree Pure Love

3) Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi

4) P to JK

5) Hiyokoi

6) Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!

As for the actors they wished to see to play the lead characters, here is the partial result:

[I only included those that has Johnny’s]

Most voters wanted the role of Kato to be played by either Miura Shohei or Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi while the role of Kako goes to Tsubasa Honda.

For Hiyokoi, voters are vying for Fukushi Sota and Hirose Suzu for the role of Yuushin and Hiyori, respectively. However, considering that Yuushin is 190cm tall, there are also those vying for Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi.

For the role of Suzuki Hikaru, voters think that Sexy Zone’s Sato Shori and actor Yamazaki Kento will make an attractive Suzuki-kun.

via MyNavi

OMG. I badly want to see Chihayafuru in live action but I’m not sure if they can make their kurata fights as exciting like in the manga and anime. Other than that, I have only read “Hiyokoi” and while Okura can be Yuushin- physically- I want someone younger like Yuto or Yabu. Fukushi will be too stiff in playing someone cool and energetic like Yuushin.

I want to read “P to JK” and I can totally see Okura playing the role of the policeman. XD As for Sato in Suzuki’s role, he certainly looks the part.


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